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  1. Think it was a plane taking off from Liverpool
  2. Starting to rain,just heard thunder in the distance I think
  3. Heavy shower here,garden having a good drink at last
  4. Just had a wintery shower
  5. Lovely evening good visibility , bit cool though video I just done of winter hill
  6. Heavy rain,not such a good Friday, ☔
  7. Rain on and off allday, gutted by the news of Kelley Williamson death was only watching his stream last night was a top storm chaser
  8. Daisy
  9. Comma butterfly, sanky Valley Park Warrington
  10. Kelley Williamson streaming live
  11. been watching lightning over benidorm tonight
  12. Cloudy but feeling mild 13.3c
  13. 3.5c flakes now falling