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  1. t shirt weaher for the next fortnight wait till next week could even reach 18c i wonder if we will get this weather in june ??????
  2. this slug just aint going to move knowing our luck it wll still be there at the end of march
  3. if these charts were for july we would be in heatwave still many places over the next fortnight could well see temperatures hitting 16-17c
  4. it has been grim viewing over the past week if things dont change soon even the European ski resorts will suffer with +12 uppers heading in to central europe next week could well be none left for easter and its so bad even the scandinavian resorts will start to thaw
  5. awful sums up this afternoons gfs call it what you want euro hp or bartlett hp for at least the next 10 days we are stuck with this slug. not many februarys that i can think of as bad as this one truly shocking
  6. there is no such thing as favorable when it comes weather just roll a dice and see what numbers you get or for the people who win big on the lottery its just the same with the weather your either lucky or not
  7. we no when things look grim when we bring out the impossible its name is there for a reason
  8. if we are to get something for the last week of February it will all come down to the atlantic ridge getting far enough north to either give us a 48h toppler or something better at the 192h mark but I wouldn't bank on either the way our luck has been this season
  9. yes back looking at 10+ days charts for anything positive again this sums it up
  10. even the GFS test model has it very mild for next week grass cutting shortly at this rate only positive at least its dry
  11. instead of looking at charts at 11 days away charts in the more reliable time frame will be a lot more accurate and these charts below a quite shocking sadly
  12. yes sorry dood this computer is a bit wonky with a mind of its own at times
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