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  1. Yes just had 2 rumbles of thunder here too but no lightning that I could see.
  2. Snow is back on here. Hopefully more showers when it’s dark.
  3. 2 very different forecasts. No idea how accurate GB weather is.
  4. Maybe a tad excited. It’s more sleety than snowy but still
  5. It’s snowing a nice surprise. Forgot what snow looked like it’s been that long
  6. Our boys are on winter break which means no games for 3 months. Utterly ridiculous. SYFA say no outdoor games at all!
  7. nice covering here on everything but the roads
  8. Klippie it was really heavy in Dunfermline when I left so expected it to be worse in Kelty. The flakes here are tiny lol
  9. I’m in Dunfermline and it’s snowing lightly. Knowing my luck I won’t get into Kelty in 30 mins
  10. It shows current and last 30 minutes. Think that band will fizzle out soon although accuweather predicts snow starting about 6pm.
  11. Jesus Christ. What on Earth have the Fifers done to the weather gods?! OWN UP Fifers and confess your sins. Please.
  12. I can’t believe how much frost is on my car. It’s going to take me 5 years to clear it.
  13. Ok. Not jealous of the people currently stuck on the A30 (Newquay). Hope they’re not there long.
  14. Just seen a video of Newquay beach and wow. It is white with lovely snow! Jammy sods.
  15. Yes same here. Warning says 1-3cm and covers my area but the daily forecast doesn’t have a single snowflake in it.
  16. My cousin lives in Ontario and she sent me this. They’ve had a lot the last couple days. She’s still away to her work
  17. Was checking out the NetweatherSnowRadar. Look at that hashtag
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