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  1. Hate it when I get so paranoid when I post in a thread and it suddenly goes quiet and then worrying I’ve done something wrong. I know it’s silly it’s not like I’m the only one it happens to! (Sorry I know I’m a mod and shouldn’t be posting all this off topic rubbish. Really need to learn not to post on Netweather when feeling lonely or in a bad mood lol)
  2. I wonder why it’s so quiet on here and the Midlands thread lol. Must have scared everyone away
  3. Guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed some fairly significant convection about. Amazing really, don’t think it was forecasted.
  4. Looking at the Midlands Regional Weather Discussion thread, looks like people such as @cyclonic happiness @I remember Atlantic 252 @Snowy L etc have talked about there being convective activity with a few odd isolated showers in Central areas. So I guess it would explain why there’s been some thundery-looking clouds about. Would imagine @Arnie Pie from near the city centre of Birmingham probably saw quite a lot of convection later this afternoon too and into the evening.
  5. Some pretty impressive convection around here, especially looking East towards Coventry. Wasn’t expecting this really.
  6. As @Frosty.says, back to the models please guys. I understand people’s concern about lack of rainfall, but there is the moans and banter thread, or the general Summer chat threads, for that. Cheers.
  7. Reached bang on 31*C at 2:34pm this afternoon.
  8. Been a few odd little cumulus clouds dotted about this afternoon as Sweatyman has noted, especially to the South (still a few about now), although aside from that it’s been pretty much cloud-free with constant sunshine. 🌤
  9. DiagonalRedLine

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Fair bit cooler here, albeit still very warm with the temperature around 27*C. Just a few odd tiny clouds poking about in the sky today. Don’t feel it’s selfish really for those to want to continue to see dry and Summery conditions like this. We don’t have any control of the weather and whatever we want to see won’t make any difference as to what will happen. Wouldn’t mind seeing some rain whenever the breakdown occurs, as longs as it’s of the thundery and stormy variety!
  10. Glad it disappeared quickly. Seems pretty cool and fresh this morning, but temperature approaching 16*C.
  11. Not sure if there was any of the grey stuff here earlier on, but the Solihull Cloud Shield is currently operating at 100% power.
  12. Well you seem abundant in cuteness too! (Oh dear, being naughty again )
  13. Yeah, probably most likely a glitch. Noticed that the temperature was hovering around the 22*C mark for a while, but it did feel hotter than that. Particularly the further into the afternoon the day got. Must have slept through all the cloud this morning. Does show how powerful the sun is at this time of year when it can burn through all that cloud with a flick of a switch! The cloud will probably sneak back in tomorrow morning giving more work for the sun to do!
  14. 22.6*C here with hardly a cloud in the sky.
  15. DiagonalRedLine

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Although still very warm, just 22*C(ish) in this part at the moment. Interesting that some places further West are getting the hotter temperatures. Maybe to do with the positioning of the high and the topography of some areas in the West. (Them again, if their had been some cloud around here this morning, and especially areas even further East, guess that could have been the culprit too).