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  1. a dusting!!?? lol, some places not far from you like Pontypridd saw about 6 inches!! I don't think there will be any more for a week at least :(

  2. Helooo I am alive lol! We had a dusting yesterday - nothing to write home about. Is there any more on the horizon?

  3. Lynnie it seems you haven't been on for a week but... You look likely to get some decent snow tomorrow so I hope you realise that!! lol

  4. Hadan inch of snowin Neath in less than an hour!

  5. But Andy's right keep an eye on the Welsh Thread to get a general idea of what might happen,goodluck

  6. Keep an eye on this Lyn,can be useful sometime's

  7. Thanks for the friend add =) That is no problem, I guess you are a snow addict like I am? There are many of us here, you will feel at home =D

  8. LOL - i'm still learning the navigations here - thanks for the directions :D

  9. I thought the same thing judging by the snow chart. I analysed that chart for 2 weeks straight several times a day - i'm as confident as you about the volume of snow. That said i'm going to press my face up against the window s'more with my kids lol :D

  10. =D Haha thanks! When I say no snow for Neath I mean for the next few days... After that is a possibility but I would suggest that you talk to people in the Welsh discussion thread on here and ask what the chances are =)

  11. tons of snow for Neath

  12. Thanks for the snow update and for being the first person to visit my page :)

  13. Nope, no snow for Neath =P

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