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  1. not a drop of snow in Llandrindod Wells about 30 miles north of the beacons yet.
  2. happened loads here in Llandrindod Wells. Either just go south or not enough oomph to get here. We did have an inch or so of snow Monday night i think which is still here though.
  3. nothing here in Llandrindod Wells. Seems to be stopping before it gets here.
  4. moderate snow in Llandrindod Wells now and to the chap that asked about sharing information crack on (i couldn't reply to your message for some reason).
  5. i think you maybe making the old mistake of measuring drifting snow with lying snow. epic of course but
  6. wild here now (llandrindod wells). great stuff and it'll be talked about for a long time like 2010 and 1982. not as much snow here as in december but far wilder, colder and driftier
  7. fine heavy snow in Llandrindod WElls. Starting to accumulate.
  8. its snowing in Llandrindod Wells 70 miles ahead of the main band!
  9. living in Llandrindod Wells and after a few inches on Friday we probably have double that amount already and really snowing hard now. Its fantastic.
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