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  1. Sat in a sun facing bedroom, can't move for sweating. I legitimately cannot wait until it's cooler on Thursday! Bring on the rains.

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    2. Bottesford


      Seconded - work with the current weather conditions. You wouldn't sit outside in a blizzard in only a t-shirt now would you? Same applies!

    3. PolarWarsaw


      I'm out of it, it's warmer isnide than out so I'm probably best off in here. Off to play tennis shortly! Could be a scorcher.

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      I take it you mean warmer outside than in... Still surely you could have moved to a different room!

  2. It's no wonder that the MOD is compelling but mostly unbearable throughout winter.. people constantly looking for the absolute holy grail and 3 week spells of blizzard and bone chilling weather. We had 6CM's of Snow in Staffs the other evening, it was icy, heavy and chaotic on the roads..great winter fun! We only need a couple more of those kind of events TO BEAT the mighty winter of 09/10. Note to people we live at the end of the atlantic, our 'type' of weather is opposit...

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    2. Smiler1709


      Sadly for us on the south coast we really do need Stella charts to get rust signed cold and snow ;)

    3. Dorsetbred


      You got lucky most of us didn't so a possible snowfall would syill be welcomed. As to the MOD thread my New Years resolution is to stay away, it belong in a Harry Potter movie, or the Hobbit.

    4. Eugene


      Completely agree with everything you say PolarWarsaw, very cold day day today with all day frost, miles better than humid cr*p

  3. Not too much Christmas cheer around the place today. I'm afraid to say the early promise of this winter and it's positive winter synoptics are slowly turning a little sour. It's not all doom and gloom, but I must say - in early November it was 'wait until next month', then mid december, then the end of December and now it's looking like the predicted potential SSW in early Jan may not occur until late January! We may still be saying there's potential in late March I'm afraid!

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    2. Carl46Wrexham


      Jam tomorrow in other words...when tomorrow keeps getting pushed further back then theres a problem.

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Bjorli in Norway does well for snow Karyo: http://www.bjorliwinter.com/

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      @Karyo, If 2015 is even half as warm as 2014, I will be joining you in Iceland!

      @lassie23, There is no link between a mild winter and snow/cold in April, as this year has clearly demonstrated.

  4. Can tell you right now, we will undoubtedly end 2014 (a terrible weather year) with a West Based NAO..just to send all us winter lovers one final 'two fingers up' from the weather gods! It's happening infront of our eyes...

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    2. lassie23


      wind is picking up here, but very mild out

    3. Eugene


      Here too getting windy and patchy rain

    4. lassie23


      still got my fan on

  5. Bring on a bloody storm to release us from the 7th week of boredom!

    1. lassie23


      snow storm or atlantic storm?

    2. PolarWarsaw
    3. Weather-history


      7th week of boredom? It's more or less been so for just over a year!

  6. Models are an utter yawnfest tonight again... week 3 or 4 of a similar stalemate!

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    2. PolarWarsaw


      Well yeah, it is which winter love wouldnt? I joke. My point isnt the form of weather, it's the fact the MOD thread has practically taken turns repeating itself for about a month now... Day 1 - Block fights back, but it won't be notably cold, Day 2) Atlantic looks like winning out, the zonal (knocker) train is here...rinse and repeat that for a month. I'd rather it was stormy if the last few days is 'enjoyable'.

    3. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Yep, i agree lassie. i think the stratosphere will have a huge impact on our weather later this year/early next year. Tasty charts will come, but people are going to have to be patient and wait for 'Winter' for those charts to arrive! Having said that, patience is sometimes short of supply on this site and toys are already started flying around so get ready to duck for a few weeks to avoid getting hit!

    4. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      And one things for sure... no sign so far of a re-run of last Winters mild wet Atlantic barrage, which in my view can only bode well for the upcoming Winter.

  7. Model Output is rather dull at the moment...more of the same sadly! Seems we've been saying the same for a month now. Looking forward to seeing colder options when winter shows it's head in a few weeks!

    1. Eugene


      Wow you weren't looking for cold a month ago were you

    2. Eugene


      Everyone else was enjoying the warmth

    3. PolarWarsaw


      Nope, my point isn't related to cold. It's related to the fact that the models have been stuck in this rut for what feels like an eternity now!

  8. Some utterly embarassing posts in the MOD thread this eve....Winter is over...well, yeah - winter hasn't even started yet. THIS. IS. TYPICAL. AUTUMN. WEATHER. Imbecilic!

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    2. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Couldn't agree more PW. Some people really need to get a grip of themselves!

    3. Barry95


      I haven't seen a single winter is over post?

    4. Daniel*


      Well it's not exact but it's not hard to interpret... I think there will be flips in the coming day, this is not nailed on.

  9. Do we still have the archive MOD threads for Nov/Dec 2010 on the site? Can't see them in the archive section :(

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    2. Dancerwithwings


      You would think not! ,2010 coldest & snowiest Dec/Xmas for most... shocking!

    3. Yarmy


      Found June 2010.Getting closer :-)

    4. Dancerwithwings


      No model thread, but this brings it all back :)2010 wow!

