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  1. 34.0 here on the south coast, starting to drop now as cloud arrives from the west
  2. It's been steady rain here in Hastings since 6:30 this morning and will soon be tipping over the 25mm of rain mark. Had this been a 'cold' channel low I think it's fair to say Coronavirus would be taking a step back from the front pages!
  3. some very welcome rain in Hastings for the past hour, preceded by some thunder. Looks like we are in the bulls eye for the line of cloud/rain coming out of France and could be with us for some while. Still a hot and sticky 27.7 in the home-office, though a pleasant 19.1 outside. Think I may get an umbrella out and do some paperwork in the garden!
  4. 0 - 27 mph gust in a matter of minutes. rain coming along with it and hopefully a cooler feel
  5. Vantage Pro2 reading went from 31.6 to 36.2 in the space of a couple of hours this afternoon. It's now dropped to e meagre 35.7!!! Amazing temps for the coast
  6. Yep, heard it too with a smaller one a couple of minutes after. Currently 25.4C + 64% humidity + 3 mph SE = feeling v. warm
  7. very granular snow / rain coming down in Hastings. Absolutely freezing and feels far colder than the -7 wind chill my Vantage Pro is telling me.
  8. good few cms here in Hastings from some hefty showers through the morning. Sun is now out and temp rising to the dizzy height of +0.1C.
  9. forgot to add: 4 years ago I spent £3000 on a snow blower as I've got a long hilly driveway and was fed up with having to use shovels. Low and behold the first meaningful snow we have in 4 years and it's the wrong bloody snow.......too wet to use the machine
  10. Just got in and don't fancy heading back out again, so here's a quick pic from my office window (Hastings, 80M ASL; currently 0.9C, DP 0C
  11. heavy snow in Hastings, big flakes and lots of coverage. Roads aren't the best, particularly side rides. Had to send my two workers home as they have to get out to Battle.
  12. Looking from Hastings it is South East, half way between our coast and France. This one cloud has been flashing away for over 30 minutes and this last minute I counted 47 flashes! It doesn't appear to be moving just slowly expanding / opening up. Quite earie with so much lightning and no sound. Temp here is a sultry 18.8C at the mo
  13. Woah! Had been quiet for a few minutes then one almighty flash-boom. Think Hastings may have a few more people awake after that!
  14. Just an update in case anyone has a similar issue with the VP2 in the future....it turned out that my data logger had gone faulty. I have to say that McMurdo (the UK importer for Davis) have been absolutely brilliant dealing with my solar panel fault and then the data logger. The VP2 is obviously an expensive piece of equipment but it certainly is worth it in the long run when the suppliers give such exemplary service
  15. Thanks for the reply, sorry not getting back sooner - rather typically I lost my internet connection for a few days! Your prognosis looked promising but I've got 1.9 firmware installed! I bought the system in June 2006 so mine could have been manufactured prior to April, though I'm not certain. Hope McMurdo can come up with a suitable answer
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