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  1. Took this earlier today - 5:15pm time looking North-West from Eastern Solihull towards Birmingham. Must have been smoke from the Tyseley fire. Convinced at one point it was a tornado Have to say also that storm over North-Western UK is an absolute monster. Nothing wants to stand in it’s way. A real thundery treat some of you are getting!
  2. Low Pressure definitely looses the battle for sure on the 12Z ECMWF at 240 hours. High Pressure the winner over the UK
  3. Nope, you’re not allowed to post. Who said you could post in here? Get off the thread, man... ? (Nah, we wouldn’t be that mean ?) Was going to post that the 12Z GEM tries to also bring Summer back with the Azores High ridging towards the UK from the South-West, but been beaten to it by Mike Poole he hee While it’s nothing particularly impressive, the 12Z GEFS ensemble mean, still coming out, keeps Low Pressure to the North of the UK and High Pressure close by to the South and South-West late next week: Southern UK would see the best of brighter, drier conditions, but no full-on UK trough on those mean charts, so changeable probably being the best description for now. Particularly over Northern UK. Further on, and it then shows signs of the Azores High gaining a bit more influence and the unsettled or changeable conditions being pushed away a little more further and further North. Would definitely take that. Let’s hope the GFS answers your prayers ??
  4. Does seem to be a fair amount of bickering in here today. Let’s keep it cool please! ? Everyone does have their own opinion and we all interpret the charts differently. I’ve also got no problem with people challenging others’ posts, (as longs it’s done respectfully and without insulting language). However, apart from the last few posts, anymore bickering and we’ll pour some Vanish solution on the offending posts! ?
  5. Sorry, couldn’t resist ? All just for a bit of fun though ? @TomW No mention of any Kent Clippers on that (made-up) forecast... Get the feeling though, unless I’m mistaken, a Kent Clipper didn’t quite happen in the end? The radar appears to be showing some particularly intense showers around the Western Manchester, Northern Liverpool and Lancaster areas at the moment (looks like one of the ones that affected Weather-history above). Suspect one or two of them over North-Western UK producing a rumble or two.
  6. Some very bad news about the forecast now. Slightly smaller than baseball hail, slightly weaker tornadoes and... only 199 strikes per minute ? (In fact, it’s already not going to plan here with just some on and off rain... ??)
  7. Definitely liking the sound of this. Brilliant news for all storm fans.
  8. Birmingham storm shield just a bit too strong today to allow any thunderstorms to smash through. The darn thing! ? Quite a let down as the Met Office for the Midlands seemed rather confident despite the hot and miss nature of storms. Probably shouldn’t complain, as did pretty well last week. Some spectacular thundery bangers for some further North though. Could be wrong, but can’t help but feel had this troughy, pokey, part of this Low been held back a little bit more South-West, it perhaps could have allowed more time for some storms to break out further South and West. Allowing more areas to also be exposed to the very warm and hot Southerly/South-Easterly flow for longer ahead of that Westerly to South-Westerly flow from the Atlantic. May have then encouraged more stormy activity further South-West (including the Midlands itself). Still a chance for some stormy surprises tomorrow, however, as the main area of the Low to our West edges in further North-East. Along with lowering 500mb heights, should bring about an assortment of showers and longer spells of rain for places, some of which could very well be thundery. Going to try not get too excited yet (especially with what happened today and the fact the storm shields in some areas could prove to be too tough) Nonetheless, there was this interesting (Lenticular?) cloud I took earlier today in Eastern Solihull just before 12pm. View towards the North-West. Worth adding as well that there was one point briefly where the sky became quite threatening, but not enough power in the convective clouds to slice apart the storm shield!
  9. Up to 30.6*C at the moment here. Nice with the sunshine, but just a little too hot, hot hot! Although with fairly modest dewpoints of 12*C to 13*C, not exceedingly humid. Must admit, can’t remember the last time there was a Summer in this part where temperatures didn’t reach 30*C. Perhaps 2012! 2007 though certainly was quite cool at times and wet. All that wet weather in a way made it interesting, as much as it’s my least favourite weather type during Summer. Warm, sunny weather much more preferable (including thunderstorms). But not necessarily baking hot. Kinda like today.
