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  1. Halling, Medway Valley. Snow for 2 minutes, then turned to rain and stopped 🤣. *Bangs head against wall
  2. Temps are 3c here (Halling) right in a warm sector, rain only, not even sleet. 😞
  3. That's way out in air pressure too 😮 The current barometer reading is about 996 / 997, no wehere near 1015 😕
  4. New MET warning looks a slight downgrade with wording of over 100m, I'm sure the other warning didn't have that. Issued: 10:31 (UTC) on Sat 23 Jan 2021 An area of rain, sleet and snow will move into southeast England from the west on Sunday morning, lingering here for much of the day before gradually clearing Sunday night. 1-3 cm of snow is possible in places, mainly above 100 m, with icy stretches forming as this arrives - some persisting during the day or reforming as the precipitation clears during the evening. Previous wording: "Mainly 1-3 cm of snow accumulation for most pa
  5. Seems that North Kent/Medway may luck out a little compared to other areas say, Berks/Surrey/West and South London, where the pivot point is. Meteo's precip' modelling seems to show a snow to rain to snow event in the Medway area, which has probably something to do with mixing out with some warmer Thames Estuary temps as it passes over the North Downs and the band didn't look as wide in this area. However with all snow events here in the South East nothing is nailed until the day and hour it arrives! Fingers crossed snow lovers.
  6. Which is double the amount 3 mile down the road in Halling (which is zero) and Bluebell Hill looks covered though. Height is the key round here 😞
  7. I eluded to the 2018 SSW yesterday. GFS had the BFTE modelled (to a fashion) from about 288hrs, it always seemed to be showing. I don't remember it flip flopping too much, and don't recall seeing the temperatures at 240+ being modelled at norms (like the GFS in the last few runs) In my very unprofessional opinion...I'm not holding my breath on this one 😞
  8. Not great with finding the right charts, but has anyone got todays version of this, thinks its about 288hrs. It was the SSW of 2018 and about the same timeframe before that crazy 7/10 days. Wondering if there was any similarities?? Feb 2018
  9. This makes a good read whilst waiting for the next runs. The Model Thread and the run up to TBFTE after the 2018 SSW event. It's interesting to see how the models handled it and the posters!! Model forum post 2018 SSW
  10. I live under Bluebell Hill Paul, it's snowing down to Sea Level here at the mo and starting to stick. B Hill is a mess, closed, traffic stranded!!
  11. More of a Winter full of promise for many, and failed to deliver for some. The long term was always 2 weeks from an Easterly...ever since late November. Oh well.. you just never know ?
  12. Might be snowing in Maidstone...meanwhile 8 miles away in the Medway Gap....it's doing nowt ?
  13. Kent peeps: Run the radar https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar and watch the pivot off the Channel and building in to Kent!
  14. Ours has opened for the first time this week...pathetic! It's dangerous out there! FREEZING RAIN falling in Medway Valley
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