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  1. Nope, not very secret at all was it? 😅 It’ll be interesting to see whether the warm to very warm conditions can be maintained throughout this month. It’s possible the second half of the month could see some kind of cool down, as what seems to be the case sometimes (although I get the sneaky feeling it’ll stay mostly warm to very warm)
  2. Aw no, my secret has been revealed 😂 You will be rewarded with some very nice weather for making that interesting discovery! Didn’t think anyone would ever figure it out 😲 Certainly is a really interesting sort of setup; that diagonal red line of hot temperatures cutting through the middle and it being cooler on either side. In fact, that chart was only made possible because of that line...
  3. Secretly hoping for a much drier month, but with some storms at times, so will go for 14.5*C and 50mm of rain, please. Cheers
  4. Of the 00Z runs, the ECMWF continues to show a build of heights and High Pressure over us from next weekend onwards (168+ hours): Ideally, the High could still do being a bit further East (room for that to happen). Is still a welcome change. North-Western and Western areas would likely see the best of the sunniest spells in general. Do hope the ECMWF is on to something, though, because, weather-wise, am getting bored of this November
  5. Ah yeah, that’s true (at least from looking back at the conversation we had in the May CET thread). I hope so, but it would be typical if any storms later tomorrow pass by just to the East of London, or up along the North Sea😅
  6. Could do with a boot further North, but a chance there I guess for some storm shields in the South and South-East to get broken down
  7. What a lovely lovely November’s day... 🌧 Need you back, May, lol
  8. Gosh, Winter 2021/22 has sure started early for some of you guys 😏
  9. A recent little hailstorm (on and off intensity), leaving a little covering. Odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder at the start too. Caught me out by surprise (Stills from a video, so quality won’t be best)
  10. Had a heavy wet hail shower a few miles to the East of Solihull, which passed through here around 2pm. May have even been the odd isolated sleety blob or two mixed in with the hail at some point as it reached it’s heaviest.
  11. I think that is definitely a real possibility. Think it was either May 2018 and/or May 2019 that had a bit of a thundery end (from what I remember)
  12. It’s like Winter just doesn’t want to let go lol (although it has been quite pleasant here the last few or so days. I imagine this cool(ish) pattern has to break at some point). A nice chart above for that season, although if that Northerly had any chance of ever verifying, some Northern and North-Eastern UK snow shields could be put at risk with blizzards possible over high ground.
  13. Will go for 12.5*C please and 70mm rain. Like one or two others, feel as though it could start cool, but becoming very warm as the month progresses with some monster bangers on the loose and torrential downpours ⚡️Good drier periods at times too
  14. Well done some of you with the snow. Looks like the snow shield here stayed a bit too strong
  15. Yep, was confirmed by my Mum that it had snowed a bit. Little bit gutted really to miss it, but not the end of the world. Had a few odd light to moderate graupel/snow showers throughout the day, similar to others on here. Last shower that had gone through produced a bit of actual back edge wet snowflakes. Which was nice to see, even though that part of the shower lasted for about a minute lol Tomorrow morning maybe the last hurrah for something wintry before next Winter? Unless I guess another potent Arctic blast steals the show later into the month 😅 To be honest, asides from tomor
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