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  1. Any idea when the winds ease off a bit on the north coast? Crazy how strong it is now
  2. Yep no sleep here either, those big gusts are scary at times. Cant wait until it starts to ease off, really do hate the wind
  3. Is it me or does it say it has hit 109mph at Aberdaron in the last hour on the met office site, surely not. It says 90mph for Capel Curig which you would believe
  4. Still part of the club im afraid Had torrential rain earlier but no signs of thunder/lightning here, just now i thought finally its here but turned out to be a plane as it got closer, damn you whoever you are flying that
  5. I see it looks like we'll miss all the good stuff yet again We cant catch a break at all, just seems to happen all around us in Wales
  6. It looks like the North will miss out again? Desperate for rain here since the end of June, normally it cant give us enough when theres no potential for thunder anywhere
  7. You have only got to laugh at that warning map, its like it knows where the border to Wales is. Thats it im booking myself a storm chasing holiday next year and be done with it It aint happening here
  8. Can i get a permanent seat in here? Really cant remember the last time i saw a proper Thunderstorm here, if ever tbh.
  9. Yep, i dont think we could have done any worse out of this Storms wise, you wouldnt even know Storms were about. Somehow they seem to be North, South, East and West of Wales and Wales is like the eye of the storm. Should be used to it but am always left disappointed, you cant help but hope before it all happens
  10. Do we have a shout at Thunderstorms in the North? Or are they forming below us and moving towards England? I guess it can all still change aswell
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