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  1. oh good god could you imagine copious amounts of snow with covid you just couldn't make it up lol.
  2. well having decided yo make a dash for Whitstable yesterday, following the PM new stance. Wow it was busy in the car parks and on the front. After 2 hours of moderate crabbing success we had lunch and watched the yachts compete in a little competition. Headed to Broadstairs for ice cream and a walk into viking Bay not a cloud in the sky as we walked from Dumpton Gap. A piece of advise thats where to park if visiting Broadstairs. Had a lovely walk to Morellis ice cream parlour. Watched the kids play in the sand. All the time my tan was getting added and my daughter was despera
  3. Cloud dull and naff bit windy as well heavy cloud rain earlier
  4. Really moody storm no thunder or lightning but seriously impressive rain rates over flowing the roads
  5. So is it supposed to intensify as it heads into the North Sea. Inwould say the winds last week Friday were stronger at moment
  6. Wow that was a deep angry grumpy clsp of thunder abiut 5 minutes ago
  7. I think in no doubt for level of heat and expected thunderstorms this has been arguably the biggest let down in years and years. I don think I can remember such a big let down. This reminds me of snowmageddon not appearing despite the easterly and the garden path!!!!!!
  8. Think this could be more than a kent clipper went to watch about 15 minutes ago and it was flashes to my sourheast
  9. Can confirm just been out for a look here in manston in the middle of the thanet planet on holiday numerous flashes to my southeast
  10. So as it goes everything is going north west and its a blow for majority of our region
  11. Alexis I am in manston campsite its roasting hotter than yesterday and clearer so.much clearer also shoeing 26 degrees now
  12. C.S I am fully aware of the instability in the atmosphere and the Cape requirements as I watch and read the Estofex ⚠️. It was merely a flippant regard to interestingly the least unstable air at the moment seems to be the hottest part of the country and yes all the storms have headed west
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