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  1. Over st helens,it was very bright
  2. Still from a video from this afternoon
  3. Strong storm this,loads of lightning loud thunder,
  4. Thunder storm in kirkby Merseyside
  5. Thunder storm in kirkby
  6. Had a lot of rain here from the thundery showers, reports of flooding in whiston/prescot
  7. Another flash and rumble 15mins since the last one Another one 2mins in-between is picking up
  8. Ha is that it,thunder was loud though
  9. Thunderstorm warning issued for Merseyside,sun trying to break through now
  10. Can see flashes here distant rumbles from the storm north west of me
  11. Gone dark and eerie here,clouds swirling about as if something is developing
  12. More thunder approaching huyton from the Wirral can hear it in the distance