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  1. Dear Paul and the NW team,

    Please could the members on each thread list be returned to the forum. It is a real help in seeing not only who is in a thread, but who is posting at any given time. This helps decide whether I stay in a thread or not.

    IMO we may as well all log in as invisible.

    Thank you in anticipation, ANDY

  2. Week 18

    Mon 26 Dec

    Aston Villa 1-1 Everton,

    Charlton 1-2 Arsenal,

    Chelsea 2-1 Fulham,

    Liverpool 2-2 Newcastle

    Man Utd 3-0 West Brom

    Middlesbrough 1-1 Blackburn

    Portsmouth 1-2 West Ham

    Sunderland 0-2 Bolton

    Tottenham 3-0 Birmingham,

    Wigan 2-2 Man City

    Week 19

    Wednesday, 28 December 2005

    Arsenal 3-0 Portsmouth

    Birmingham 0-2 Man Utd

    Blackburn 1-0 Sunderland,

    Bolton 3-3 Middlesbrough,

    Everton 1-3 Liverpool,

    Fulham 2-0 Aston Villa

    Man City 2-2 Chelsea

    Newcastle 2-1 Charlton

    West Brom 1-2 Tottenham

    West Ham 3-3 Wigan

    Week 20

    Sat 31 Dec

    Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal,

    Charlton 1-1 West Ham,

    Chelsea 5-0 Birmingham,

    Liverpool 3-1 West Brom

    Man Utd 3-2 Bolton

    Middlesbrough 1-2 Man City

    Portsmouth 0-1 Fulham

    Sunderland 1-1 Everton

    Tottenham 2-2 Newcastle,

    Wigan 2-2 Blackburn

    Week 21 (New Year mayhem :D )

    Mon 02 Jan 2006

    Birmingham 1-6 Wigan

    Blackburn 4-4 Portsmouth,

    Bolton 5-5 Liverpool

    Everton 4-5 Charlton

    Fulham 6-2 Sunderland

    Newcastle 5-3 Middlesbrough

    West Brom 2-5 Aston Villa,

    West Ham 6-7 Chelsea,

    Tue 03 Jan 2006

    Arsenal 2-2 Man Utd,

    Wed 04 Jan 2006

    Man City 2-2 Tottenham,

  3. 1993 was the year that I overcame my fear of storms. It was in the summer holidays so probably August. In the afternoon I was at home alone during a storm (nothing bad), but in the evening I walked home from a friends' house at about 21.00 with steaming heat and a huge CB encroaching from roughly the SW. I remember it towering towards Westbury and me walking quicker as thunder became louder. I saw a few flashes as I neared home but what happened next I'll never forget. I got home and went up to my bedroom, just as I looked out of my window a huge bolt struck in the field behind my house :wallbash: . From then on I have been hooked instead of scared :unsure: !!

  4. The 13th of June record maxima for that date is 28.3C set in 1948 and equaled in 1994.

    It is the only date during a summer month that hasn't recorded an official maximum of 30+C yet.


    That's amazing !

    My June 13th maxxes in the 3 years of recording have been 24c, 26c, 17c.

  5. Hi MCS :) .

    The storms and extreme weather section is where people discuss what is happening on any given day's storms/thundery showers etc.

    The storm reports thread is seperate so that only actual reports should be posted there. Paul Sherman is collating these reports into a storm league table, they are also going to be archived for future reference.

    If you post a storm report in the storms and extreme weather thread it will not be collated, so make sure you post it in the respective day's report thread too.

    Hope this makes sense :) .

  6. I am trying to update my avatar using a pic from my own collection.

    I have reduced the chosen pic in size to less than 90 pixels wide and in length but when I press update avatar it comes up with the main Avatar Updating page again with my current one still there. That also happned when I had chosen to delete the current one, it reappeared when I tried to update to the new one :rolleyes: .

    Help please, thank you http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

    EDIT: sorted on it's own!!

  7. But Edgbaston's first test wasn't until 1961 (I think).


    That's 2 days in 44 years then - not bad LOL.

    Taunton is far too small for a test match, but I'm very surprised that England haven't played a one dayer there. The highest one day aggregate score came at Taunton between India v Sri Lanka in the 1999 world cup!

    Speaking of Lumley castle, did people see when Goughie took the mick out of the Aussie guy Watson about being spooked :unsure: !!

  8. Seeing as the BBC have decided to leave pollen counts off their forecasts (the ones I've seen anyway) and also change their online facility to NOT INCLUDE NUMBERS :D I wonder does N-W have pollen counts available?

    If not would it be considered? What I'm thinking is a scale like the BBC used to use from 1-10 (low - very high) which helps people like me whose symptoms start at 7/10.

    Cheers :)

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