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  1. That word again.... super. Always switch off when I see it, especially when it's in places like the mail.
  2. Swarms in the med are perfectly normal and should show more regularly due to the increase in the SIL network covering the area having been increased over the last 12 months.
  3. Much of the noise around Katla over the last couple of days has been down to the stormy weather up there. The God chart always looks quite noisy due to its location. I tend to look at the Sly and Alf charts as its usually easier to spot the Harmonic tremors there. As for the Daily Mail, well what can you say? nothing that hasnt been said already i guess, just 8 days ago their headline was about Scotland about to be battered by 2 Hurricanes in 3 days..
  4. There is still not a great deal of news from El Hierro.. authorities are considering allowing residents back to collect belongings and for the fishermen to get their boats also. The number of earthquakes have dropped back and harmonic tremors appeared to abruptly stop at one point last night which to me suggests that the magma has hit a blockage in its journey to the surface. Its not unusual for all activity to drop off before a full eruption. There are a lot of questions as to the submarine event and whether it was a 'degassing' event as some are suggesting however its not been possible to
  5. So initial reports from El Hierro are suggesting that a submarine eruption began possibly 20 hours ago at a depth of around 1000m although they appear to be having problems in determining if this is the case. Assumption has been made on the basis that the earthquake swarms began pushing up from depth and have been located at about 1km below the surface which given that the previous quakes had been in the 8-12km range shows the magma to have found a way to the surface. Been watching the local tv output but sadly even my pigeon Spanish is shocking although a lot of what they are running is wha
  6. Some of todays data for Katla has been released and its pretty interesting stuff http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/Katla/myr_allt.html Most interesting is the amount of energy being released during these earthquake swarms (normalised number of earthquakes) From the graph you can see that there has been a steady increase in seismic activity (red line) however the blue line appears to be key as this shows the relative amount of energy being produced and if you follow the line it shows a sharp rise in energy. Theres clearly a lot of ongoing turmoil beneath all that ice.
  7. Signature of the tremors seems rather more seismic although there are clearly some harmonic tremors in there, guess the question is did one cause the other. Its all gone very quiet again on the SIL stations so she may be off for another snooze. Interestingly the conductivity in Mulakvisl has increased further in the last 24 hours and has seen a rapid increase in conductivity coming out of the glacier since around the 2nd Oct.
  8. Must admit ive been an avid watcher of Katla for years even before Eyjafjallajokull blew and made everyone look at Iceland again and to totally honest she has snoozed, slept, stirred and snoozed over and over. The last 12 months have been a bit different in that she really does now seem to be in an eruptive phase (now please don't think i mean imminent, she still could be years away) especially with the small eruption that produced the jokulhlaups. Its still very much a case of keep watching. On the El Hierro front.. Jon has written a neat wee piece on his blog that provides a little insigh
  9. Well its like waiting for a bus... its been quiet for the last 3-5 days and you look away for one second and Katla has another swarm. Interesting that the current swarm is over the 1955 eruption site with a harmonic tremor only really showing up on the GOD sil, also there appears to be uplift too however the sources for this suggest it could be glacial changes due to it beginning a sustained refreeze. The size being quoted for the uplift varies quite a bit which does make it awkward to interoperate.
  10. The current spike has continued to build for a good part of the afternoon and as can be seen from the IMO charts has also seen some earthquake activity
  11. No, the depths are too significant.. Jon's seismometer over at Hekla is picking the quakes up too, just had a flurry of them all centred towards the eastern side of the caldera. Certainly not suggesting anything is about to happen as we have to remember this has been the way of things for quite a while now. Typical though Jon should take the weekend off
  12. Very strong harmonic tremor in Katla being picked up on several of the monitoring stations... been running for the last 2 hours or so seeing some earthquake activity now too. These spikes have been a characteristic of the last couple of months... the depth also suggests that it could be magma on the move again.
  13. Afraid its nothing quite so exciting... Its the geothermal power station at Hengill that is causing these quakes. From time to time the pumps force cold water down into the bedrock which causes these earthquake spikes, at present they are currently pumping water so expect to see a few more clusters over the next week.
  14. Yeah they are pumping cold water down into the bedrock again at Hengill which is triggering all the quakes there.... amazing how they run most things off geothermal over there.
  15. Quite a harmonic tremor in Katla overnight http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/Katla/oroi_esk.html Seems to be the current run of things... a lot of waiting and watching between each spike
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