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  1. Yesssssssss ekkkk! My dog is 7 and never seen snow.....guess who is going walkiiiiiessss at 6
  2. Long time lurker back posting for first time in forever! Now a midwife and both praying for snow and dreading it too 😂
  3. Only 2 options then...... 1) relocate the whole city to a sweet spot. 2) shave a bit off the mountains and pop the waste in swansea bay Actually asked my hubby if we could move to Canada today
  4. Yes but will it snow in Swansea .......seriously though will it???? Been quite sad today was like father christmas never came but I've been good all year
  5. Looks amazing but making me feel even more depressed The swansea snow shield was in full operational form and doubt it'll be any different with what comes today. Think I may sleep all day
  6. Just been for a walk in Morriston and there is more snow out there than my back gardennled me to believe (over ankle in places) not 50cm but if it carries on I'll be happy
  7. Swansea council and swansea uni shutting up shop this afternoon
  8. My daughter in Newport and she said it' really started to come down atm
  9. I' m only hoping we were kept in the amber for a reason
  10. I was 7 in 82 and lived in north Wales. Remember my dad taking me and my sister to school (school was indeed open but think it must have been the day before the big one) and couldn't see hand in front of face and the snow was coming over top of my red wellies . Got sent home a bit later. Then woke up next morning and drifts covered over down stairs windows (had to dig out of house) supplies had to be air lifted into town and we spent the days building snow houses and forts in the drifts
  11. Don't know how reliable the source but interesting nonetheless
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