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  1. Just passed through very heavy rain,gusty winds calmed down now temp falling
  2. Been watching the squall on the radar,looks very active,pouring here just ahead of it should be here soon
  3. Gritter just went down our road
  4. Windy in Liverpool now,should there have been a warning for rain as well? Been heavy none stop for the last hour or so
  5. merseyside just in the level 1 for severe wind gusts
  6. Just seen we are in a level 1 for severe wind gusts
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Gusty in Merseyside now,the last hour really picked up
  8. Stuck under a shower for the last half hour some hail mixed in temp down to 10c
  9. Heavy shower here,nothing electrical through
  10. Flashes and bangs here,the last one rattled the house
  11. Seen a few good forks,few loud rumbles overhead
  12. That line is taking its time isn't it,watching it for ages
  13. Looks like a few strikes from that shower that passed over you