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  1. Absolutely fantastic, I'm over the moon to see the record breaking warmth has become an almost 'cold spell' like downgrade, to nothingness. We do not want 20c to become part of February in our future climate. There is a time and place to see 18-20c and that's the middle of May right to the end of August. Although that started in March last summer/most years now and seems to end into October! You fair weather 'mild fans' - really get to enjoy the weather you want for the vast majority of the year - spoilt! All bar a handful of days of the year are 'mild' enough not to be cold. I just want
  2. This forum get's stranger and stranger by the year. Let the seasons be seasons? Variety is indeed the spice of life? Surely people don't come on a weather forum to actively search for and hope that high pressure and pleasantly mild days take over for 90% of the year? What's wrong with you? These type of posters are more suited to a lifestyle forum, not a weather one - as they clearly aren't fans of the actual weather. Since when was winter over before Mid Feb? We are statistically more likely to see cold weather and snow for the next 7 weeks, than we are at any other time of the year
  3. What a really frustrating spell for most of us this has been. I knew the streamers would deliver next to zero for most of us away from the favoured eastern areas, but a snowy breakdown/slider should really have been on the table. If not more than that. Still hopefully more opportunities to arise in the coming 6 weeks. Its February the 9th, nobody should be thinking about Spring! 😂
  4. From tomorrow yeah - it looks dry and cold for 90% of the country, even more so than what we have seen up to now.
  5. Bone dry and uncomfortably cold in an environment that screams 'snow event' - but couldn't be any less from delivering such at the surface. A gigantic dig in the ribs as far as we should all be concerned. The coldest uppers of the winter over our heads for 4/5 days and nothing.... About as much use as a Chocolate fireguard to protect your ice cream on the surface of the sun.
  6. This ECM is the exact reason why sometimes chasing snow and cold in an easterly away from the most favourable areas is very frustrating. What happens is we get a couple of convective days and the models originally show the block being underestimated with the Atlantic pushing it away. The block nearly always fights back across the next couple of days extending 'surface cold' and keeping areas where snow has fallen colder for longer. Everybody then cries 'upgrade', the cold is fighting back!!!!!!! etc. We celebrate upgrades far too easily in the UK. However, what has happened in this
  7. Not the best of charts this morning, although some rather dramatic responses in here. There's no sign of a Bartlett, or a raging zonal onslaught. As soon as the pattern sorts itself out to our east, I think the path for the remainder of February will be sorted in one favour or another quite smoothly. I do think it's absolutely vital we get a snowy breakdown in before the cold does eventually work away, it will be the difference between a cold spell remembered positively or one that has been one of the biggest let downs in the Netweather internet era. When exactly has happened this w
  8. This is painstaking. The 12z ECM is about as boring as it could ever possibly be in the UK without being mild or wet. Stinks of a dry and chilly couple of weeks. Time is ticking now. Give me the GFS snowy breakdown. Easterlies really are shoddy for us lot.
  9. Nothing? There was a couple of model suites that showed some very cold charts. Never concrete, never sustained - all deep into FI. Quite surprised to see people got even remotely giddy about them. We are heading towards a dry/chilly spell - probaby to take us deep into the 3rd week of February. Do we? Not sure that's what central and western parts want to see. The craving and the 'need' now is for this winter to deliver a widespread snow event. I'd rather take my chances on a widespread breakdown event than spend another 3 weeks building towards and easterl
  10. This can't technically be all true, there's a tiny minority of the country with snowfall deemed worthy of being outdoors in it. It seems to be me that the outlook is moderate/poor/very poor and for those places that aren't currently getting snow (a lot more of the country than not) the chances of actually getting any are dwindling as every model suite is completed. Seems odds on for us to get into a High pressure dominated scenario, possibly quite long lasting too. Not bad for surface cold, as for snow? Might as well be a Bartlett. We desperately need a widespread snowy breakd
  11. There is categorically zero chance, that a few days of cold weather is going to delay a vaccination process on this scale. It might 'slightly' hamper it in tiny minorities for the worst hit areas, but cold weather alone will not deter anyone determined enough to go out and get it, the road network is fine. What is more likely is that as the vaccination increases, people will disregard rules, go back to 'normal' and then we will see another peak of cases, delaying lockdown into middle summer. Such is how thick our nation is, on the whole. Back to the weather - heavier shower here
  12. Was it even a chance though? There was only a small handful of runs that showed an extension of cold in the snowy/notable sense was on the table. To me we are heading out of this moderate 'cold spell' into a dry/high pressure dominated spell - unfortunately, this is the wrong time of the year for that to take shape as it will take us out towards the end of February without a true nationwide snow event. We need to be looking for ways to increase the chances of a widespread snowy breakdown, to make up for the total non event of this week - certainly in the case of virtually all away f
  13. The warnings have been a professional joke since they failed to deal with the slider a few Sunday's back. Even then, they added an amber warning when the event had all but ended.
  14. Unless you enjoy dandruff, then 95%+ of what you are missing isn't worth looking at out of the window.
  15. What a pathetic spell this is turning out to be. Not a patch on the BFTE, it doesn't even feel that cold. Dandruff has been blowing around in the wind since last night, nothing sticking - floors damp/wet - no accumulation later as the showers are too weak/small, The showers look good on radar but are absolutely nothing by the time they get this far in land. Worst thing of all is that any widespread breakdown snow is constantly put back further SW, meanwhile we stay dry and chilly with HP in charge and another week or 2 of winter is gone. People seem to actually be wanting this
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