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  1. not true march 2013 was the coldest for 100 years after a mild february but im sure no one on this forum will be alive before we get another like that again
  2. true 50 years ago the snow lay knee high for weeks here i was told now a few inches and its gone in 2 days anyone with a time machine i can use for a few days contact me will you
  3. it is doomed to fail once again as soon as the so called experts mention cold its jinxed well next week will be time for the seed trays to appear again for another season
  4. i remember a few days back the ECM got a pasteing for what some people thought was a outlier well it looks as if it was spot on once again give credit when its dew the only way for a prolonged cold spell in this new era is for a greenie which is one in every ten years if we get lucky
  5. im not sure matt mid febuary sun getting stronger +4 uppers daffs ready to push open first signs of spring is in the air still if its clear skies we will still get hard frosts during the night unless the models change again of course
  6. it should feel quite pleasant spring like come mid febuary with uppers of +4 and above another euro slug is the most likely outcome again from this HP for the 10th time this season still at least we have a 4 day cold snap
  7. cant see us getting a better chance than this with a super block to our east and a dead atlantic if we get nothing from this we may as well just give up well its snowing already here for the past few hours and im confident many others will get the same in the next week
  8. its been a strange old winter this season how often can we say it has been dryer than average but milder than average al of my 42 years dry winters meant cold winters and wet winters meant mild winters very strange stuff going on and it looks like this theme will continue for the rest of the season and may it continue in spring and summer or is it wishfull thinking
  9. no chance with al the energy going over the top its a sinker for sure take a look at greenland nothing but deep purple sadly another missed opportunity sadly we are back to square one once again looking at 10 day charts
  10. spot on by the time t72 hours comes along it will be greece and turkey once again getting the -12 uppers it will have sunk so far south i feel but its at least dry and with some luck hard frosts at night if we get clear skies a big if of course
  11. no thanks to the GEM HP sitting slam bang on top of us with +8 uppers thick cloud is the only thing we would get nothing else but as ever the GEMs major fault is the 850 uppers anyway so im not surprised we can only hope this evenings ECM has the HP further north and east
  12. and we could end up with the holy grail later on with a greenland HP the best charts theres been for the past 4 years
  13. there is a problem with the GEM model the 850 uppers tend to be far to high with every run i should have been fixed a long time ago thats why most people ignore it and call it cannon fodder
  14. the south looks like it will have snow showers where the pressure is lower with very low dew points from a easterly any snow lying will be like powder but i have a feeling this will be a outlier sadly