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  1. On my books it didnt get above 0 anytime between tuesday and friday evening of that week in north east london. On the wednesday, where I was in central london had a maximum of -1.5
  2. Settling everywhere here in NE london. 2cm at most. I hope this is just a teaser for something greater in feb
  3. band of precip just starting to hit london. Interesting to see if any of this becomes snow as it moves east
  4. GFS 6z seems a lot better at keeping this cold'ish spell continuing on (i'm a londoner - I generally need colder).
  5. Nice to see a couple of other members dare to go past -12 along with the op. Mean is also looker better - let's hope it's picking up on something.
  6. North east london right in the firing line for once. Huge flakes, settling everywhere now
  7. GEFS 6z is a bit of a downgrade compared to the 0z for upper air temps. Less members sustaining in the -10 to -15 range. 12z will probably upgrade again no doubt!
  8. Like yesterday's 0z GFS, very nice ending. Still way out in FI though
  9. 0z GFS is maybe the best op run we've seen in the 300h onwards timeframe? Very good But a long long way to go yet
  10. Can someone say who got the forecasted temperatures for today most correct - bbc or met? And other days this week. Then we might be able to tell if we can trust the met's 37C for tomorrow.
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