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  1. Not to come across as moaning at all, but can anyone explain this last night? Literally everywhere around my location had the storm explode, grow, burst to life and produce the best storm for years. Now don’t get me wrong, I did get to see a lot of lightning and it was great to watch, but we should have been a direct hit here at points, whereas the weather literally did anything it could to miss us. Monday the storm grew south of us and then turned into nothing within half an hour, last night we got a good light show but people 10 miles around of me in all directions are taking about the best storm in decades? Today looks like slightly west of us. Genuine question....is there something I’m missing? Cannock Chase is 10 minutes up there road and surrounds us in virtually every direction bar an easterly one. It’s hard to see much but I took a radar video and fast forwarded/rolled it back. Watch how everything truly torrential builds all around, fades here and then explodes again. IMG_9471.MP4
  2. This is so infuriating. Literally every storm has stopped, broken apart or completely avoided Rugeley at all costs! Now BOTH of the current cells are heading directly east and west of us! How unlucky can we be! What a joke!
  3. Absolutely shafted again in the central midlands. Last night’s ‘supercell’ turned into drizzle within half an hour and today, we have 2 cells one too far west and the other too far easy. Shocking.
  4. All the forecasts are showing a much less stormy week than the what had been built up on this website and social media outlets. Strike out for the vast majority of the country yesterday, poor elevated scattered storms around today. It’s ripe out there. I was honestly expecting a memorable week, with most of us taking a hammering, repeated bands of heavy storms. Reality is, there 3/4 main potential days this week, arguably a main 3. We are half way through the second day and so far it’s been hideously disappointing. Storms are the only thing that makes this vile sticky heat acceptable. For right now, bring on the Atlantic.
  5. Exactly this. The Midlands was touted as the zone to be this week. I’m very sceptical of that, yesterday looks like it was our best chance. Everything was too far west and the rest of the week looks arguably too far south and/or east. I always find in these scenarios it’s best to be outside or near the hot zone because the nature of storms change quickly and you tend to find the best of the action is never in the exact location models may show, so that’s a positive. The only reason this now painfully long, boring and pathetically sweaty extended summer (Don’t forget, summer started in April this year) is even remotely acceptable is with copious classic storms, so all in all. Nights are noticeably drawing in. Just a couple of weeks until September and then we can stick the word heatwave into our back pockets for another 6/7 months. Bring on the rain and wind, the Atlantic systems, then hopefully a long pipe-bursting winter!
  6. For whatever reason today, storms away from the extreme south west and wales, have no sustainability. Doesn’t set a promising tone for the rest of the week. For all of those crying ‘Midlands and NW again’ today, western facing coasts got the best of it all. Which is very odd compared to usual set ups. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, but today with all the parameters and forecasts, estofex on board etc, it’s been very poor.
  7. If a popcorn storm is the best we can get with all of these parameters in place, then what a pathetic climate we live in. Total dud for 95% of the country today (and 50% of the storm warning zones) contrary to forecasts. Soon be September.
  8. Main core of the storm is shifting well west of Walsall/Stafford/Rugeley. Unless it builds east they will get the scraps.
  9. Couple of points. 1) Even if today's models are correct, which is highly unlikely considering day 10 performance, ENS sets flipping in 1 run and the general lack of atlantic weather that's been handed to us at day 10 this winter ever verifying. 2) Even if it does verify, we've had 2 march's in the last few years that have provided better than ANY OTHER winter month for decades here in the Midlands for snow and cold. 3) Mild weather isn't a problem. I've lost count of the amount of times I speak to my customers in mid February who tell me it's mild and spring is on it's way - only to see them 3 weeks later and get the usual 'I thought we'd finished with this' as they are wrapped up and March is very cold. 4) At least if the atlantic weather verifies, we actually get some weather. If it's not going to snow, then bring on rain and windstorms - I'm a weather fan, not a fan of endless dry, predominantly dull or sunny boring days. Last summer was HELL as a weather fan and I'm really hoping we have a very wert, very active and very thundery summer for entertainment value. It may 'feel' like it - but we can get weather cold enough for accumulating snow for another 7 weeks - Spring is still 2 months away, regardless of the odd day that gets to 15c! The later it comes, the quicker we can skip summer and be back into autumn mode come early September! Keep the faith, you have 6 weeks to find a snow event yet.
  10. Snizzle falling again for me. Too fine and light to cover, but it’s a day of falling snow, if you can call it that.
  11. Snizzle and spots of rain here for the last hour. So fine you can barely see it.
  12. That's because it's winter and this is the hunt for cold thread...posts that reference something positive to that are going to be given likes. Nothing wrong with being realistic, but most people are hunting for cold - most of them are aware of the woes of getting cold to the UK already and so don't need to be told 'THE SSW FAILS, SAME OLD CRAP' every 5 minutes, in order to be able to cope with a British winter.
  13. Indeed. Question is, do we have 1 more lucrative chase left in the locker or does the last 3 months get swept under the carpet now? We are going to need to be so lucky, so quickly if we are to pull any redeeming factor out of this dismal and pathetic winter affair.
  14. Shouldn't come as a surprise mate. I said a couple of days back we needed shifts and trends north before the inevitable shift south came. The writing was on the wall at 4PM today when the UKMO and then ECM said....HUGE JUMP SOUTH! Live in hope, but I'm expecting to stay all dry and snowless north of Birmingham. Just can't see it. Happy to be proven wrong. There's many things to learn about living in the NW midlands pal, 1, is ignore what the Cheshire gap shows until it's falling outside of your window and accumulating, the second is when a sliding system that can provide our biggest falls starts sliding south alarmingly, then forget it and move onto the next. Gutted how this week's turned out, it had all the hall marks of a memorable one - instead it's been wet, miserable and snowless. 6 weeks to go...can us north of Birmingham pull anything out of the fire?
  15. Latest BEEB forecast - snow nowhere north of Birmingham (certainly not in measure). Maps keeping the system mostly south and west of Birmingham. Sharp cut off point, some will be lucky where other's 5 miles down the road can smell it but not see it! FWIW the ICON 18z, shows pretty much anywhere from Birmingham to Manchester getting 5-10CMs - but that's not going to happen.
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