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  1. 100% agree ....Its pathetic really given the money and info they have . They just cover just about every possible outcome in every update
  2. I really don't know why people pay so much attention to these met office updates . IMO they are no more accurate than they were 20 years ago. They cover just about every possible outcome in every update. I find the guys on here more accurate to be honest. Just my opinion
  3. Hi John, yes im not knocking the met office as they undoubtedly know their stuff and as you say have a huge amount of data available to them . All im saying is , the fact that they are relatively uncertain about the next two weeks shows the uncertainty at the minute and their 6-15 day and 16-30 day forecasts are quite likely to chop and change over the next few days. :)Enjoy your hols and see you back in the model discussion thread soon i expect.
  4. Yes , somewhat contradicting themselves i think. In other words as i said they are as unsure as the rest of us. Which of is probably a good sign imo.
  5. It looks like they are covering almost any possibility here and imo shows that they really have no more idea of whats going to happen over the next couple of weeks than any of the more knowledgeable guys on the net-weather model discussion forum
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