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  1. There’s a familiar looking thing up in the sky this morning - the cloud! But fairly warm with the temperature nearing 18*C.
  2. Thanks to whoever hacked the ECMWF, GFS etc to produce these such fine outputs. I know to be fair, the outlook in the previous model runs always looked generally High Pressure dominated, but must admit they’re looking particularly good today. The possibility of the High Pressure drifting to the East allowing some very warm air to get sucked up from the South at times.
  3. DiagonalRedLine

    World Cup 2018

    I think England did alright overall, (but I agree they were unfairly treated). In the second half, for example, Tunisia generally struggled to get the ball over to our side of the pitch. And also, if it wasn’t for that penalty, it could have have been 2-0. Either way, England still won. I mean yes, the England players could do with being more confident with passing the ball as the progression was uncomfortably slow at times, what with the fact Tunisia’s defence felt like one large impenetrable wall covered in thorns guarded by a swarm of fire-breathing dragons!
  4. DiagonalRedLine

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    It’s been a reasonable Summer so far. Not too much in the way of rain (bar those thundery downpours some places in the Midlands had), despite the Atlantic having been quite influential recently. Though, to be fair, the worst of the unsettled whether always looked more likely in the North-West. There is a chance of some showers and/or longer spells of rain later tomorrow and into Wednesday for places, as a disturbance creeps in from the West, especially for Northern areas. Today, however, had been mostly bright and sunny here, but cloud became more invasive later on in the day (still cloudy at the moment with stratus-like cloud) Certainly nice to see High Pressure coming in for revenge later on in the week stamping-out the Atlantic. Overall, High Pressure seems to have had greater power over the Atlantic in the last few weeks or so. And is possible the same could happen again. The difference is the Azores High doesn’t look like it will get as far North as it did last time with a U.K/Southern U.K based high seeming more likely.
  5. DiagonalRedLine

    World Cup 2018

    Must say that was a miraculous win by England in that second half. Well done to the team! Funny how the Tunisian goal keeper just sorta stood their as Kane headed that ball into the net! ️
  6. Would love it if it didn’t even come back next April!
  7. Ar I know how you feel, and is totally understandable to be honest. I get obsessed with both thunderstorms and snow and become secretly very disappointed when the snow or thunder doesn’t happen lol!
  8. Yeah, think the Met Office predicted rain last night with a chance it could have been thundery. However, just dull and drizzly here. Low quality weather (although I guess the plants did need some rain). Temperature of 13.5*C, so fairly cool.
  9. Even though not feeling super confident for this area (Edit: looking at Arnie Pie’s post above, may have spoken too soon) surprises can happen and besides, the Met Office does suggest the possibility of severe thunderstorms for places such as the South West and the West Midlands. I suppose even then, some places in the above regions probably won’t see that much at all due to the hit and miss nature of thunderstorms. To be fair, some places have at least seen some heavy downpours and thundery showers so far today. It would be nice if something severe does occur (not because of the floods that weather like this can cause, but for the fact that thunderstorms are admittedly fun to watch).
  10. Was kinda surprised how far North some of these storms got/developed through the night. Nice to see quite a number of storm fans out of the No Storms Club (but obviously frustrating if you’ve been missing out on the action as I know how annoying that can be). Done well in the Solihull, Hampton-In-Arden and Coventry area with a rather big thunderstorm around 2am this morning with lots of thunder - some boomy and some crackly - with plenty of lightning. And then some further, albeit tiny, thunderstorms in the last few hours. Not sure if they will be anymore to come, but have to wait and see I guess. Though the sky still looks unstable.
  11. Frequent thunder and lightning in Solihull now. Didn’t think we’d getting anything this far North early this morning! ️⛈
  12. London must have done something to upset the weather!
  13. The Channel, along with the increasing instability over Southern U.K., is really getting the gears of the thunderstorms turning in some places. (Especially the ones over the London area)! ️
  14. Definitely brightening up a bit in Dullihull now. 🌥 Hopefully the brighter weather will spread further West and North for those of you under the thick murky cloud still.