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  1. Great thread - this was an interesting read. Thank you! Certainly a lot of passion and thought injected into your findings and reasons!
  2. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just recently had a bit of sleet mixed in with the rain as it got heavy. Wasn’t really expected that!
  3. It looks like next week things will start to dry out as models show the Azores High Pressure system stamping its foot over and to the East of the U.K scaring away the fiendish Atlantic Lows. (The exact positioning of the High is a bit uncertain and some North-Western areas could still get rampaged by some soggier weather at times). But it looks like a more settled and brighter spell, especially for South-Eastern UK, will develop. Which am admittedly looking forward to. As what’s been the case this Winter, the models are starting to throw out some garden path charts for those who love the cold and snow. It is possible that the likely mid-latitude block next week could get lifted further North with High-Latitude-Blocking occurring with some colder and perhaps snowier weather breaking out. May just be a false alarm again. Wouldn’t get too sucked into some of the dreamy stuff the models are unleashing apon us (particularly if support for this evolution doesn’t grow). Since, however, it is the time of year where the Atlantic is likely to become somewhat more sleepy, there could be a better chance of something like this coming off. While March can deliver some very cold and snowy conditions still, feel this may be the last shot this Winter of seeing some possible freezing and snowy conditions along with blocking to our North.
  4. Must admit, for those who like the cold and snow, the operational models are like something out of a scary movie this morning. I suppose, at best, a few odd cooler Polar Maritime flows following behind the Tropical Maritime South-Westerly flows looks possible at times. Hopefully February will still be a month that delivers! Even if it means waiting a little. And that nothing goes wrong.
  5. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I know the feeling, man! 😔 Days like today are definitely the worst when their’s all that snow on radar, but it all dodges you! This month may still deliver. Even March could. But to be honest, really can’t wait for Spring now!
  6. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Really do hope so!
  7. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Been disappointing, but was probably expected. Same with some others, doesn’t look like anything fell here last night! 😟 Can only hope for those that haven’t seen even a flake, that some snow showers will come and smash our snow shields.
  8. Noticed on the 00Z GFS that the Scandinavian High and the Atlantic trough are back for another fight later next week. For once, it would be nice to see the Scandinavian High win the battle! Also without the Azores High causing any funny business. (Should this sort of scenario develop next week anyway). Having said that, congratulations to those in the South who got some white stuff today.
  9. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Didn’t realise Dominos Pizza did this! Expensive. But very very tempting... Our troubles would be over! 🤩
  10. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Should have told my mum it’s not going to snow in the Mildands, then we could be guaranteed a big dumping! 🥳
  11. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yep, can confirm a few wet snowflakes mixed in the rain in Solihull. 🙂 Should be on Cyclonic Happiness’s way very soon!
  12. DiagonalRedLine

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Personally hope it turns to snow here before dark. Just find daytime falling snow more exciting than nighttime falling snow.
  13. Probably just end up with a solution between what the latest ICON shows and the models that have it the furthest North. Could say a half-way house really. Think you’re prediction of Wales and the Midlands (especially West Midlands), being the most affected will probably be close to the mark.
  14. It’s okay! 🙂
  15. Have a habit of going a bit too far sometimes lol 🙈 Apparently there’s a lot of chat on here that a lot of places in the U.K could see something white - snow I believe. 🤔 Especially tomorrow and Thursday - the latter looking to be the big, juicy, one! Just hope for us and the rest of the cold and snow fans in here we’ll all get some of the white stuff we’ve been longing all Winter. This week certainly has the chance to deliver some great wintry events for places with models showing some sliding Lows over Southern UK ❄️ Only thing is while it would be great for everyone to get some white stuff, just got to hope the Lows won’t go too far North or too far South. Wouldn’t want anyone South of the M4 to be getting the wet stuff! 😛