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  1. No that's Wednesday 13th January.... the date is on the chart. Very unlikely to happen even so. Looks wet and a slight warm up for mid week. With cold air close by to our north east.
  2. We've had a few really heavy showers in Blaenavon today. The Blorenge mountain has a nice covering from earlier in week. Unfortunately its a magnet to visitors from all over, which isn't permitted during our current restrictions.
  3. Interesting that temperatures are already going down.... 5C yesterday 3C today.... which is already below average
  4. Good set up for Wales this... Will see lows sliding in to the west of the country hitting the cold air.... and plenty of snow.
  5. That's not a mountain..... Blaenavon is one of Wales' s highest town's at 350 to 420M . .. The mountains that surround it.... the Blorenge and Coity are +550M Tomorrow's weather should be interesting BBC are saying rain while MET going for sleet for my area.
  6. How heavy is the snow showing on the radar? Will it reach the eastern valley?
  7. Blaenavon and Brynmawr are the 2 highest town's in Wales and we have had about 8 days of lying snow. No doubt there are a few villages higher but I wouldn't think there is a lot of days of lying snow in Wales
  8. We had more than that in Blaenavon on Boxing just gone. ????
  9. But from what I can work out amongst the chaos in that forum thread is that there's still not cross model agreement.... its gonna be cold from Saturday through til Tuesday after that its anyones guess.
  10. What thread you reading? It's all positive towards a cold spell from this weekend. Still waiting for all 3 models to give the same output but 2 out of3 are..... and GFS is moving the same way slowly
  11. A good 3 to 4 inches here in Blaenavon. Elevation being a big factor. Cold morning too now
  12. Should be interesting for us at the top of eastern valley in Blaenavon then. 350M plus ASL bits of snow in the air this morning at 3C
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