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  1. Could you tell what is the red line please . Thanks
  2. Thanks you were spot on lol hardly got a covering
  3. Any idea of our chance later , watching the radar it's going around us earlier .
  4. Snowing and staying now hopefully will carry on for a while . Basildon essex
  5. Your not missing anything showers but nothing settling
  6. Just started again in basildon essex,small flakes blowing around wind getting up. No idear of temp .
  7. Just had a dusting sky was dark but sun is out again. Basildon Essex
  8. Well I'm of to bed hopefully it will be all white in the morning , ready for the fun to start all over again . Good luck all hope Your all lucky.
  9. Think I will just float between both then . Thanks for letting me know
  10. I was in the other then realised I'm ment to be here
  11. Wonder if we will get icicles when it thaws
  12. When the East wind does blow will get snow. Stay safe and enjoy , it could be another five years before we can get this excited again in the southeast. Hope not
  13. Just read a essex live post it's was saying Monday Canvy Island won't get any and Basildon will only get a shower . Would much rather read what's been said on here sounds more positive
  14. I lived in South Africa back in 1987 , I came back for Christmas with my parents God it was cold . A week after we went back my grandad passed then the snow started they couldn't have the funeral for a few weeks the ground was frozen . We were sent photos and the amount of snow was unbelievable. That was Doncaster S Yorkshire , I've never experienced that amount snow don't know what I would do , I get excited for a covering so im really hoping this comes of but wont hold my breath untill it gets a little closer .