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  1. Look earlier, it flips it goes through a spell of rain for a few hours before. NMM seems to be going for a with height only event - which is tbh what its likely to be, but those with height could really get a lot.
  2. ICON though has no Snow for anywhere in Yorkshire. Although would ignore its Snow map, as its wrong even now - saying no snow anywhere, yet there is.
  3. They are rolling out now. Hirlam is showing all Snow event for everyone but the coasts. edit: Change that has rain for Eastern half for midnight. All Snow event for Pennines for sure if its right.
  4. The southern tranche of that warning area really only applies with Height. Really could all change as some of the models have it as snow for everywhere except for the warm 'blip' at 3am. That blip could cause a LOT of issues, as its going to freeze over by 6am over wide swathes of the Pennines, so if there is any thaw its going to all turn to Ice.
  5. Almost exactly where my description says In a farm, nearest village of any size starts with the same first letters as my name.
  6. Assuming your in the Valley / actually in Skipton, as thats very different to here. Got about 8cm's of snow and trying to check to see if the schools are on
  7. Upto about 4cm's here already. Wouldn't be shocked if we have 10cm's by day light tomorrow.
  8. Currently have over a cm probably 2 cm of lying snow, but really looking at the detail re tomorrow night. Some of the models are starting to switch the low to be even further South, hence why Met moved the warning area to include all the Pennines. Example - Thats showing the most significant Snow over our Region, not Scotland as was predicted days ago. Tonights short range 0Z's should have a handle on the exact track of it, one would hope.
  9. Radar is showing its becoming a lot more organised, as predicted. Could be a fun rush hour.
  10. We have fully white fields now, so yes
  11. Yeah, that really does indicate the Met are expecting the low to go a lot further South. Big change for our neck of the woods. Area for Wednesday / Thursday's warning is basically the whole Pennines.
  12. Its gone quiet quickly from being a serious worry to being just another storm. The shift on the latest ECM is similar to the 12Z GFS, its a remarkable change for the models for an event that is less than 3 days away!
  13. The Netweather 14 day forecast (which is just latest GFS output I believe) illustrates the snow situation rather well. For my Location from 3pm on Monday its heavy snow every day, apart from 2 days until the end of the 14 days. Won't happen but illustrates that we may be on the cusp of an event.
  14. The main lot isn't here yet lol. In fact its movement has slowed down, really making little progress eastward.
  15. Note it also forecasts it to turn to rain everywhere after 11am. None washed away snow should come from the showers on Saturday, but that will only be a few inches at most.