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  1. Quite a spectacular finish by Carbide in that new Robot Wars series on BBC2. Brings back memories of the old series with those great robots such as Hypnodisc, Panic Attack etc. Sunday evenings will become a bit more exciting now.  

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    2. DiagonalRedLine


      Yeah, would agree that Craig Charles would have made a better fit as Robot War's presenter as his enthusiasm would have really set atmosphere of the show. Dara probably just a bit too laid back. Did feel the arena was a bit bright, too, and could have done with a darker look like the older series. Apart from that (although do kinda agree with the waffle thing, as I suppose it did make the episode drag a little), the show was quite good. 

      Carbide definitely felt like the new Hypnodisc with that strong slicing weapon. Though be interesting to see what kind of robots appear in future episodes.

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I thought it was almost as good as the earlier series, so by most standards a very good reboot, but it was a bit restrained, in particular Dara O'Brien wasn't quite as good as Craig Charles.  Most importantly they kept Jonathan Pearce as commentator.

      Hypno-Disc was my favourite from the earlier series as well.  Carbide definitely has potential to be similarly spectacularly destructive, judging by what I saw, but I think it probably won't win outright- I think, again rather like Hypno-Disc, it will end up somewhat less effective if that spinner gets immobilized and the opponent doesn't reverse into the pit.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      I think next time I'll watch it on iPlayer afterwards. There was 6 minutes of fighting in the first half an hour, lots to skip through. I did miss the original theme tune and the music during the battles, and the camerawork and editing was poor at times. However, all the elements what made us love Robot Wars were there! Nuts being obliterated was brilliant.

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