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  1. looks like london itself will be getting some thunderstorms very soon, even if it misses out from the main storms further west
  2. Assuming the main scattering of thunderstorms over the channel now continues in the same trajectory, east sussex, mid and western side of kent ,and eastern side of london looks to be in the firing line
  3. Fair enough. We'll just have to wait for the absolute perfect scenario then i guess (which i accept is possible may never happen)
  4. I don't want to sound naive but surely it's simple - We saw 38 degree temps today when cloud was a factor. If the cloud stayed off then it probably would have got to 39 and possibly 40. Hence those kind of numbers are not impossible for the UK.
  5. Did the Arpege not correct back down to more like 38 in its more recent output?
  6. best place to view the latest official met office recordings from their stations?
  7. On my weather station in north-east london it has only reached a maximum of 35.8 so far today. Could this be correct or do i need a better station?
  8. Looks like a new area of precip is moving more towards the centre of london now (assuming it doesn't die out by the time it gets here). Just about to hit croydon currently
  9. the colours on that chart - especially with the british isles looking like it's melting in to a burning sea - is also an abstract depiction of what thursday is going to feel like in london. Never seen a chart like that before
  10. On my books it didnt get above 0 anytime between tuesday and friday evening of that week in north east london. On the wednesday, where I was in central london had a maximum of -1.5
  11. Settling everywhere here in NE london. 2cm at most. I hope this is just a teaser for something greater in feb
  12. band of precip just starting to hit london. Interesting to see if any of this becomes snow as it moves east
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