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  1. Could you tell what is the red line please . Thanks
  2. Thanks you were spot on lol hardly got a covering
  3. Any idea of our chance later , watching the radar it's going around us earlier .
  4. Snowing and staying now hopefully will carry on for a while . Basildon essex
  5. Your not missing anything showers but nothing settling 😐
  6. Just started again in basildon essex,small flakes blowing around wind getting up. No idear of temp .
  7. Just had a dusting sky was dark but sun is out again. Basildon Essex
  8. Well I'm of to bed hopefully it will be all white in the morning , ready for the fun to start all over again . Good luck all hope Your all lucky.
  9. Think I will just float between both then . Thanks for letting me know
  10. I was in the other then realised I'm ment to be here 😃
  11. Wonder if we will get icicles when it thaws
  12. When the East wind does blow will get snow. Stay safe and enjoy , it could be another five years before we can get this excited again in the southeast. Hope not
  13. Just read a essex live post it's was saying Monday Canvy Island won't get any and Basildon will only get a shower . Would much rather read what's been said on here sounds more positive
  14. I lived in South Africa back in 1987 , I came back for Christmas with my parents God it was cold . A week after we went back my grandad passed then the snow started they couldn't have the funeral for a few weeks the ground was frozen . We were sent photos and the amount of snow was unbelievable. That was Doncaster S Yorkshire , I've never experienced that amount snow don't know what I would do , I get excited for a covering so im really hoping this comes of but wont hold my breath untill it gets a little closer .