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  1. Chilly Mornings & sunny days, could get used to this!

  2. 1995 done now onto 1996!

  3. 1995 done now onto 1996!

  4. Shorts and t-shirt = freezing on way to work but comfortable afternoon. Trousers & jumper = fine morning but hot legs in the afternoon. Decisions, decisions...

  5. It has actually been pretty horrible here today. Overcast with on and off drizzle and mild temperatures.

  6. what ever next David Silva's sock tape is the wrong colour!

  7. Don't know if anyone else saw it last night but one of the athletes give the middle finger during the closing ceremony

  8. Looks very dark over the Olympic park from the beebs studio

  9. John Kettley talks about a waterspout near Chivenor. 6th September 1994.

  10. They were the days! Heat builds up, cold front moves in, it goes bang, fresher air follows. 27th June 1994.

  11. Not just stormless, but weatherless here in Bristol, unless you include the nice Sunset right now!

  12. Can people stopping posting the football scores in this section please? Iam 7 hours behind here in Canada and dont get to watch the games until i get home in the evening which is 2 am your time...esp when England are playing...Thanks!

  13. Well I have put all the forecasts I have from 1993 onto youtube now. Onto 1994!

  14. Oh soccer aid is quite entertaining and for a good cause, only downside is robbie williams.

  15. Thunderstrom lovers will hoping for this soon

  16. temperatures could hit 18c in the south according to the beeb tomorrow been a while since those sort of temps were recorded

  17. Forecasts saying it's going to get colder at the weekend, with 12c max and sunny spells Sat/Sun after a dull day at 9c max today I beg to differ!

  18. Anyone remember the Littlest Hobo's theme tune?

  19. Playing back the radar images it looks like a mini tropical storm swirled into Devon then looped round to the west!

  20. Don't forget to put your clocks forward an hour tonight... and while you are at it check your smoke alarm !

  21. Why is it sooo hazy? looks like a thin veil of smoke over everything.. can barely make out the hill under 2 miles away.

  22. At what dewpoint does the air become too dry for a frost, even under temperatures below 0C?

  23. You know its been a mild winter when you see daffs starting to pop up at this rate they'll be in flower before winter is out

  24. Started putting my videotaped forecasts onto dvd now. Weird seeing a young Rob McElwee doing a forecast on the late February 1993 northerly

  25. Whaaat? we've just had a spell of moderate soaking rain (quite fine dropped) giving over 4mm and there's nothing on the radar!

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