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  1. Can't wait for this next few weeks to be done, sick of being warm and sticky now. Give me 12c and bright sunny skies with frosty mornings. Those who love summer can't moan about a cold winter this year, you'v all been vastly spoilt!

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    2. AderynCoch


      What do you know about his weight and fitness, Steve? He's allowed to simply not like warm and sticky weather (can't get enough of it myself).

    3. cheese


      It's hardly warm and sticky. If people are finding the current weather unbearable then they probably have underlying health issues. I know a lot of people who complained about it being too warm only to enjoy it once they lost weight.

    4. PolarWarsaw


      I'm 12 stone and 6ft 1, but I'm almost allergic to heat. Still sleeping with a thin sheet and no duvet, my room is constantly hot - sun facing, so regardless of temp the sun beaming in all day makes it almost unbearable at night. Let's get the next month away and bring some frosts, autumnal storms, dark early evenings and some proper coat weather! It will be superb. Summer fans have had a great time this year, nobody can moan if it's a proper freezer this winter!