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  1. mac_

    Did you get a storm mate?

    I seen you on earlier and was hoping you'd see one, they were moving in your direction from here.

    Your seem enthusiastic like myself - hard to beat a good t storm 🙂

  2. Yep really good storms here today. No strikes quite as near as this one from 2017 as it struck a transformer a couple of hundred yards from the house
  3. A 3rd line of heavy rain through N Ireland - no lightning this time unlike earlier! Strange cloud formations all day with distinct banding visible at times
  4. Instense lightning in Co Antrim for last half hour. Some very loud cracks of thunder.
  5. Wow that is one stunning image.
  6. Amber T-storm warning issued by Met Office for N Ireland https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-07-28
  7. Very nasty storm here at the moment in Antrim, some of the heaviest rainfall I've ever seen and huge gusts of wind. Lots of thunder too with some hail too. I'm situated directly under the white echos in the attached radar grab
  8. mac_

    Macs pics

  9. Storms are really picking up here in N Ireland. Very noisy out there at the minute!
  10. mac_


    Ballycastle Harbour Co Antrim, 25/04/2018
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