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  1. It all seems ok again for now - 'touches wood'.
  2. I'm just relieved it was the cable and not the anemometer!
  3. Fixed - it was the repair. A few wiggles and it's working again.
  4. For WD users this is now incorporated into the latest production release. 'View' - 'Last Time It Was Almanac'. Great stuff!
  5. Thanks for this link. I think I bought it early 2014 and it looks like I have the latest anemometer. Mine worked fine and then suddenly indicated North and stayed there - no flicking. I have since remembered that I did have to repair the cable a couple of years ago after I accidentally chopped it whilst clearing a vine from the house wall so I'll start there. It's also possible I nudged the terminal at the sensor suite end when I replaced my hygro/thermo sensor a month or so ago. Failing those ideas I'll have to buy a new anemometer and get the big ladders out.....
  6. OK - latest VP2 problem. Despite seeing my direction vane moving around, I have been recording due North constantly for 24 hours. Wind speed seems fine. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. Brian Hamilton has created a new icon on a beta version of WD that covers my queries - works great! Hope to see it in a future live release. Great result and super-responsive.
  8. Update: I asked this question on the Weather Display user forum and a couple of people have created their own database & SQL queries to answer these sorts of questions. Then Brian Hamilton, the smart guy who created / maintains WD in New Zealand, popped in and suggested it would be a good feature to add to WD. Happy Days! I'll keep you posted.
  9. I now have about 12 years of data from a couple of stations - all received and stored using Weather Display (WD). When looking at current data I often wonder e.g. when was the temperature last this cold / warm? When did we last have this much rain, what were the extremes this day last year? etc. The only way I know to answer those types of question is to trawl through the NOAA monthly reports function which is very time consuming. Does anyone know if someone has developed a simple analysis tool for WD data that allows those sorts of queries to be created / run on the WD dataset?
  10. During the recent cold spell my DP dropped into the negative for a few days - as you'd expect with a cold Easterly. But it has continued to drop and now shows -36.4 with Humidity showing 3%. The temp looks right though and I believe the temp and humidity sensor is a single board in the sensor suite - so is this a broken board? I'm assuming so.😒
  11. ECM OP vs. its ENS Mean, GFS Op vs. its GEFS Mean. There's a pattern here that we should recognise when obsessing over detail in Ops runs. N. Wales is IMBY and the Ops show a dusting here. Given the ensemble spreads and likelihood of short-term drama occurring in the ACTUAL weather means I'm not stressed. I suspect we'll all be surprised at what actually happens. Seems another 48 hours is required to nail any level of detail. Great fun! If the fun stops. Stop.
  12. Pretty much the last 7 days 00Z 'downgrades' have been reversed by the 12Z runs. Generalisation of course, but....
  13. ECM seems to sometimes go AWOl when it first senses bigger drivers in an unconventional configuration, which the global signals seem primed for. Probably just me, but I see the mess of the ECM 12Z as a positive. It seems confused and stuff is darting all over the shop. It will reconfigure on the 00 or tomorrow's 12 and model convergence from the 5th or 6th Feb may commence. We'll see. M.R.N.
  14. This is the key point for me. I know we're all looking for snow, (ECM = great weekend for me) but, if these bigger pieces of the jigsaw actually fall into place (and there are increasing hints that they might), we could be looking at something quite spectacular. Actual and forecast PV stress is dropping that chunk into our half of the globe and the forecast disturbance of those persistent heights over the Urals could create mayhem here if the die all fall right. Unlikely, but it would be fun.
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