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  1. The grass having a drink at last,was looking yellow after the dry sunny weather
  2. Heavy shower here no thunder though....downpour now
  3. Shower to the south of me now looks like its going to hit me
  4. Just drove through a downpour by the game bird pub on the east Lancs road,flooding,home now a mile or so south bone dry
  5. Missed out on that storm,seemed to develop over me,few spot of rain but still dry around here
  6. Sun shining through the top of the cell north of Merseyside
  7. 24c humid, dark clouds about few spots of rain,sun still coming out from time to time
  8. Rain from manc passing north of me the sky is a beautiful red colour
  9. Just had a shower pass over here,still sat in the garden,sun in and out,hoping we get something later
  10. 24c here,few degrees higher than forecast
  11. Must of been someone moving the bin,no lightning near on the radar
  12. I'm sure I just heard a rumble of thunder
  13. Temp has dropped 4c in the last hour, 12c now
  14. Here's the rain,hopefully it passes through quickly so I can get out this afternoon