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  1. Snowing in briton ferry , starting to stick to all surfaces . Already about 1cm on cars.
  2. Is that main band modelled to be that vast and intense ?
  3. Same here , ice pellets in the wind so far and been under moderate ppn for a while.
  4. Same here mate , so annoying. Edit: We have landfall❄❄❄
  5. Under green precip on the netweather radar but nothing falling. ......yet
  6. Wish I kept my mouth shut now, looks as if its losing intensity and heading more north westerly?? (Maybe pembroke will get this) , hopefully there is more progged ppn further south destined for myself in central south wales
  7. Looks as if it is beefing up nicely at the core, if it survives and the rest develops in to heavier ppn is another thing......
  8. I'd be happy with any accumulation -however small, so my young kids can play in the garden. We shall see.
  9. Whatever happens , I am looking forward to the thrill of the chase and the radar watching!❄
  10. Madness on the met office app. They dont know what's going to happen I dont think. Showing snow for llanelli and then sleet in ammanford which is only a few miles north . Surely further north and higher ground = more snow
  11. Light snow from 11am till 5PM on met office app for briton ferry. Things on the up maybe.
  12. Just checked netweather radar upon waking up , had dark blue ppn over where i live for an hour and checked outside and it is bone dry ! The easterly winds Must be evaporating the snow. Has Anybody else had any settling or seen any ?
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