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  1. Depends on the soil. Bowling greens and good quality football pitches are cut all year, same goes for high and lawns where lots of work has been done to keep it well drained. When I was a self employed gardener I had a few customers who wanted the lawn cut all year, provided it wasnt frosty and we werent having a wet winter that was perfectly possible and the lawn looked good all winter.
  2. Summer Sun is one of the most consistent posters in the model thread, his posts nearly always contain charts and useful information. Summer sun will still be making contributions in the model thread when most of us have packed in for the summer, the idea that he cant mention warm temperatures is laughable. At some point the title of the forum will change to something about spring......will every poster mentioning cold charts be told to go somewhere else then?
  3. Are they in the right order?
  4. That's not the models problem it's people. Anyone who follows the weather with interest and thinks the models have reached a point where they can consistently predict the locations of snow to within 10s of miles hasn't been paying attention. The weather models are a marvel of human endeavour, accept them as the wonderful but flawed tool they are, or enter the profession and work towards improving them, don't moan!
  5. Really heavy snow shower here, turned to sleet as it faded. Not sure it added anything to bits still hanging on from last night.
  6. I dont think I ever claimed it was a country wide event.
  7. Cheers good post, however I dont think the knowledgeable ssw posters ever said anything other than it is one factor among many other contributing factors. If this once in a generation US cold spell isnt at least in part a result of SSW, its a hell of coincidence.
  8. Indeed. I was reading about the extreme cold in the U.S. So I came here expecting to a raft of apologies to the knowledgeable posters who have discussed SSW events, from those of you who have been criticising them, I havent seen any apologies, maybe they are there and I have missed them........
  9. Im not sure the temps and dps are good enough here, just had more sleety rain.
  10. That red car just arrived from Buxton.
  11. Because there are regional threads to do that in, it is fine if someone posts, model A has the track of feature B at location C, with a relevant chart, but thats not what we get is it, we get, people asking will it snow on my house, or why has my app downgraded my location, I think its largely because people are desperate, most of the posters asking about snow in their location, however the posts are dressed up are really saying, SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME HOPE ITS GOING TO SNOW ON MY HOUSE, I figure they think, as this is the busiest thread, this is the likeliest place that someone will deliver that reassurance.
  12. Of course ppl will be more interested in their own areas, but either keep that to the regional thread or state that a comment regress to a specific area. Too many comments yesterday said things like much better run, or, might in the right direction, when they clearly represented downgrades for many areas.