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  1. Storm last night about half 9, eye, Suffolk... One of the best I've seen, just couldn't see any cg lightning, but good anyway....
  2. Nothing here in north mid Suffolk, just some towering nimbus to the west/north.. Waiting for some storms from the south later....
  3. Did pretty well here in north Suffolk, 9" + another 2" just fallen, drifting snow feet deep, roads blocked, great stuff. Its been 30 years since the last time this happened here, missed out 2010, 2013 etc. Got there in the end..
  4. Well well well, I am so surprised, the snow starved North Suffolk for once got a good dumping, over 8" and now drifting to feet deep drifts off the fields, really did not expect this, even got off work early. Lots of fun going for a long drive earlier, hand seemed to keep slipping towards the handbrake for some reason though...
  5. Oh well, the usual letdown here in north Suffolk, a couple of melted flakes, main showers to the south and north just as I said the other day and got slated for. Possible half inch on Wednesday morning, but that will be gone by tomorrow, then some rain turning to rain on Thurs Fri, that will have petered out by the time it gets here anyway. Talk about a load of hype for absolutely nothing,, again. Jeez. Yawn.
  6. We will be very lucky to see more than a dusting all week anyway in our location, it'll be North, South and West of us, always the same, and already showing this on the more hi res charts. Make the most of tonight/tomorrow morning, cos that will be our lot. Yawn.
  7. Anyone thinking a repeat of 2010 where there is a wedge of no snow South of Norwich and North of Ipswich? (Or very little) happens every time, literally no decent snow for over 30 years now here in South Norfolk. And I really am expecting the same, maybe an inch, then the winds turn se, giving a shorter sea track, meaning nothing till the end of the week, where the frost pushing up from the South will stall as far North as Cambridge, so nothing then either for this location. I'd bet my house on it. Pessimistic, or REALISTIC? The latter I expect.
  8. Well well, an inch of lying snow here this morning, very unusual.. Thought It would have been rain..
  9. As is always the case, ppn falling across the whole of the uk accept Norfolk and Suffolk, the most easterly place, in an easterly. Happens every time, jeez I hate living here.
  10. All looks a bit boaring to me, a brief south easterly, no decent uppers, no cold pool rushing towards us, and a reforming of the PV afterwards, now people talking about charts I'm march lol. Optimism, or just kidding yourselves/others, yet again. I'm commenting on the model output before this gets moved.
  11. Well I'm guessing the met office are seeing something in the predicted strat warming as their 16-30 dayer now suggests the low possibility of a more prolonged cold spell second half of Feb.. I'm sure that will change again tomorrow though..
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