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  1. Not to moan at all, but somewhere in a line from Birmingham to Crewe/Manchester are going to stay dry tonight, between the front from the south and the light stuff that's been over northern England for most of the day. Frustrating gap. I'd say there's the potential of another CM or 2 from about Cambridge west/SW through to Cheltenham and for everyone South and east of there.
  2. Ahhhh so you were referencing your own back yard when you told us ALL not to get excited folks. 2-3 inches here, at just a measly 80m ASL. Superb.
  3. How did your 0-2CM max totals work out mate? Snow starts to fall again....for the 6th day of March - gloves and scarves out folks!
  4. Just walked back from a friends. A good couple of inches. Up to half a foot if not more drifts. The curbs have merged into the roads. There wasn't a tire track in sight, moderate snow falling in a wind. It was like I had the entire of the world to myself. Epic. Not bad for a 0-2CM max event is it? Midlands wide. I have to say, this is the overachiever of winter. Another great day to add to a long list of events this winter. Saviour it, we have had more snow and more events to chase this winter than I can remember combined since my memory lasts. The best winter I can remember in my lifetime (although I can only remember as far back as say 2000) - this really has been epic. It's hard to imagine the thought of going back to Atlantic driven dross for winters to come. This one has been a blast, I hope everyone has enjoyed it as these don't come round frequently at all.
  5. Exactly what I thought, no signs of snow anywhere down in rugeley. Odd patch on the grass and roofs. Going to stay snow cover free.
  6. Turning colder out there now. Somewhere between Stafford and stoke is about to have a treble hit from an intense line of showers. Will leave a proper covering that. Just too far south here at the minute. Hopefully that doesn't remain the same all evening.
  7. Strange thing to say, but I'd like the showers to die off until sun down. They are melting immediately and leaving puddles on the main road. Where the suns sheltered, any snow is still there. But I'd like it to dry out before dark and then there's a better chance of anything falling leaving a covering. Still not expecting to see any snow sticking but this all today is a huge bonus. Glad Matt has copped it today.
  8. Thankfully, this weekend and what looks like a 'non entity of a spring' are more than enough of a bonus for us cold folk who have lapped this winter up. Long term charts show another shot of cold air next week and then April looks predominantly below average....more winter gloves than gardening. Anyway, after feeding the mild troll. The fax charts don't look quite as good as they did the 2 days ago with the updated faxes showing a streamer over the humber and E Yorkshire rather than the wash - I expect the amber warning to be moved northwards. However, much like the other week, showers will form anywhere for a 36 hour period and everyone is with a shout of seeing falling snow. Accumulating? Not sure. Big depths? Very unlikely. Still an absolute bonus, it's been an amazing winter of accumulating snow, snow falling, frost, general cold weather - plenty more of the latter to come before a quick transition from spring to summer at the end of April and into May. Only 4 months of possible warmth there before we are back into the winter hunt, come the end of September. It's been a great winter and my advice is for everyone to have A) Savioured it and B) Enjoy any falling snow you see this weekend. We need the transition of rain to snow to be quick tonight or the ground will be too wait for anything to settle. Best chance of settling snow comes from sun down tomorrow to sun rise Sunday. Just another light covering to see snow in the dark cover the streets again would be the cherry on the cake of a superb winter. To those wishing spring in....start your search for summer. It's going to be another chilly/predominantly cold/interspersed with milder spells 4-6 weeks or so. Have a good one all!
  9. Heaviest snow of the week bar tues/weds showers. Big flakes. Heading on for 2CM. Roads white over. Snow is wetter tonight.
  10. Heaviest snow of the week bar tues/weds showers. Big flakes. Heading on for 2CM. Roads white over. Snow is wetter tonight.
  11. Day 5 of falling and accumulating snow. White over again. A CM or so added.
  12. What do we think about later tonight? GFS Showing a small period of snow again this evening...one last hurrah? I wouldn't put the jacket and scarf away just yet either looking at the output....a record breaking SSW will probably bring us a chilly spring overall. Remember in 2013....it's snowed heavily and covered for a couple of days in the final few days of March....it's not completely off the table.
  13. Patches of more intense PPN on both the SW and SE side of the band now....need that to continue as it moves north.
  14. Patches of more intense PPN on both the SW and SE side of the band now....need that to continue as it moves north.
  15. Mini blizzard flakes falling now....need to get some of the heavier stuff before this falls apart completely.... Pushing over a CM/2 or so again now.