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  1. Yep, same in Poole. One heavy shower a rumble of thunder and that was it 😏 a total non event here
  2. So disappointed in Poole. One shower so far and I think just a couple rumbles of thunder. Not only a snow sheild but a storm sheild as well lately 😑
  3. Never wanted it to thunder more than I do now. Severely storm starved in Poole and boy do we need it! 🥵
  4. Camping in Dawlish right now and the rain is horrendous! Luckily we set up yesterday before rain started. Has been a bit scary testing out the tent waterproofing! Holding up so far. Hopefully it will lighten up soon!
  5. Felt very spring like at work. Birds were singing, sun was out, it felt very mild. I've seen snippets of people saying about snow returning but the MAD threads are impossible to follow lol
  6. Gah moderate at times now but little to no accumulation at the moment. I gather that's down to dew point. Any more would be a bonus though. Had so much fun last night lol
  7. Quite a rapid thaw this afternoon so it's weird to see the snow falling again. Its not really settling though, not yet but because the radar is flawed I can't see what else might be coming lol
  8. Funny that seeing as the radar shows you, Poole and Bournemouth with nothing. We don't have much, just flurries but radar doesn't show anything lol
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