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  1. Oh my word i had better take cover in the steak house.....
  2. It does surprise me how soft we have all become lol. You may wonder why i said this. I would like to turn our minds back to arguably the worst winter for storms. 2013/2014. now we had a line of storms similar to this week lining up for practically the whole of the winter. You could count proper storms, with higher wind gusts than we have had all the way through this week. remember the valentines day storm, xmas storm, far far worse than any of these storms. I love a good wind storm, but these are just blowing few trees down compared to 2013/2014 and wasnt that also the year of St Jude?? remember also the Southeastern trains regularly were suspended for at least half the day.
  3. Is it the end of the world... oh no wait its ok this is gateth......
  4. It truly is the most fantistic weather day light blue skies with a but of high cloud a real useable day here and it looks set fair for the week. Can we hold onto this for the cup final weekend. Perhaps a chelsea win to boot. Doubting it though!!!! My tickets arrived yesterday cant wait oh and the man utd game tomorrow night should be fun. Back to the weather and this winter really is another learning curve in trying to understand the weather and ssw. Doesnt always mean our little island will be in the right place. Must add a huge thanks to @TomSE12 for such fun posts and enjoyment given tuis winter reading his posts. No real snow depth cup to speak of this year butbthe stories and photos have been great. Now roll on the spring. Never seen point of excitement of transient snow in march despite the beast from the east. More likely lookingbat the models the sun from south... we shall see
  5. Well tbh i dud a lot of hope casting last night but as expected nothing. Bits and pieces but pants compared to the beast snd feb 2009 and 2010.
  6. Well thats interesting the light snow simble is still show at 6am
  7. Loved Purley was back there over xmas. Had a walk round russel hill, foxley lane up to furze lane all around the web estate. Grew up in Purley lived in Riddlesdown. I remember great winters especially 87. They sent the snow plough up the road. We spent next few hours digging passing points on the road... oh that winter
  8. Well the latest beeb forecast clearly shows a few hours of snow snd it pivots. Intersting times
  9. it is but soem of what i have seen went a bit further than banter
  10. why is there such sniping going on in here. this used to be my favourite place to come and read TOM's musings Lassies hilarity and fog index and Dami chattin about their Hubs and Bubs. All gets a little fraught when the white stuiff cones down or doesnt. Look at me i was putting the bins out last nite getting covered in sleet and wet stuff. had a few runs downstairs to look out the front door but it didnt happen to wet to marginal.... please if someon hass the decency and the premise to put a chart up and has taken time to evaluate the chances dont do one liners as its not helped in here. If thou wants to act like that head over to the MAD Thread.... i hope we all get some tomorrow but it is again fraught with difficult perameters. lets all take a chill pill and look at some great pictures and hope sometime during feb we can pick up an ENE to give us all som decent streamers. the chill campaign
  11. Any bexleyheath people on i dont have s lamp post to look at.... cant literslly keep running up snd doen the stairs looking out the door.... flat mates would thibk i sm mad
  12. Pah radar says my postcode shpuld be under snow i promise u it isnt
  13. Evening can now post again on my phone hooray. Coming back from the gym it was trying to snow. Not sure what its doing now lol.
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