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  1. Morning, well Seems to be a lot of ifs buts or maybes for the heat this coming week. Last Wednesday temperatures were expected of around 32c for Norwich, now 20c due to the slight shift In wind direction with it coming of the North Sea, I think that’ will be the big player to see where the highest temperature will be for the UK... personally I think the UK June record will be safe just...
  2. Last 2 weeks is the most rain we have seen in this part of Norfolk for around 18months, as some already said we had the best summer in years 2018, and had a very mild and dry winter and spoilt with feb and April. We all knew 2019 summer was going to be awful. I have a feeling it’s going to be similar to 2012 I really do. On the bright side if there is any my grass is green compared how brown it was by mid June
  3. Not great outlook this morning, we must knew this was going to happen after the summer last year, it was never going to be repeated. One fact Iceland who had the coldest and wettest Summer on record last year due to our constant HP, which sent all the LP to them have had stunning weather last couple of weeks and looks that way for the next couple weeks too.
  4. I totally agree with you , absolutely stunning afternoon 14c here not a breath of wind felt like mid May, sorry to all the losers out there on the model thread who are hating this, get a life lads! head to Canada for the week if you want the cold.
  5. Let’s all breath , why an earth the people In the model thread still wanting a mega freeze.? I just don’t get it they have hardly mentioned what’s happened in the last few days . I’m ready to really annoy them and tell them I’m looking for spring like weather..... roll on the warmth!
  6. Can anyone in the Norfolk Suffolk area last time we had snow that came in from the west that has caused distribution? Everytime this event Comes in from the west, we either have the front fizzle out, or cold wet/ sleety rain, I’d be absolutely shocked if I was to come here on Wednesday morning to say we have a white out.
  7. The met office has had the same 30 day outlook since mid December, covering all eventually
  8. I know lots of people on the model thread desperate to look for anything cold. I love telling them the world as a whole as we all know is warming rapidly chances of long cold winters in this Country is never going to happen they hate hearing it. Yes we will get events like the “beast from the east” nothing more. This current mild weather is boring but if it saves me on heating cost, than I’m happy with that!
  9. Morning, looks like the general weather pattern for the rest of the month is your typical December mix of mild and odd day of chilly air. Nothing to get to excited about. This follows on excalty like the last 6 Decembers. We all seem to forget especially the MODEL forum that our planet is warming the days of long term cold has gone. Only short lived events like “the beast from the east” may only occur every 10 years or so. The model thread now turning their attention to the new year , but again any of you guys remember 2 months of jan and feb being well below average.?.. apart from 2013 we haven’t seen anything since. I may be wrong , but as other posters have pointed out on here I’m sure some of our model guys are feeding the “two weekchart” that always appears to have snow and cold to the daily express. Ha!
  10. Lol, the great biggest con from the Met Office, the guys up north not happy! Just very cold rain not the snow they was hoping. The hunt for cold thread has also gone absolutely quite. I know model watching is their hobby but we can’t even get this forecast right 24hrs before the event let alone posters putting up charts 2 weeks away and peeing themselves with excitement and then chunking all their dolls out the pram couple days later because the cold has gone. Always worth a chuckle
  11. Completely agree, makes me laugh they get so excited and lose sleep when any sign that snow has gone. Charts 2 weeks ahead in winter will never be reliable. this weekend prime example!!
  12. I know this is a “ hunt for cold” thread but why lose sleep over things that keep changing. Today in Norfolk was 5C lovey clear blue sky, frost still in shaded areas until the afternoon. Why is no one happy with this? I sure am.
  13. So frustrating reading the “ hunt for cold “ thread every year before Christmas they are throwing their toys out of the pram. They are all looking for snow two weeks ahead, and sulk when it disappears. This is the UK we are surrounded by the sea you cannot and I repeat cannot know where snow is going to fall 48 hrs ahead in some cases. Today in Norwich it’s been a lovely winters day 5c frost all day in the shade but no they aren’t happy with that. Rant over!!!!
  14. Afternoon, are people really serious on the model forum getting excited possibly more cold weather, why??? Yes I like the excitement of snow but In Winter, I want some warmth now, our summers are crap as it is so if we don’t get any warmth in Spring then this year will be very short lived to sit in the garden. Rant over!
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