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  1. What a remarkable few days... the build up.. the let down for some and then the sudden turn around for some of us... though some still had none, some had a bit, some had an inch or two and some had up to a foot ! Been a roller coaster ride and great to read all the comments ! I note that this thread started on 1st December and it now runs to 240 pages. But... the last 160 belong to this current spell ! Here's to the next Atlantic invasion ! Well... no chance of a beast from the east! Or.... is there This lurker will surely be back again!
  2. The Cotswolds looks like they're getting hammered! The green areas on radar certainly pepped up and here in Gloucester.. just wondering if its still got more of a westward tilt to it. Fascinating to observe. And the met office were not too far off with their warnings.. just so difficult to judge of course. Enjoy all !
  3. lurker hear from Quedgeley, just south of Gloucester and near sea level. But... light snow has arrived. Whay. Had all but written this event off but ... Now... could this lot pivot ?
  4. Getting well dumped on here in Gloucester. We were always in the yellow warning area but with more to come I am surprised the metoffice have been so slow to extend the amber area over to us and further north. Either way a great surprise John in Quedgeley, just south of Gloucester p.s. The Cotswolds must be getting buried !
  5. From Quedgelely, just south of Gloucester. Long time lurker deciding to post from IMBY :-D We had continuous (but not what I would call heavy) snow most of yesterday which gave us a few inches of level snow and because of the swirling winds parts of our road were bare whilst some edges had a foot snow drift. Haven't seen that for many years. So nothing like the intensity of snow suffered down in the Mendips and over towards Cardiff (some memorable depths at St Athan, Cardiff apparently). Hats off to the meto who really did get that red zone pretty spot on ! Well I thought so. And today we had steady snow for a couple of hours after midday and then the last hour has been amazingly heavy even though the radar didn't indicate it A memorable few days and as far as I am concerned the Beast from the East did deliver. Of course there will always be other parts that missed out.. but thats the nature of the weather eh. Enjoy it when you get it ! Pics from a few minutes ago (that pile of snow on the 2nd pic is what came off my driveway earlier) Cheers ! John.
  6. And still heaving it down here in Quedgeley south of Gloucester. Looks like a lot more to come as we appear to be in the swivel area Heaviest since Dec 2010 I reckon Happy Days ! John
  7. And heavy snow here in Quedgeley south of Gloucester. And we are really low down here too ! ! John
  8. ..and rain turned to snow here in Quedgeley just south of Gloucester. And we are only a little above sea level here ! Could be an interested day John
  9. Anyone near that cell between Weston and Wells ? Bristol appears its target http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=radar;sess= John in Quedgeley, Gloucester
  10. Getting the dying embers of the storm that hit Somerset. Couple of flashes and bangs and large blobs of rain. Doesn't look to be lasting long unfortunately. John in Quedgeley, Gloucester
  11. We may not need to rely on the Channel Storms (which often die off anyway). Cell developing between Weston-super-Mare and Midsomer Norton and this could develop further and set a trend for other local developments. 'Could' be an interesting night for some. John in Quedgeley, Gloucester p.s. And the one in the Bristol Channel to the west of Weston just developed from nothing...
  12. And here in Gloucester its 27.4c at 10.43 am. Yesterday we hit 34c which matched Brize Norton (though I'm not sure if the latter was actually 33.5c) Lowest temp here last night was 22.4c at 05.36. Wow ! Must check past records. I am using the following site http://www.severntales.co.uk/weatherdisplay.htm . Not sure who set this site up and I cannot vouch for its accuracy. But it certainly felt like 34c yesterday ! Ouch ! Would be nice if a rogue shower could cool things down later (but then that would put paid to the bbq ! :-D Cheers ! John
  13. Major convection kicking off between Bath, Swindon and Oxford ! So Cotswolds, Forest of Dean and anywhere between Bristol and Brum looks set to get hit I would have thought. And living in Gloucester I have to be confident of a few crash,bang, wallops and probably some torrential down pours for good measure ! :-D . But... latest storm radars show no lightning strikes anywhere but there is still time I guess. Could do with the sun making a show first Cheers ! John
  14. Crash bang wallop here in Gloucester. Extremely gusty batch of showers came through with hail and the thunder is banging away over in the Cotswolds as usual. Cheers ! John in Quedgeley, Gloucester
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