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  1. Been snowing moderatly here for about 2 hours with occasional heavy bursts, is bizarre though its not lead to more than a cm in depth. It does seem the clouds are saving themselves to dump it all on the hills 🙂
  2. Was just going to post the same. They look very organised and will probably last over to Manchester they are that strong.
  3. I am but we live 100km away from you 🙂 North Yorkshire is very big. Really sod all snow here today, the showers have just not been strong enough at all to do anything anywhere it seems.
  4. Flood warnings all around South Bradford, and in other parts (Pudsey, Halifax, Wakefield). This rain really has come a lot heavier than forecast. The only river gauges in Bradford have all hit their highest ever recorded with the worst affected one looking like has got damaged. Various other spots look to be setting new records as well, going to be a nasty day for some people. The gauges in Leeds are also showing very high levels, hopefully people get the warnings.
  5. Heavy sleet here already. Amounts falling is well beyond what was forecast and wasn't meant to turn to sleet till this afternoon. Could be some surprise early snowfall.
  6. More than that think all the none short range models don't really factor it in the UK set-up as its just impossible to predict amounts other than it will happen. Short ranges are the best guess at likelihood for it and all of them seem to be going for showers from Saturday night onwards that get fully over the Pennines i.e. everywhere in this region will get some. Snow is near enough always now cast but convective really is radar / lamppost watching.
  7. It really does seem to be a poorly drawn area in regards to the North. We aren't even in it yet we know we can get hit hard by Easterlies here and are projected even on Met offices website to have constant snow from 6pm Saturday until there end of forecasts on Wednesday. Really needed to cover most of Cumbria and take it to about Blackburn imo.
  8. Met have split the warnings, now a separate one for Monday. Both now cover most of the Central and East UK. Seems to be they think heaviest is going to be down south.
  9. Lol nope. We have had 10cm+ twice already since the New Year.
  10. Pretty sure we did get a Red for 2013's event, but that was a North Westerly and that cut off some villages for over a week and resulted in wiping out whole herds of sheep as they were buried. Was very much a Pennines / Cumbria / North Wales event though that one for the 3 foot+ stuff.
  11. Putting it mildly. They are going for national emergency amounts of snow. 'Worst' place on GFS in England (other than Pennines near Scotland) is Lincolnshire with 35cm's according to GFS.
  12. Potential for -2c Ice days this weekend in rural spots. Going to be fun for the animals if that happens, especially if it coincides with snow.
  13. Almost exactly where it says in my Bio 🙂 We have a farm, so semi remote.
  14. Heavy fast snow here. Does look like the Aire gap is doing what it does.
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