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  1. Yeah that Azores high can be a right party pooper-so it can stained glass window right off!
  2. Snowing here, light but seems to be getting a bit heavier
  3. No-I'm expecting sleety rain anyway-unless ppn is really heavy and we get evaporative cooling
  4. Easterlies usually crap for us...but who knows, weather has a mind of its own
  5. Thanks for the info...I was beginning to think it was the weather gods having a laugh!
  6. Below zero here (-0.5) but just had....RAIN!! LOL....how can this be? The uppers must be -5C or something. Fog cleared about an hour ago.
  7. Getting cooler here-just a smidge above 0c-maybe evap cooling
  8. Strong convection up there-that's why hail, no time to make snow man. Moisture rising fast, freezing fast, becomes heavy-falls as hail.
  9. Liverpool TAF Forecast (TAF) for Liverpool John Lennon AirportRetrieved 2015/01/17 18:15: TAF TAF EGGP 171659Z 1718/1818 22010KT 9999 FEW020 PROB40 TEMPO 1718/1806 1400 SHSN BKN004 BKN015CB BECMG 1803/1806 33005KT PROB30 1806/1811 3000 BR PROB40 TEMPO 1814/1818 3000 SHRASN BKN008 Snow Showers-but look at the wind direction 330 (NNW)
  10. hahaha... I knew you'd be disappointed by the time you got home BT...we've had sweet F A here (except the odd hail shower)..I was amazed to see that you had heavy snow going through Kirkby!
  11. Yup temp is falling away now.3.8C here-well lets just hope. Personally I'll believe it when I see it
  12. What I think they are worried about is this. If today can be warmer than forecast cos of a more westerly aspect to wind-why can't the same happen next week. Only 2 days ago I was looking at charts for next week with uppers of -7 to -10 for our region, they have suddenly dissappered! Everyone in the model thread was wetting their pants with excitment re deep cold and prolonged cold spell-now they're not!
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