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  1. Although only a minimum of -2.8, nice to see a surprise dusting of snow here, and still very very fine snow falling. Can tell the ground is the hardest it's been all week as snow has settled in more places than any other time this week.
  2. Yes this makes sense. Was just describing that it seems like it's more a case of that we are unlucky this time (due to what you've described), rather than this being particularly representative of what you might usually expect from a similar -12 easterly in early feb.
  3. The last few days of weather have felt more like what would have happened if some of the worse model runs from last week came in to fruition. But we ended up getting -11/-12 uppers, low dew points and ice days, and a fairly strong easterly, and most of our region somehow ends up getting dandruff precipitation, or some temporary more substantial snow which immediately starts melting/ disappearing. A lot of my most memorable snow events in the past have been in feb though, so i don't really think the end result from the last few days is very typical from what these synoptics would often deliv
  4. It's actually somehow snowing and sunny where i am right now. Really not going to help with keeping temperatures down. Heavier precipitation is the best we can hope for for overcoming these problems.
  5. Intensification off the coast in the last 20 minutes. HIghest proportion of green i've seen so far today. Could mean the snow making more of a way inland without breaking up so early.
  6. Anyone have a clue if the same problems with snow not accumulating is going to happen today too?
  7. Heavier stuff appearing near chelmsford on the north side of the precip, should take a track over north london more 🤞
  8. Are we expecting much more to come to our area later tonight or tomorrow? NE london has done a good job of avoiding the heaviest precipitation so far in this cold spell
  9. A bit torturous watching the heavier precip from chelmsford and colchester trying to make its way to London. It's progressing but also breaking up as it does so. I think fairly safe to say that in the next hour there should be some slightly heavier snow again over north london region
  10. Re ground temperature: snow also not really settling on tree branches well above ground level
  11. Why does snow melt even when below freezing temperature? - Quora WWW.QUORA.COM
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