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  1. Kelley Williamson streaming live
  2. been watching lightning over benidorm tonight
  3. Cloudy but feeling mild 13.3c
  4. 3.5c flakes now falling
  5. Temp falling away from 5.9c-4.2c now,
  6. Pouring down,it's been a wet week around here
  7. Heavy snow again
  8. Back to sleet since the last report, thought temp is lower now 2.8c
  9. 3.6c now big wet flakes now
  10. Temp falling now the rain or sleet has started was 5.2c down to 3.8c
  11. Heavy rain odd bit of sleet on the windscreen, fields starting to flood
  12. Got a covering, won't last long on the road the gritter just wet past
  13. No its snow then rain won't make its mind up ha