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Never snows where i live

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  1. But isnt the north west in the sweet spot or am i reading this wrong?
  2. Im on the m62 from manchester to lpool and its gridlocked with swaying vehicles. Need to get home fast
  3. Even if this easterly comes off it wont affect where i live anyway. The models are a joke its the same for the precip charts that shows where the precip might travel and i guarentee it always shows by the north west. As it gets nearer the time it shifts somewhere else. Give me a northly or north westly from a greeny high any day. Screw you easterly. Rant over Appologies
  4. Hopefully the 19th might get us something if the models are correct
  5. Getting a total brown out with all the leaves blowing about. My van is moving about like i have some kind of orgy going on in the back.
  6. Sorry guys but i think this is my fault. I told the wife that we would get snow and then the charts changed. Its happened every time i tell her. Will keep my mouth shut in future.
  7. Whats the chances of birkenhead seeing some snow eh guys this thur/fri?
  8. I hope your right backtrack. Im not sure for my area to be honest. Low elevation and all.
  9. Do you think it will snow on the Wirral with this front moving or will it be rain.


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