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  1. But it's not like other weather agencies get it spot on, is it not that the science isn't advanced enough rather than the met office being crap? Although I agree they are sometimes slow to alter warnings.
  2. Yep it will take an awful lot of luck to bring an significant laying snow this far west, it could happen no doubt about that, but not likely at all. Personally I dont see the appeal of snow unless its going to stick, I will be watching the radar and hoping for that slim chance, but Id be much happier if next few days were due to be 18C and blue skies.
  3. North west regional discussion

    Where is 'us' Snowmusic, if you put your location in your profile or sinature, we will know where you are.
  4. North west regional discussion

    Yeah coming down quite nicely. (my other posts havent been about this cold spell, this is snowmagedon by Preston standards)
  5. North west regional discussion

    The whole west coast of Lancashire/Cumbria is poor, I thought Preston was about as bad as it got, but I think you may have an even more snowless spot up there. I said yesterday, when you start think about all the factors that need to line up for snow here, and all the hindrances to that, its amazing we ever get any really.
  6. North west regional discussion

    Im not sure its poor from the meto, you could argue its poor that humanity has is not advanced enough to precisely pinpoint these things, but its a bit harsh to hold the meto account on that, the science is where it is, we just dont know enough to be that precise. Unless Im missing something and other people/organistions are capable of getting these things spot on?
  7. North west regional discussion

    Snowing here, fairly light, funny I wonder why this shower made it where others had faded, didnt seem any more intense than the ones that failed.
  8. North west regional discussion

    I think thats the last for here then, a nice 2cm covering this morning certainly beats most winters. Does reinforce (as if it were needed) just how difficult it is to get substantial and lasting snow on the west coast, when you start to think about everything that has to go just right for us, its a miracle it ever happens.
  9. North west regional discussion

    yep, are the any more organised features forecast? Showers are going to cut it.
  10. North west regional discussion

    Fingers crossed for you!
  11. North west regional discussion

    Showers arent getting to me, fizzling out over Bowland.
  12. North west regional discussion

    oh here comes the sun....can the snow last>
  13. North west regional discussion

    ahhh it wont get any bigger, those magic creams they advertise on the internet dont work. (so im told)