  10. Examples up to Thursday this week above. But with the models building High Pressure over to the East/North-East of the UK further into this week (and apart from Ireland and some North-Western spots at first), it’s looking ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever so slightly chilly this week... ?
  11. Thanks for the new thread, Mapantz ? Feel like tomorrow will be one of those will it? or won’t it? situations regarding storms lol. If not, some afternoon sunshine, should the front pass away quick enough, would still be nice. The way things have gone in the last few days, this Summer so far has been off to a brill start for thundery weather (but I suspect this may not be quite the case for all areas of the Midlands). Saturday, yesterday and today tearing apart the Solihull thunderstorm shield. Incredible downpours, and definitely some of the heaviest rain/hail have seen in a good while. Edit: some recent great lightning pics by LeeKey in the previous thread as well:
  12. Possibly if the showery (and perhaps thundery) rain clears away early enough tomorrow and doesn’t leave behind too much of a mess, some storms could very well start ganging up on us again ?
  13. Few pics and vids of today’s Solihull thunderstorm. Darker more organised clouds then on approach from the South. What’s interesting is that at first the clouds seemed to be pushing in from the East/South-East, but then noticed some low level scuddy and wall-like cloud suddenly pushing in more from the South and South-West. Made me wonder if some kind of low level convergence was happening, as some of the clouds were sorta circulating each other. Got very dark and soon after, a spell of heavy rain and thunder and lightning followed, which increased in frequency. Lasted around 45 minutes to an hour. 2nd thunderstorm of last 2 days, although personally preferred yesterday’s a touch more. Not something that happens often! Does look like quite a few parts of the Midlands doing well again, but looks juicy further South too to the West/South-West of Reading with some beefy showers. So hopefully chance for some storm shields further South to still get crumbled up (for any storm enthusiasts from the South who ain’t seen no storm yet). But imagine there’s some from the South-East longing to leave the No Storm’s Club too. So what do you say weather, fancy letting some of your fellow South-Easterner’s out of the club sometime? ?
  14. Has been a pretty interesting few days, especially for those in the Midlands area (including myself). Some thunder on Saturday. And then quite a naughty thunderstorm today, which mostly rumbled on and off to the South-West, and then an area which exploded into life over here from the East-South-East. Big downpour of rain, hail and frequent thunder and lightning for a time. Rain and hail became like a monsoon at one point! Some building convection earlier in the afternoon (Eastern Solihull), before the weather unleashed its power! ️ Mainly video stills. For a storm, would give it an 9/10. Actually feel like for some, this year has already been more decent, thunder-wise, compared to last year. And to think we’re still in June!
  15. The 12Z NAVGEM would have been a nice chart if it was Winter. Going for the Northerly to North-Westerly scenario over the UK: Pretty chilly for early June. Personally though, not as welcome now (despite liking Northerlies), although a few days of cooler and perhaps unsettled weather wouldn’t hurt. Plants, especially the grass, begging for the wet stuff. So do feel like the Low Pressure systems could do with lobbing explosives towards the various UK rain shields and allow some wet weather to break through. I don’t think either that looking at the NOAA 8 to 14 day 500mb chart tonight their would probably be any major washout conditions. Though considering those large ECMWF rainfall totals someone posted above for South-Eastern UK, you couldn’t locally rule out some heavy areas of rain or showers in some places. Perhaps more so towards Eastern UK. However, as has been covered in the thread, It does look like a few more fine and bright days to come for the UK - High Pressure close to the North-East of the UK over Scandinavia pumping out some further settled weather. And still warm too. But the Easterly breeze may make it feel a little cooler along some Eastern coasts at times. Then a chance for High Pressure to go on a party in the Atlantic out West with a possibility of some cooler, more changeable, weather occurring.
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