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  1. it's snawing again here with 2 inches falling just this evening with a temp of -1c looking at the radar map i would have thought many more of yous would be reporting lying snaw the weather radar is full of it again and it's heavy stuff
  2. its still some way of any HP could easily be 500 miles further north nearer the time which would make a big diff in weather and temps for us but on the other hand any further south and we are in the dreaded bartlett territory
  3. yes i no it can get cold a few years back i was visiting my brothers in edmonton for christmas and it was -20c for a few days its okay for one or two days but nothing more i hope you enjoy your heatwave at 10c
  4. could be a 25c swing from this week to next week it was -12c here the other night next week it could be +14c could well be these seasonal models are right sadly
  5. i doubt it will be a sunny high with the wind direction the south coast may get lucky with a few sunny breaks either way it will feel spring like leading up to christmas with temps touching the teens in many places
  6. its a very cold night here with temp at -12c as i speak with 3 inches of snow on the ground who knows what it will be at dawn it hasn't been as cold as this for a good couple of years but it does look short lived milder weather being forecast from mid week onwards
  7. 12/13 not sure but there as common as hens teeth nowadays but one thing the NAO is set to go possitive once again from mid december from all models that is never good news
  8. still getting snaw showers but not lasting very long now some are even hail i think there breaking up as they push further inland still i cant complain 3-4 inches laying here with the temp of -2c it will be a nice setting up here for the next few days at least
  9. a super storm starting to brew south of greenland at 240h the NAO looks to be going positive on this run to see out december i hope this trent does not continue
  10. snawing heavy for the past 30 min already 2 inches lying could well see 8 inches tomorrow morning temps have dropped from 11c last night to -1c as i speak you cant beat scottish weather
  11. dont be surprised if the second low does the same and makes a sw correction nearer the time like this first slider take a look at the gem model it has this same low smashing in to france but please enjoy the next three days or so and stop worrying about breakdowns will you. the snow has already started here with the first inch on the ground your turn on next
  12. high winds and heavy rain here buckets getting blown about hard to believe with the current temp of 11c it will fall to below freezing here by 6pm this evening wait i just heard an almighty bang outside i will carefully take a noisy
  13. well i hope its on the conservative side of things and its even HIGHER more southern and flatter areas deserve something better after 3 years of dross after last weeks 5 inches lying for 5 days here a further 10 would cheer me up nicely it can lay here for weeks on end the best of luck
  14. is this 4 inches falling or 4 inches lying as they are completely different not every flake lies obviously please people dont get carried away with computer generated maps of snow cover many people will disiponted when they turn out wrong
  15. great looks to be a fair amount of rain/snow from that the ECM looks more like the UKMO at 96h with very similar uppers its looking more and more likely if you are north or east of those lows you will get a good covering otherwise its just plain old rain im afraid