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  1. Yamkin i love your updates including this one. My concern is the point underlined. And until everything is on board i think ultra caution is needed
  2. Wow 153 people reading this thread. Its winter alright
  3. @AppleUK 123 another piece of advice from someone who has been on NW since 2009. If you are getting hung up on the weather take a break as a lot od our seasoned posters do. This is one od the best openings to a potential winter period that I can remember and it's still autumn. Try not to get hung up on each run. Otherwise you will have a horrendous winter. Learn from the few on here on this great thread and take time.
  4. get the prozac ready its getting worse the mad thread is into its earliest hyperbole i can remember for ages
  5. absolutely hammering it down here opposite the barbican. if that building is not dark and grey enough its even darker now!!!
  6. Well there was something I saw in Croydon where o nearly crashed the car. They were gritting at midday
  7. I reckon if we get an early winter ish this regional will go through 300 pages
  8. I am a little confussed i must say. All this too early talk. get the cold in first dreamland will come. Its going to be a shock to the system.... i know we would all take an ENE, they about as rare as hen's teeth. There is lots of this up in the air, firstly looking at it the smashed trop vortex is interesting. there has been no huge storms thundering away over the atlanmtic, its as dead as a dodo. (pun intended) I have put my neck on the line before in here and will again this year. This winter will not be something different i am convinced of that. the northern hemisphere is in recovery stage from that huge ssw. to see a northely at this time is great. only a few years ago that it snowed at the end of October..... I would prefer it dropped down to single figures now into the run up to bonfire night and then we can think about the holy grail NOV DEC 2010
  9. Yawn. Can we have some interesting weather please. Feels like stuck in a rut for so long boring mild dross. It's autumn now lets have some fireworks or cold crisp sunny days not this stagnant sir moving down from the north s decaying weather front. 3 of last four weekends have been wash outs. But not in an exciting way just wet no wind to speak of. The rollercoaster is about to start. I just gave this funny feeling this is not your average winter. And no I don't want it front loaded. Let's get proper snow in Jan Ppppplllllleeaaaaaseeeeeee not. Why do I think it's not going to be your average fair.... well the northern hemisphere is still recovering from that sst. Weather patterns have been all over the place. Current weather YAWN
  10. Wow heaviest rain of the day by far hear now. No better sound after a long dry period than the rain Hitting the open window. Yes freak I know but I do love the sound of rain after a dry period.....
  11. Jimmyh

    Hurricane Michael

    best one I have watched so far not sensationalised like cnn but to the point. this could be the most devastating storm ever 145 mph winds wow
  12. Jimmyh

    Hurricane Michael

    Question to the fellows what is the lowest pressure recorded in a hurricane like this. Could it go lower as it reaches land because it still seems to be intensifying
  13. Jimmyh

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    I would like to ask a question. I don't remember such a strong block to our east for such a long time that is deflecting what seems like every weather system that tries to get in from the Atlantic. It seems that the east and northeast and central areas have stayed away from the wind and rain for weeks bar a single days influence. Is there a particular reason for this stubborn blocking high.
  14. got to say such a beautiful day.. sunny warm walk back from the pub at lunch #perfect... Please please lets have a few more weeks of this before we descend into the SAD lamps and depression
  15. i have to say that the cfs unreliable as it is is utter weather porn... the -16 uppers touching the kent coast........ aaaahhhhhhhhhhh