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  1. the radar shows all of us with snow, but nothing is happening, wonder why it does this lol
  2. now we're questioning some of our education? lol right
  3. not a flake fell here in belfast in well over an hour or 2, radar lying lol
  4. anyone under the huge green blob on the radar near armagh? looks really heavy
  5. been blizzard like on malone road since 9am, however the flakes are so small doesn't seem like any extra accumulation. great walking in it, all blowing about the place its so dry!
  6. when you look at the radar and then BBCs pathetic graphics they were showing today, its nearly embarassing them going with those. should just have went back to snow symbols
  7. The very latest bbc forcast, snow doesnt even reach dublin!
  8. Absolutely pumping down aouth Belfast, main road thick white, happy man now, dont care about Friday ?
  9. ecm percipitation charts are the worst of the lot! the north get light snow a few hours, most of the south avoid: https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/europe/precipitation-total-3h-in/20180302-0900z.html
  10. right to the end of the ecm we are between -6 and -8 uppers?! under variable low pressure, output looks broke after tomorrow lol
  11. some shower in belfast atm, hasnt really been lying as its that windy its just blowing about, nice to look at all the same! streamer looks to be coming to an end soon wonder is that it for the day
  12. looks a decent streamer over belfast now, looking out the window and its gone missing tho? haha
  13. light snow in belfast titanic now, jaysus i just want a small layer so i can have some sort of an excuse to WFH tomrrow hahaha
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