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  1. Did a 7 mile walk in the Norfolk countryside today was like spring day at 16c....very mild week to come and for the foreseeable...,model forum crying as they always do....chasing cold ( its bloody early November ) as I say every year haven't they heard of climate change ? ...just look at Finland last couple of years..they are having a very mild late Autumn too... Even across the pond temps up to the low 20s on the east coast.
  2. Well, I think it was a complete utter fail from all weather forecasters on this one... Today was expected to be heavy rain cold winds and cloudy...I have woken up to blue skies, yes a tad breezy out there, but out the wind not bad in the sun...
  3. I'd 2nd that for Norfolk... Its been definitely a average summer. June mixed very cool start to the month, ,Cool cloudy July, August well Hot hazy odd storm, with muggy nights . I feel sorry for the guys in the North West.
  4. My friend lives in East Harling , I’m 3 miles away from him. They have been stuck under this for over 6 hours...however we have had nothing only until hour ago and nothing out of the ordinary... East Harling however are suffering with severe flash flooding, flooded homes, etc ...
  5. Well a dull muggy 19.5c start to the morning...as other posters have added about weather apps... for my area they have been absolutely useless all off them have. BBC which normally is one of the best has been dire. Since Wednesday it has shown rain for every hour since then. Before you all ask yes there is a percentage shown there is a chance, at times it has shown 80% and been sunny for that hour.. As seen by senior forecasters they have said in this setup apps will be utter useless. Anyhow I haven’t recorded any significant rain now here for over 3 weeks...
  6. So after having my own home for 22 years now ...it’s the first summer I have actually had a full 7 nights in a row that I have stayed out In the garden until at least 10.30pm...normally soon as sunset temp drop straight indoors...current temp 23.7C...let’s see if I can make 8 tomorrow evening
  7. After not so hot weekend with the nice refreshing NE breeze , back to very high humidity and hazy sun all day max out at 33C today... However just don’t understand how the West and at times the North that have not had any of this heat can get all these Thunderstorms.? Always puzzled me.
  8. Forgot to say ironically Just drove from Norwich 16 miles away only 23.5C the difference driving further inland... I guest the coast must be a nice 20C
  9. Totally agree, absolutely no chance Norwich will reach 32c tomorrow lucky to scrape 27c with the breeze expected...However Norwich did manage 35c would anyone know if that’s a record?
  10. Totally agree, absolutely no chance Norwich will reach 32c tomorrow lucky to scrape 27c with the breeze expected...However Norwich did manage 35c would anyone know if that’s a record?
  11. Mother Nature works in a funny way... Just unbelievable Spring literally non stop sunshine. Only positive on this when we do get poor uk summers historically September can be excellent.
  12. mate completely agree. Its just so boring . I have only recorded 48 hours of sun my part of Norfolk .. This is on par with July 2012 cool no sun just without the days of rain... We all know August will be a right off... Always has been as i stopped taken holidays during that month on how bad they are.
  13. Morning, as we all said the weather won’t play ball for much of England opening of hospitality, holiday parks etc. Absolutely unbelievable that the weather will not play ball. The rest of July is looking bog standard...and we all know what will happen In August.?️☁️ I do get bored of hearing how our summers will be hotter and drier. Apart from 76 when I was 1yo... I’ve yet to experience June-August beautiful summer weather, (the odd month like last year for instance obviously what I call summer) Just to note I have only recorded 22hours of sun since last Saturday so poor. Rant o
  14. The weather charts obviously listen in on Boris update today... let’s ruin the UK economy from 4th July... so hope it’s wrong
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