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  1. Very odd for me to be on here in summer!

  2. Four 23" monitors and I'm STILL running out of space!

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    2. lassie23


      Got an F in applied Physics, apparently I applied it wrongly!

    3. Dancerwithwings
    4. Barry12
  3. Enough, ENOUGH of this cold; bring on the BBQs - my steak and chicken await!! :D

    1. UV-RAY


      BBQ in March, that most be some wonderful micro climate in your neck of the woods, Lol.

    2. Bottesford


      Many bbq's been had in April though and we're only a week off! Seems unlikely the bbq will be brought out its 8 month retirement yet!

    3. SnowBallz


      I know Bott, it's becoming tiresome :| I like both extremes; hot and cold. Had enough of shivering me timbers, need warmth now! :D

  4. January 2013: One for the history books??

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Still expect 19th-26th Jan to be best of the winter, as I've got to be in S. Spain then. Any long range suggestions by GP etc seem to give that a good chance of happening, happens to me with most other weather types lol

    3. General Cluster
    4. shotski


      Why ? is that when Arsenal are actually going to win a game

  5. 'Latest Visitors' is hilarious

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      so cynical of you bobbydog, ha ha. PLEASE COME VISIT MY PROFILE PAGE EVERYONE

    3. jtay


      Will look out for that. What channel is it on?

    4. SnowBallz


      Actually, it was more an observation of who had visited my page back in September, even though I wasn't around on the site. One of the moderators. A stalker/loser (delete as appropriate)

  6. Ryder Cup of Weather: ECMWF vs GFS!

  7. Back on NetW for the winter! Coffee flask and snow shovel at the ready :D

  8. would like to know if Assange will leak any information about whether it'll be a White Christmas or not? I don't really care about nuclear weapons, Saddam or Oil. Just snow - Cheers Julian :|

  9. has got a HEADACHE! >:| But quite looking forward to the snowy week ahead :D

  10. STALKERS! haha

    I'm keeping my profile low on here

  11. 25 degrees in Sept - WTF!! haha love it :D

  12. Jason, I'll let you know I have NO lippy on in that pic! Personally I think it's my overtly friendly, and insightful nature which brings all the boys to my yard. Or, it might just be my milkshake. Either way, I can't work out whether 341 views is borderline infamy or not.

    I guess I'm special :)

  13. Don't worry, I'll always be myself - don't really care if people find me annoying: I find myself annoying half the time, so they better join my own personal self-flagellating club :)

  14. haha pervs! :D lol xx

  15. Tottenham 2-0 West Ham

    hahaha 3 more easy points :D

    dunno whats with all my visitors but ello everyone anyway!! lol look i got friends too now ^^ lol :D

  16. Tottenham 2-0 Blackburn - oi oi :D


  17. Love learning about the weather, find it facinating!!

    Come on the snow lol

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