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  1. That rain around midday was certainly strange, both in how it developed and in the lack of echoes on the radar.

    Nothing showed over my exact postcode on the Net Weather radar for 12.00, 12.05 or 12.10 yet it rained for over 10 minutes half of which was heavy.

    From the radar returns that did show it looks like a small trough or convergence zone developed/moved through.

    To balance my frustration from midday, the sky cleared straight after the rain and it was a lovely afternoon. 

  2. 2 hours ago, MP-R said:

    Sadly most of what comes from the tropics is tosh Andy! 

    Im looking forward to the clearance and the sudden chill to the air.

    Sometimes though Mike the fronts can be far enough West and the wind Southerly enough to clear the sky and allow a few hours of warm sun. Sadly not today!

    That clearance should be perfectly timed for the carnival evening here in Warminster.

  3. Two consecutive dry days for the first time since 20th/21st September!

    11.4c maximum, the coolest day since 14th April.

    Looking ahead through this week yes it’s certain to be drier, but lo and behold for the first school holiday outdoor work day on Thursday there is a dual frontal risk - warm front from the SE and cold front from the west. Surely it can’t happen to me for the 5th time this year!

  4. 2 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Haringey Borough have walked off the pitch during their FA Cup match against Yeovil Town after their goalkeeper suffered racial from a section of the Yeovil Town supporters

    I think it should be noted here that Yeovil’s management and players agreed to walk off too in unison with Haringey.

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