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  1. Wow heaviest rain of the day by far hear now. No better sound after a long dry period than the rain Hitting the open window. Yes freak I know but I do love the sound of rain after a dry period.....
  2. Jimmyh

    Hurricane Michael

    best one I have watched so far not sensationalised like cnn but to the point. this could be the most devastating storm ever 145 mph winds wow
  3. Jimmyh

    Hurricane Michael

    Question to the fellows what is the lowest pressure recorded in a hurricane like this. Could it go lower as it reaches land because it still seems to be intensifying
  4. I would like to ask a question. I don't remember such a strong block to our east for such a long time that is deflecting what seems like every weather system that tries to get in from the Atlantic. It seems that the east and northeast and central areas have stayed away from the wind and rain for weeks bar a single days influence. Is there a particular reason for this stubborn blocking high.
  5. got to say such a beautiful day.. sunny warm walk back from the pub at lunch #perfect... Please please lets have a few more weeks of this before we descend into the SAD lamps and depression
  6. i have to say that the cfs unreliable as it is is utter weather porn... the -16 uppers touching the kent coast........ aaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Fox apparently lol no-one believe that
  8. Well just had the dreaded email course closed waterlogged boo. Hammering down in welling not good if you have n old seat that leaks......
  9. Well I will need my new waterproofs for my golf day later in Croydon. Not expecting much lol as it's hammering down. Altho may pass through as we tee off.... eek is all I can say
  10. interesting to se Arpege go out to 120 hours
  11. hells bells check the flight radar. they are going round in a loop waiting to get into Dublin airport
  12. Feb Blizzard is very entertain on the mad thread
  13. I thought Feb it was an interesting first line actually. I must say though its a fascinating section of model watching and possible model fatigue of will it wont it scenario....
  14. Leeds agree with your optimism but at this moment and for a few days yet everything is on the cards.. Check NickF comments on the Mad thread (swear filter) this has the potential to be bad as it includes ex Florence as she mingles with the jet stream and the the shortwave coming off Canada. Lets hope the models move it further north but ever so worrying at this point.
  15. lol Thought Madden had a swear filter on here. My feeling is there is something round the corner.... the SSW has really scuppered everything and with the increase in Hurricane season really kicking in now pump all that heat into the Polar regions and watch that jet stream plummet. Look east this year once the continent has cooled