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  1. Not true I'm in South Western Scotland granted the southern uplands.had snow a few times this season just last week 10cm for a few days.way better than last season.but still it's way disappointing than decades ago.
  2. only saving grace after Dennis the mennace has his day the AO looks to be dropping like a stone from the 20th. how far it drops will determine if there is one last chance of colder weather for the end of the month. but still it doesn't look like it will go negative either the AO or the NAO
  3. has been white out conditions up here for the past 2 days thunder snow and lighting at times with gale force wind I have about 6cm lying but I'm at 1000ft asl
  4. even my better half who was born in South Carolina was commenting its colder there than it is here quite bizzare.and my pear tree is starting to bud.
  5. over on the fantasy thread there still in la la land about snow.but in the REAL world we will have to watch over the next 3 weeks for some real stormy weather so batten down the hatches everyone some really nasty storms on the way.
  6. I'm one of the lucky ones had snow twice about a fortnight ago got about 1cm then a few days ago got about 3cm.even the higher hills up here over 2700ft are bare with nothing.never in my life I have seen this.
  7. never it's of the scale.they will have to make a bigger scale in future years I would guess +6 it's touching unbelievable.
  8. it doesn't get any worse than this we have a Incoming hurricane for mid Feb. who says the PV will slow down if anything it's even stronger than mid December very grim
  9. the CFS weekly charts have been bang on all season to be fair. not once has it had any type of northern blocking or scandi highs and there is nothing bar the same showing for the next 4 weeks.one thing I have notiched these weekly pressure charts either from the JMA or CFS or any other model are far more accurate than the day to day model runs
  10. forget about Feb not going to happen just take a look at the AO that's the only thing you really need to look at as it's very accurate.
  11. I think most of us are just looking for spring as this winter season has just been hopeless it just isn't going to be sadly.i haven't seen a winter season where the AO is so high it's near going of the scale AGAIN by mid fed.
  12. slowly but surely it getting flatter with each run.looks like it will be a halfway house between the GFS.as long as the HP doesn't sink to Europe there is still hope.
  13. a clear outlier might as well just bin it.just hope the GEM is the same
  14. yes it looks like that low will scutter any change of presure building in the mid Atlantic.anther topiler by the looks of it
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