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  1. Ours has opened for the first time this week...pathetic! It's dangerous out there! FREEZING RAIN falling in Medway Valley
  2. Went outside here in the Medway valley, temp is +0.7 with a DP -3.6. I'm sure the very fine snow felt like drizzle and in fact the car had water teeny droplets on the rear. Sure ly can't rain/sleet/snizzle/slizzle with this temp/DP/humidity??
  3. Bluebell Hill messing with the showers and causing them to divert downslope towards Maidstone. Larkfeild to Rochester seem to be shielded.
  4. Radar has medium precipitation over Snodland/Halling.......err nope
  5. Bluebell Hill really holding up this band of showers over Snodland/Halling. C'mon
  6. HOLY ....!!!! https://www.board-worx.com/webcam.html
  7. It is. It palyed havoc in the Canries and shut a few airports. It's not really a mild front just a warm front with associated low that's posibly gonna bump in to stubborn cold air and give snow. The MetO have gonna from saying some uncertainty to an all out snow fest for many on Friday. (Thursday in the South West)
  8. BBC (Met/Meteo) 22:35 Broadcast.... going for all out snow event Friday. Marginal or uncertainty NOT mentioned
  9. Estuary showers seems to be dying, like a plug has been pulled? Is that it for a while??
  10. It didn't for Maidstone in the last big blob that came over, keep the faith, that blobs comin over.
  11. Look like it's heading right for the hill. Prob going to just miss us as we're just down the valley between Snodland and Rochester so BBHill shelters us a bit. As what's happened most of the day.
  12. Wind has veered from the North for the last 30 minutes (constant) here in the Medway Valley.
  13. Medway Snow Shield in full effect. Looks like nothing for at least 3 hrs, yet plenty either side.