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  1. Whoop whoop just in the amber warning! 😁
  2. Eythorne nr Dover. Snow is still heavy but finer so I'm assuming do is dropping. Hoping it starts laying on the roads soon.
  3. Yep I see that for here too, it was more the hirlam model showing the heavier stuff further north west
  4. I was feeling quite good for South East Kent earlier but it seems to be slipping away.....again! 😩😒 just light stuff now?
  5. Mine too, my son's school has closed for the first time this week lol.
  6. Wow! I can see it frozen to the windows outside, really odd! I can see why it's so dangerous!
  7. It's stopped now but there does appear to be a sheet of ice on the car windscreen. Freezing rain?
  8. Can confirm sleety rain in Eythorne nr Dover (90m asl) πŸ˜“πŸ˜ 
  9. Snizzle!!!!! Edit: Proper snow!!!!!! πŸ˜†
  10. Not this little bit here in the south east of the south east!
  11. Is Thurs/Fri snow now not expected to get as far East as the south east corner?
  12. Again!!!!!!!! I'm hoping it might get it's act together in an hour or 2 and come a little more south east or widen🀞
  13. While everyone else enjoys more snow, what's the thoughts on tonight? I think thats it for today for East Kent. I know you shouldn't really trust it but the met office app looks better tonight than last night.
  14. Well it took it's time!!!!!! 😏 About an inch here in Eythorne, Dover.
  15. If the wind veers more easterly would that help us far south east Kent folk out? The showers die a death as soon as they hit land in the middle between the north Kent streamer and the channel streamer