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  1. Bird Photographs

    Blue tits have been busy nest building
  2. Got the heavy rain now,no T&L though
  3. Rain has eased off off looks like the milder air has arrived, temp 9.3c
  4. Been cold/wet all day, temps are rising slowly 7.2c but still have heavy rain
  5. Band of rain about to hit here,clouds are black,looks stormy,not seen it like that for a while
  6. -2.5c wasn't expecting it to get that low
  7. Bird Photographs

    Blackbird showing off his white feather
  8. Bird Photographs

  9. 1c here blue skies and sunshine, thought It was going to be cloudy until this afternoon
  10. Light Snow, here but it has pepped up abit after stopping for an hour or so Stopped again
  11. Few flakes falling,just a dusting on the grass,was probably more on the ground when I went to bed last night
  12. Snow flurries here in the strong wind,met app looks good for me this afternoon/evening, but that can change haha
  13. Not far of the best covering we've had all winter now