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  1. nothing here in wednesbury at all not even a frost just a few gusts
  2. i never even had to scrape the car this morning so no frost in wednesbury at all
  3. dont want to be pessimistic but think we may miss out on any heavy stuff think our best chances are always from Cheshire gap which wont happen on these runs. just not blowing far enough in land at moment
  4. expected to wake up to car needed scraping but dry and above zero here. sounds like a few experienced posters are downgrading cold spell so its just a case of watching radar now as ain board is very southern based
  5. wednesburybaz

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    good evening all. my town is wednesbury which is located in the west midlands near jct9 of m6. looking forward to the cold spell because lets be honest us brits like bit of drama and disruption to moan about! I do find the models hard to read although I do get the blue colours mean cold I don't understand how the precipitation is formed with kinks and troughs though. beginning to regret not paying attention in geography about the weather as would have come in handy. i find the main discussion board confusing and contradictory but i love a bit of snow and trudging up to lidl like a little trooper!! if its going to snow hope its a good dumping otherwise these 4 days of constant refreshing will all be nothing!! stay safe everyone and remember to check in on the neighbours
  6. quite shocked to have to brush snow off car this morning as I wasn't expecting anything until midday not freezing though definaty above zero
  7. not had 1 flake in wednesbury but its bitter cold
  8. sitting looking out the window in wednesbury and we've not had a flake