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  1. In the Fantasy Island range of the modelling, so caution needed.... but the GFS 12Z tries to send the rain Train off the track as it shows a build of pressure late next week and early into the week after from the South:
  2. What the Arpege 00Z makes of the stormy situation for later this week (out to 102 hours): Takes the angry Low towards Northern UK across Scotland. Best not to be going on a voyage in the Highlands if this was the case... But I think certainly some varied solutions on offer regarding the storm’s track still. There’s quite a possibility it could very well have the UK’s name on it. Have to admit, for those missing the Summery weather though, that ECMWF run will bring some smiles this morning. 🌤
  3. While still being a few days out, the likes of the 12Z UKMO, GFS, ECMWF, and GEM in general agree to the weather settling down a bit during the middle of next week, as some mid-Atlantic ridging (likely to be transient) develops over the UK. 12Z UKMO 12Z GFS 12Z GEM 12Z ECMWF Some showers can’t be ruled out towards North-Eastern areas next week in the cool North-Westerly to Northerly wind, and some rain, which could be accompanied by strong winds as some speak about, may move into Western areas next Thursday. But the speed, timing and angle of any unsettled weather from the West/South-West later next week, does depend how that likely storm to the South-West of the UK ridging behaves. For now, a (temporary) period for some drier, less unsettled weather looks possible for that middle part of next week.
  4. One of the GFS’s brothers, Perturbation 11, has definitely thrown too much drink down its throat tonight from zee pub! Maybe one of the very first few runs to send the -5*C 850 hPa temperature line over the UK for the beginning of October. Thanks to its strong blast from the North! Perhaps a bit of sleet or snow in heavier showers over modest ground (this more likely at night and early morning), especially over Northern UK. While I wouldn’t mind seeing further outbreaks of warm and bright Summery weather like what’s been occurring recently, this is all for a bit of fun. Probably only something that could happen in a dream at this time of year
  5. 9.7*C and 70mm rain/snowfall, please. Cheers. Probably starting fairly chilly. High Pressure eventually building to our East over Mainland Europe bringing a very warm spell. A very chilly end to the month with a cold unstable North-North-Easterly flow accompanied by embedded troughs bringing widespread heavy snow showers (I wish anyway lol).
  6. Seems to be getting to that time of year in the models where that excitement of cooler and chillier weather slowly starts to creep in for a few, especially if it’s from the North-West or North. In the meantime, some further warm or very warm weather to continue for next few days, with the best of the settled and warmest conditions clinging onto the South-East and generally cooler and breezier further North-West. But even South-Eastern areas could see a few showers (some of which could be thundery) at times.
  7. 14.2*C please with 67mm rainfall. Have a feeling it will be average overall - perhaps a warm start, with a cold spell towards the end and some snow over Northern hills.
  8. Will go for 15.5*C please. Maybe a warm or very warm start, but more in the way of cooler weather towards the end. Rainfall: 74mm
  9. Not everyone will agree, but these thunderstorm setups mimics the same excitement as that of snow!
  10. Frequent flashes and some quite constant rumbles in Solihull now. Gone quite mad out their!
  11. The ECMWF 00Z is like a thunderstorm factory this morning. Aside from the chances of thundery weather these next few days, the model shows further Low Pressure systems running in from the South-West engaging with some warm air. The 850 hPa air isn’t as warm as it would be this week, but that Low could still spark off some further thundery surprises next week. This all seems to depend how well the model is handling those Low(s) next week. How much of a Southerly track they have and the speed at which some of these Lows could move in from the South-West or West (also the amount of ridging that could get thrown up ahead of these Lows) could affect whether further episodes of warm, or very warm/hot and thundery weather occur. As that usual saying goes, the weather does as it pleases. Plus, probably not worth getting too far ahead considering there’s some very warm or hot and, at times, stormy weather for some to look forward to these next few days.
  12. I admit it was a rough estimate, and also me playing it safe with the 25*C plus, prediction!
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