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  1. That line is taking its time isn't it,watching it for ages
  2. Looks like a few strikes from that shower that passed over you
  3. The murk has cleared abit now can see blue sky in the breaks,showers about nothing heavy sun trying to break through
  4. Nice show in Budapest
  5. Storm over Turin now
  6. Sat in the garden,warm,no wind and still 23.4 c clear above more cloud moving in from the south west
  7. Few rumbles in the distance,few spots of rain,sister 5miles south in Widnes had a downpour
  8. Deep rumbles getting louder
  9. In benidorm at the moment, lots of lightening yesterday evening
  10. Think it was a plane taking off from Liverpool
  11. Starting to rain,just heard thunder in the distance I think
  12. Heavy shower here,garden having a good drink at last
  13. Just had a wintery shower