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  1. Turned to rain here around 9am. Still some of the snow lingering around as its not rained much today / snowed since, although the radar is lively. Met has us for Heavy snow from 3pm till past Midnight, I will believe it when it happens.
  2. Snow here and already a thick covering over everything (prob a few cm's in depth). Due to be a lot more this morning as well, going to be a 'fun' school run.
  3. We had over 6cm's of snow here. Problem is the rain that has come after it has been heavy at times. Rain + Snow melt has meant more floods. Some of our neighbours are now flooded for the 4th time in 3 weeks.
  4. Minor flooding already here, and the radar looks very bad, Looking at the radar its not really making it over the Pennines so far, but be warned if it does its not fun at all.
  5. The 10 day forecast on this website (which is just the GFS output) has scared me, its showing over 170mm of rain for here over than next 10 days. It won't happen as its GFS, but it shows we are most likely going to keep getting an absurd amount of rain.
  6. It hit us and by looks its expanding. Rainfall was worse than the Squall last week, but its been the only flood level rain we had today. Thought areas to the south might miss it, but now looks possible it will hit them. 10 minutes of typhoon level rain and that looks like its it until after midnight apart from the odd shower. The models so far have really not got the handle on this at all.
  7. Hope that stuff to the west goes North of here as that has 'flash floods' written all over it.
  8. This next significant spell that is currently over North Wales looks nasty on the radar. Its a lot more organised than the mess that has come before it.
  9. Going on Severity that warning will likely be upgraded to a red if it looks likely to become true. Both Met and EA are really worried about the risk to South Wales it seems.
  10. Rain is already heavy at times; wasn't meant to be this bad this afternoon, hopefully not worrying precedent for tonight.
  11. Environment agency has issued the inevitable flood alerts. They are expecting it to flood widely it seems, understandably given the rainfall expected.
  12. Have a feeling this one is going to be worse. Predicted rainfall totals seems about the same, maybe higher, combined with the fact the ground is completely sodden from Ciara + rainfall this week and the ground can't adsorb any rainfall so its going to go straight into streams / rivers. Could well see significant flooding downstream from this one i.e. Leeds.
  13. Amber Warning area has been expanded to cover Harrogate and York now, also starts 3 hours earlier, which given the rain is due to start here from 8am is understandable.
  14. Amber warning already issued for Saturday/Sunday for the Calder Valley, Aire Valley and most of the dales. 2 properties near by have just left up there flood defences from last weekend as was silly taking them down.
  15. Snowing here now for a few hours and settling everywhere now as has beaten the wet ground back due to its relentlessness. Grass still sticking out of it though on the fields so hasn't any significant depth yet, but looking at the radar possibly its going to be showers all day.
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