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  1. Surely that level of rain received warranted a warning?? The other companies like meteo had warnings out for early hours rain?
  2. I often ask this. Did it warrant a yellow. Nothing seems to have suggested it yet to me.
  3. Bb I hope it is I am golfing tomorrow around lunchtime so would appreciate 5 hours of dryness lol
  4. Impressive proper soupy muggy feel this morning. Hammeringbit down till about 8.30 and the sun broke through for a little while. Now overcast and waiting for next band lol
  5. Oh roll on some interesting weather....... shall we guess the first proper wind storm. No point of sun now....nights are drawing in.
  6. It is funny how fickle our weather is. So thinking back to 2020 the 9 months of coronavirus. We couldn't go anywhere had one of the driest springs on record. This spring when things started to upon up and return to some sort of normality.... rain and sun all the way through. One outbreak of heat in summer 2021. A good 4-5 weeks of decent hot weather. Don't consider this a good summer its been pants. Staycation in the summer have been horrendous. Let's get this damp squib of a summer done and back concentrating on the snow hunt. At least that is exciting watchtingbthe North in less expectation of it happening
  7. Hello all from a very wet and soggy Prestatyn. Just had some truly impressive rain for about an hour the sound on the caravan was immense. Sun's out now hoping for some restbite before the next round heading in off the Irish sea
  8. Well the caravan is certainly being rocked here in prestatyn by the wind. Agreed one shower of heavy rain is all we have had blowing against the window. Aerial skyline could be interesting in the morning
  9. Hello peeps interloper from the S.E here . Is it really looking bad for the weekend as forecast. In Haven North Wales at mo. Today was a belter clouded over at lunchtime. Cleared mid afternoon. Glorious late afternoon. Brief shower here now cloudless again.... oh the vagaries of old bligjty
  10. Well managed to play golf here in Welling both days. Weather yesterday hot and sultry. Today just down right sultry. Few rumbles as we tee'd off the weather gods were in our favour today. Big storm to the North London as I drove up the A2 but nothing here really again. Not a bust but not a total storm fest.
  11. Morning HC he unfortunately was permanently banned back in the winter due to some unsavoury language
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