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  1. It literally is the calm after the storm! Is there anything else brewing? Or is it looking forward to spring time?
  2. weird sky tonight,so looks like it’s going to snow!
  3. Nice covering this morning,wind has picked up so don’t know if it’s snowing or blowing! Waiting to find out if it’s a snow day from school! Its a snowday!! ?
  4. proper snow now,big sparkly floating dreams,lovely..... never going to sleep tonight!!!!
  5. Just started snowing lightly again,hoping it will get heavier this time!
  6. Unfortunately due to health and safety no one other than the caretaker can help clear and all doors exits and pathways must be clear including car parks,a lot of work for one caretaker !
  7. Oh no,I’m starting to panic,there seems to be a lot of uncertainty,we are nearly there,it can’t possibly change now...can it? ??
  8. Omg! Thanks for sorting that out,thought my heart was going to give out! ??
  9. Yes! Frost definitely forming on all surfaces,just what we want for the snow to stick!
  10. It’s going to be a long night....like waiting for Xmas!! i will still be up lamp post watching through the night,you know just in case!!!??
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