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  1. Anyone Chorley way setting snow?
  2. Heavy wet snow here, settling in most places.
  3. Is it because I moved to a western coastal town (when I was 17)?
  4. Yeah, as Jo's blog on the sticky above says, this is no way nailed on. People are getting very excited again.
  5. Some didn't want to believe it so much so that anyone who dared doubt the snow was told they where, throwing their toys out of the pram, or where even embarrassing.
  6. Every year (normally several times), when those of us in snow starved areas say we dont think it will happen, we get posts like that back. I cant wait for the time I have to say, 'yep you were right I shouldnt have worried Im snowed in' I havent had to say that since 2010.
  7. I admire your hope, but.......you are going off old information, the latest forecasts say no.
  8. temp up from 41. to 4.7 dew up from 1.3 to 2.2.
  9. hmm that should really kill off our interest, the most recent high resolution output says no. But the hype gets to us, so i imagine most of us (me included) will cling to the hope its wrong, (it wont be wrong).
  10. Dew point was 0.7 just after a hail shower, 1.3 now after its been dry for half an hour or so, temp 4.1. Going to be fun seeing what happens over the next few days, but Im not confident of seeing lying snow.
  11. Thoughts are gnore the apps, honestly they are a waste of time
  12. What are your feelings this setup for the coast, I keep seeing ppl in the mod thread claiming anything falling north of london will be snow, but from experince, Im with Backtrack, anything 20 miles from coast will be sleet?
  13. As others have said, dont worry about the apps, Im not saying it will or wont snow, just that the apps arent a good guide. Unless things have changed recently, the apps have no human input and are only taking into account a handful of the many variables. There are tons of knowledgeable posters on here with a wealth of experience in deciphering the various charts and models and lifetimes worth of local knowledge, listen to them, not an app.
  14. Fingers crossed, interesting couple of days ahead, but I am expecting to have to travel to see lying snow, with no elevation and not far from the coast, Im reluctant to believe snow will settle here.