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  1. Cool and 100% cloud cover near Dover, Kent. Really hoping it will burn off a bit this afternoon as it's pretty miserable really. Edit: things do appear to be brightening up slightly.
  2. Whoop whoop just in the amber warning!
  3. Eythorne nr Dover. Snow is still heavy but finer so I'm assuming do is dropping. Hoping it starts laying on the roads soon.
  4. Yep I see that for here too, it was more the hirlam model showing the heavier stuff further north west
  5. I was feeling quite good for South East Kent earlier but it seems to be slipping away.....again! just light stuff now?
  6. Mine too, my son's school has closed for the first time this week lol.
  7. Wow! I can see it frozen to the windows outside, really odd! I can see why it's so dangerous!
  8. It's stopped now but there does appear to be a sheet of ice on the car windscreen. Freezing rain?
  9. Can confirm sleety rain in Eythorne nr Dover (90m asl)
  10. Snizzle!!!!! Edit: Proper snow!!!!!!
  11. Not this little bit here in the south east of the south east!
  12. Is Thurs/Fri snow now not expected to get as far East as the south east corner?
  13. Again!!!!!!!! I'm hoping it might get it's act together in an hour or 2 and come a little more south east or widen
  14. While everyone else enjoys more snow, what's the thoughts on tonight? I think thats it for today for East Kent. I know you shouldn't really trust it but the met office app looks better tonight than last night.
  15. Well it took it's time!!!!!! About an inch here in Eythorne, Dover.