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  1. I'm in the amber zone and it snowed for hours and often fairly heavily so I'm not sure they did get it wrong. We have a good covering on grass and most surfaces but it looks much less because the ground temps were so high. Can't recall seeing snow melt in sub zero temps in the way it did yesterday evening! Especially as it was below zero for most of daylight hours. Ironically if it were to snow today I reckon it would stick more readily.
  2. If you don't like someone put them on ignore because in cyberspace nobody can hear you scream
  3. Your welcome (sorry, I know its old but never get bored of this)
  4. Time of year. By that point uppers of -5 to -8c will easily see 4-6c in strong sunshine. Get heavy cloud cover though and its a different story. In the winter months those uppers given the sheer depth of cold over the weekend would be pretty much guaranteed to be an ice day. Despite headline temps anything falling out of the sky would still be white!
  5. Hmm, lets just think about that for a moment -14 850s at T78 ............... In mid march!!!!!!!!
  6. Snowing north of the river in Basildon . Probably a 3 out of 10.
  7. Hey, don't complain. Its clear from this that you have had more snow than many in our region
  8. Oddly enough a good few of the GEM ensembles were quite bullish on it staying cold earlier. Although GFS is better than GEM I sometimes think the GEMs ensemble suite are a bit better tbh. Could be wrong but I think I recall that they are actually run at quite a good resolution.
  9. The GEM ensembles are interesting as well. A good few prolong things.
  10. We should do better tonight. From about 10pm the wind changes and should push showers inland north of the estuary. Might find the two SE threads are the opposite of what happened last night as Kent loses most of the showers!!!! Just my humble opinion of course
  11. I think your post should be put at the top of each new Winter thread. It is disappointing tbh looking at the charts for the weekend because the GFS looks like being correct in broad terms to bring the low north rather than northeast through France despite most of us thinking it unlikely. It does show that no output should be completely disregarded especially if its only a week away (however outwardly outlandish)!!! Still lots to enjoy this week though with more snow in the short term.
  12. Heavy snow in Basildon for the last 20 minutes and we have been sat just northwest of the shower train so things are def switching somewhat
  13. For mid winter it would be a 1 in 20 or 30. This late in winter, well 1 in a 100 isn't unreasonable. A few weeks earlier and we would have been looking at 2m temps a good 2 or 3 degrees lower!
  14. Moderate snow coming down in Basildon now.
  15. Early days tbh, but probably not great is the answer at the moment. Once these shower train set up they don't move much. I suppose for us we only need a very slight shift but over the last few hours we have seen less and less showers so were just feeding of the scraps. Maybe a couple of CMs overnight if we get lucky.