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  1. Staines Bloke you arent here permanently feel our pain please!!!!!
  2. he did say after a few slappings on the wrist that he would move over to his betting side and not post his usual musing. i for one miss his daily musings
  3. Sorry to hear that lass. Just woke up thought I would have a quick gander at the site. Just noticed something that made me smile. The cairngorn summit you would expect to be sub zero this time of year but most years up till may June time it would be....... it's currently +1.9 that for me showed how mild it is. Lol
  4. Sorry a thought of Stavros Flatley from bgt fame popped into my head when u said Stav
  5. Wow proper torrential here in welling only thing we are missing now is thunder properly hosing it down.
  6. ok lets face it. If our warm little corner of the south east has those charts showing on the mad discussion then we are going to be in the firing line for election day...... if not prozac will be handed out on mass in there, trying to work out if its a trend or just one run.... so many eye candy charts
  7. So just a minute ago above is u had bright blue skies and a wall of black clouds. Winds not overly strong are they expected to increase during the day as it heads out to the north sea??
  8. Its prozac season as we enter will it wont who knows but it's so much fun reading the stuff in the mad thread. I think it's fair to say if we get a Steve Murray sausage this place will go into met down..... ahhh has Tom left??
  9. I see the swear filter is coming out again. His prediction is 10th november for wait for it snow and rain lol. This just gets better. Lets see what happens in that day........
  10. Amber warning. Just looked at lightning maps the only one I trust for real time strikes. Its drier that the Sahara. Take a look for entertainment value. The excitement with sn amber warning for storms. Always a Kent clipper. Washed out to sea. Now my eyes head north looking for an outbreak of cold weather and possibly to the east of snow.
  11. This isnt even the band they are worried about euro4 and aparage had another burst about 10pm more over london. We shall see. It's a damp squib at the moment apart from the rain lol.
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