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  1. TI have tickets for the 5th day... I am hoping to get some play lol. 30-50 more runs frustrating the ausies would be beautiful. These wickets this summer have not been betters. Indifferent bounce and pace on all of them. Think honestly we paid for a wet June in preparing the pitches which would have suited us. None of the pitches have been true belters. Look at this track there is more green tinged on it than I have ever seen on an oval pitch. Final point. 4 years ago we set our stall out to win the world cup. Job achieved. Root Bairstow woakes roy stokes butler all played on that squad. It was a 2 month competition played at the highest level of white ball cricket. Not making an excuse but there is a significant difference to when 6 of your players and Ali to the final. The ultimate high to the ashes I challenge anyone to stand up to that pressure. I do believe you can't have one coach for both formats. If you take a look back at history ausies have been continual winners of the world cup. I think if my memory serves me right they lost the ashes in 1987 at home then went onto win the world cup in november
  2. Wow @Daniel* thats some view even though i dont like heights. Has anyone read the report on Hurricane Dorian page by the storm chaser...... amazing stunning and just scary. If you havent have a read as thats why we are all on here for some reason extreme weather!!!!!
  3. My Favourite website. looks like the snow was painted onto the mountains today, stunning.
  4. was thinking exactly the same. The jet stream is not fired up and far too many characteristics to fall into line yet.
  5. Find this a sad time of the year. The nights drawing in is really noticeable. The losing of daylight means the changing of seasons are upon us but... i will say it means my most exciting time is here. Love the autumn and winter months but also love the summer. Will be happy to have a proper indian summer until 1st nov then get progressively colder.... lovely. Not much to ask
  6. i was up there in Frankies bar watching the blue boys yesterday. the shed wall always brings back memories. i loved the old shed end. grew up watching them with me dad. Suns back out here next to the Barbican.
  7. @Mark wheeler i gotta ask is that the old shed end from Stamford Bridge in your photo??? It certainly looks like it.
  8. Gotta say wow if this is a taster of whats to come tomorrow my word cats dog and everythingvat the moment struth
  9. Please someone tell me what the heck has blown in we are in bognor and its horrendous
  10. Steve i reckon i am.watching your storm rolling up here
  11. I say wow its absolutely strobe ligthnin intra cloud
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