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  1. It's amazing how different it can be within a few miles ..here in Huntingdon cambs we would struggle to measure 1 cm
  2. Just thought I would pop in from snowless Huntingdon cambs ...... to say ENJOY IT GUYS ..HAVE FUN. As someone who has been following this site for years without posting much, i am delighted for Steve Murr who keeps us going whenever a cold, snowy spell looms. Enjoy the snow Steve , nobody deserves it more than you
  3. Can't help but feel totally underwhelmed..theres snow all around us but nothing at all here in Huntingdon cambs ....a real non event ......enjoy guys
  4. Huge flakes here now so probably quite marginal ..could be rain soon
  5. After hours and hours of rain /sleet It's finally snowing in Huntingdon 😃
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