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  1. Hey thanks for the reply guys. So in all honesty which is the better model and what I mean by better is which one can pick up the weather furthest out and keep it into 144h or less. I only ask this because there is really only talk between GFS ,ECM and GEM other models include when it comes to cold. Correct me if am I wrong is GFS the one that likes to keep us in a zonal flow 

  2. I just thought I would put a post up. I am not one for posting as I don't feel confident enough to post any charts so I thought I would ask for a bit of clarity first on the models, which I find very frustrating (from a coldie prospective). I have noticed that when there is a hint of cold weather in FI so to speak everyone gets pretty excited even my self but all I do is torcher my self feels like I have lost money or something, as do others am sure. What I would like to know is why do the models struggle to keep cold runs into reliable time frames without downgrading the 850s or anything else,but when it comes to mild mush they pick it up and keep it all the way out 384h to the reliable time frame. I mean this is like 3years on the trot maybe more I don't know, that North America gets all the snow and when they do it some how fire up the jet. I hope someone understands what I mean and would willing to share there thoughts. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread please remove if necessary thanks guys.

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