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  1. Sugar dusting in Spennymoor from that shower that just swept through.
  2. Netweather forecast: broken cloud and sunshine. No precipitation. Outside: Complete low cloud cover and raining. ?
  3. That was the most enjoyably terrifying drive home from work I've ever had. Down the A1 from Washington to where I get off at Bowburn. Literally couldn't see 10' in front of the car. Awesome.
  4. Happy. For the first time ever, I've been able to tow my 6yr old daughter the 1 mile to school on the her sledge. To see the look of excitement this morning. Everything else is now a bonus ?
  5. Bit of a heavier shower whizzing through at the minute in Spennymoor. Keep them coming.
  6. Spennymoor just south of Durham. I commute every day to Washington. Fun and games ahead I think.
  7. Now might be the time if you have elderly relatives, friends and neighbours, to get them prepared in whatever way possible. Dangerous times for our older generation. We wouldn't be here without them ?
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