  10. Can't wait for this next few weeks to be done, sick of being warm and sticky now. Give me 12c and bright sunny skies with frosty mornings. Those who love summer can't moan about a cold winter this year, you'v all been vastly spoilt!

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    2. AderynCoch


      What do you know about his weight and fitness, Steve? He's allowed to simply not like warm and sticky weather (can't get enough of it myself).

    3. cheese


      It's hardly warm and sticky. If people are finding the current weather unbearable then they probably have underlying health issues. I know a lot of people who complained about it being too warm only to enjoy it once they lost weight.

    4. PolarWarsaw


      I'm 12 stone and 6ft 1, but I'm almost allergic to heat. Still sleeping with a thin sheet and no duvet, my room is constantly hot - sun facing, so regardless of temp the sun beaming in all day makes it almost unbearable at night. Let's get the next month away and bring some frosts, autumnal storms, dark early evenings and some proper coat weather! It will be superb. Summer fans have had a great time this year, nobody can moan if it's a proper freezer this winter!

  11. The hideous 'winter' continues. I suspect this will be the quietest model thread in February for many a year!

    1. Tony27


      doubt it, if we see good charts at 10 days away it will get busy again

    2. Eugene


      This winter has actually been brilliant, in MOD ;)

    3. Dorsetbred


      That's the point, the charts are ALWAYS 10 days away. With 5 weeks left, we won't get many 10days ahead periods, before time runs out.

  12. So the horrific elongated Autumn continues! I just want a snow event or 2 before March 30th - that too much to ask?

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    2. cheese


      Ugh god, no rain please. I am seriously sick of it.

    3. Dorsetbred


      Yes, it is too much to ask this year, sorry

    4. Dorsetbred


      Yes, it is too much to ask this year, sorry

  13. I fail to see why people get so excited over 1 days model runs, such as Yesterday. Anyway, pendulum swings from Cold & Snow to wet and chilly over night. Chance of Cold and Widespread Snow from 50-50 yesterday to 20-80 so far today. What will the 12z offer? Will the ECM dangle anymore carrots?

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    2. karyo


      I am not part of the "you all"

    3. PolarWarsaw
    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      No PolarWarsaw you were not one of them.

  14. 3 weeks until my NW 'duration time per day' increases 1 million fold. November 1st isn't just the first of the month, it's the first of 5 months of checking my phone at 5.30am for the 0z...Chart watching fun, mayhem and model output chaos galore!

  15. Who fancy's a 1 prop through this lot? Looks ace! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ba7_1381006224

  16. I think people drowning there sorrows with a late shot of March cold, need to take a step back and imagine what it'd be like if our climate was 1,000 further miles north or we weren't surrounded by water. There is 300+ days a year from 365 where the weather will be Sunny, Dry, Cloudy, Rainy, Wet and **NOT COLD** so I'd suggest you have your fair share of happy synoptics. If it was 35 degress throughout July and August and a portion of the elderly population suffered fatalities, o...

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    2. Scorcher


      "Campaigners at Age UK, which says 26,000 people die needlessly in winter every year, said the current weather could prove deadly for thousands more." Director General Michelle Mitchell said : 'Colder, harsher winters tend to lead to an increase in life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and strokes which in turn leads to a high rate of excess winter deaths. For every one degree drop in average temperature, there are around 8,000 extra deaths.'

    3. IanR


      scorcher...exactly, my dad has diabetes and has had heart problems in the past, he was worried about going to spain on holday, the doctor said dont worry and enjoy yourself as the warmth will increase you circuilation and makes the arteries more supple , its the cold you need to worry he said , as it thickens the blood and narrows the veins

    4. Aaron


      Yes, we don't get that type of heat frequently enough to cause death, but when it does occur, i.e 2006, 2003, 1995, 1976, people die, in their thousands. Try taking a trip to Phoenix, or the US South East, where heat there is similar to cold here in summer and is a major cause of death, despite most people having A.C. It's all well and good looking at the cold here and saying 'oh, well, cold is obviously a bigger killer than heat', but that isn't the case everywhere.

  17. So that's 2 freezing spells that have looked consistent in FI- The forum has gone into snow meltdown- We get to t120- it unfolds and a shortwave drama scuppers any fun for UK snow fans. Yet people continually get moaned at when they say 'urge caution', 'its in FI', 'be positive'. LOL.

  18. Had a name change from Radders just in-case anyone wondered where a new member that had 600 posts had come from!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252
    2. PolarWarsaw


      You should've changed your name to washout!

  19. Netweather Football Prediction league members! Table 1 up now, GET YOUR PREDICTIONS IN FOR TOMMORROW'S GAMES NOW!

  20. Is there a Q and A section for this forum?

  21. So, out the tens of thousands of days I could pick to view my first day's live test cricket. I choose 1 of 2 consecutively washed out days for the first time in 48 years. May the weather gods receive the proverbial 2 fingers up and pass them onto your friend SODS LAW! Disgruntled.

    1. Snowy Easterly

      Snowy Easterly

      unlucky mste, summer is just as crap as last winter was