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  1. Jeez this weather is ridiculous. I don't think I can recall a winter as bad as this one so far! Very unusual situation.

  2. R.I.P Roger Lloyd-Pack AKA Trigger from Only Fools and Horses

  3. Today >>> Yesterday

  4. 0.2c, so close to the first air frost of the season!

  5. Just had a few occassional distant rumbles of thunder here about 30 minutes ago!

  6. 48mph sustained gusting 75mph well inland at Yeovilton, Somerset. Perhaps the warnings/forecasts weren't quite as wrong as some thought?

  7. I didn't need my ark afterall, i should've got the lilo out. :D

  8. Three consecutive overcast days here in Dorset with a full drizzly day on Saturday. I'd rather it would be lashing down with rain!

  9. So much cloud about these past 2 days, but it feels muggy and warm

  10. My local Sainsburys superstore has its christmas range out already, chocolates, biscuites, booze ect late October would be more than soon enough to start

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Summer Sun, your local Sainsburys is nearly 2 weeks behind my towns' Morrisons! And a Christmas ad on the local radio started last week for a restaurant, not what I wanted to hear on a hot Sept 2nd!!

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  11. Gonna dom something I've not done in a long time - take a fleece out with me. Now to be careful not to leave it in a pub as not used to carrying the ruddy thing around!

  12. No direct storms yet. But I have been hearing some very faint distant rumbles.

  13. Does anyone else have issues with the latest Internet Explorer being really glitchy? Especially when it comes to flash?

  14. Please, please hurry up and announce the baby's name!

  15. What a lovely sea breeze from the east. The most pleasant of summer days :)

  16. Rare for frontal rain to begin while it's still warm, hazily sunny and with no lower level cloud in sight.

  17. I think Spain may just scrap a win tonight............

  18. Summer Solstice tonight :-)

  19. hmmm weather you are so nice today - could we have this next Sat please?!

  20. First 13 days of June last year saw 101mm of rain here, in contrast to 23mm. We're on to a winner!

  21. Nice loop on the rainfall radar with the low in the south!

  22. Absolute first class weather day here- ample sunshine, light winds and warmest day of the year so far. Had a nice lunchtime pint in the sun - does it get any better than this?! (actually yes, just knock those temps up 5c to achieve perfection!).

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      We will do extremely well to get a better day than this in the next 4 or so months!

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  23. From the met office At present levels of UV are higher than normal for this time of the year. Measured levels have fallen into the High (index levels 6-7) rather than Moderate category (index levels 3-5) which we would typically expect in late April. The public are therefore advised to note the higher level of risk than is indicated in our current forecasts and to minimise their sun exposure particularly between 11am and 3pm when the sun is likely to be at its strongest.

  24. 11.3c, dull with light sporadic rain. Not the best "warm, summery" spell of weather I've had. :(

  25. Is it wrong to find whats happing on Fox News in Boston interesting? :S

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