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  1. Been outside with light on and there’s quite a lot of small flakes falling now. More than there has been earlier on.
  2. You and DIS1970 can borrow mine. Just remember to return it afterwards though! 🔑
  3. Light snow flurry here, but same as fizz with it being mostly grainy! Hopefully some heavier showers will produce more in the way of proper, bigger, snowflakes ❄️
  4. So it is! 😂 Wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing happened with future Scottish threads lol
  5. The padlock has been put on! New thread for ya here:
  6. Greetings fellow Scotlanders Another fresh, sparkly thread for you to continue your discussions of the weather in this elegant land! The other thread became very big! With another Beast bursting out of the cage from the East, it looks like the white stuff could return for some of you. ⛄️❄️ As I often say, please be good and no throwing any missiles anywhere should the weather not do what you want. Thank you! 😏 PS - Also included a copy of MoreSnow’s post in here due to him being the first morning poster on the previous thread and to also help keep the chat going. He hee 😇 Double PS - Previous thread:
  7. Greetings all! Will be getting the padlock out ready to lock this shortly - considering how big this thread is getting, a new one is in order! Plus, there is another Beast looking to crawl into the UK 🤔
  8. Plus, the Met Office forecast for both the West and East Midlands sounds fascinating. ❄️
  9. In some ways agree with Nick regarding the possible inaccuracy of convection forecasts. The models had this problem of forecasting convective activity with the Easterly we had at the beginning of the month where some seemed to under-estimate how widespread convective snow showers would be. A few of them had a fair chunk of the West Midlands dry, and yet pretty much the whole region saw snow showers (with maybe just the odd spot missing out)
  10. Amusing how this has suddenly become the footy thread! ⚽️
  11. What the?... 😂 Haven’t looked at the Models in the last few days as I admit, for my preferences, they didn’t seem to be showing anything that exciting. Only to then come back and find many of them are showing a potent Easterly with -10/11/12/13*C 850 hPa temperatures covering parts of the U.K. for the weekend! 😳 Now I know the models have been showing some continued blocking to our North or North-East and a Southerly tracking Jet, but still wasn’t expecting to see that! With that possibility still some days away, things could still change for the worst regarding this weekend’s snowy possibilities (the exact angle and placement of that Scandinavian High, for example, could affect where the cold deepest air heads to). However, it’s amazing what happens when you take a break from the models!
  12. Let’s hope the dude will be back next Winter! 🦁
  13. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to peoples’ snowmen! 😪 They seem to have such short lives!
  14. Good point! It’s an interesting season I agree, except for the shorter days lol (but it’s fine towards Christmas), and also those days where it’s chilly and wet, but not quite cold enough to snow lol! 🙂
  15. Hey there Midlanders! Please continue your discussions of the weather here in the Midlands. It’s been a fun week overall. Most of us seeing heaps of snow, and even blizzards with gale force winds. Snow pretty much falling everyday here from Monday till Saturday! What’s been impressive is the depth of the cold with the -15*C 850 hPa temperatures greeting us and seeing snow that is of the dry and powdery kind! What a roller coaster it’s been as well - the suspense and tension of seeing those snow bands trying to hold their power as they head to the North Midlands and instances where a heavy snow shower might have missed an area by a mile or two to the North, South, West, or East! With a thaw now evident, looks like it is farewell for the snow for most (though always that possibility of snow paying more visits further down the line). But it’s been great and have enjoyed reading all the reports and chats! As usual, please be on your best behaviour in here and watch what you do with your toys! Cheers 😉 Previous thread: