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  1. igloo

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Lets al cheer for the ECM it had this nailed 10 days ago it makes you wonder whats the point of al these other models which still couldnt work this out at 6 days what a waste of time and money pointless
  2. To be honest i wouldnt complain if we have a march like 2011 again with temps at 19c was that also a SSW ? This could well go the say way as march 2011
  3. igloo

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Anyone fancy a 10c easterly or a 10c northerly because thats al i see in the models by the this so called beastly arives it will be next febuary what a joke its like watching paint dry roll on spring
  4. Snaw again here started of as sleet but the temps have now droped to 0,6c and still droping snaw level is certanly lowering i hope to get another 2-3 inches so fingers crossed to yous al
  5. Cracking day here barely a cloud in the sky still with 5 inches of snaw lying with a high of 2c in the afternoon looks like tonight i will get another pasting of more snaw
  6. Still getting the odd shower snaw must be 5 inches deep now its like powder snaw as the temps are -2.3c and we could al get another hammering on monday night again
  7. Yes it looks even worse than the last few runs the UKMO doesnt look much better either i think its time to move on i feel i just cant see the euro models getting this wrong sadly
  8. Constent snaw on and of here for the past 2 hours after last nights falls and todays stuff the total so far is 4 inches give a take a mm temps have also droped to -1.3c its a winter wonderland up here not sure what the totals will be tommorrow morning if this keeps up over a foot maybe
  9. Snaw showers on and of al day here with a covering of about 3 inches from last night temps are below freezing at -0.4c so everything is sticking just noticed its back on again
  10. Well the front has near enough passed through here and has left a covering about 2 inches deep temps are 0.2c i think al of us should get snaw this comming week even sea level members should get some but its starting to freeze here and will be hideous to walk on in the morning
  11. I have to go over the hill road from muirkirk to strathaven on monday then on to hamilton lucky for me i have the ranger because that hill road can be deadly i have drove on that road for the past 20 years
  12. I do a lot of pulling and carrying stuff in mine and it does a great job for that my last was a navara which couldnt pull a penny and it also halved in two i will have no problem getting another ranger in due course
  13. A old 2007 with a 2.5 deisel engine with a whopping 178000 miles on the clock and the light on top white in coulor with a big box at the back its a old windfarm hand down its never let me down no matter the weather as tough as old boots they say engine is getting a bit noisey now
  14. The ford ranger will have to be in 4x4 tommorrow again in the past 1 hour the place is pure white with 1 inch lying and its still comming down like feathers could well get another 2-3 inches by the time this front goes through
  15. It wont be long now before it turns to snaw its even snawing at my mums at 196m now patience