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  1. Beautiful pattern frost on cars for the second time today, stunning full moon and a shooting star 5 minutes ago!
  2. Utterly hilarious! Every forecast and app has a dry day for this region yet here we are just after 11am and it is pouring down! Plus there have been plenty of showers around all morning!
  3. Hailstones within a heavy downpour, been a decent bright and breezy day until now.
  4. Absolutely stunning crescent moon in the Western sky right now, a beautiful end to a lovely day and the temperature is dropping quickly too.
  5. 13.3c max today . Quite an interesting radar this evening, scattered downpours popping up and heading NNE very similar to the hot evening of Tuesday 22nd July.
  6. Highest temperature since the 1st, 12.2c and feeling lovely in the sunshine after an hour of heavy rain earlier. Shame my garden is now completely shaded until late January.
  7. A double figure temperature for the first time in 19 days. Gloomy almost all day except for an hour late morning which had hazy sunshine.
  8. I don’t know about anyone else but this season is feeling very different. It’s only 21st November and I haven’t recorded double figures for 16 days.
  9. Before the rain returns tomorrow afternoon it needs to be noted that there have been 5 dry days in a row here!
  10. I just saw that on the radar, was anything forecast for today? I didn’t think so, shows what a dire Autumn we are having that rain shows up on ‘dry’ days!
  11. Likely to be the coldest night so far this Autumn, 0.6c and clear/frosty at the moment. This after a glorious day with almost maximum sunshine.
  12. Wonder where Jethro and Mullender are, it must be fun up the Mendips this morning! Precipitation arcing a few miles North of Warminster so dawning cloudy and chilly.
  13. Talk about chalk and cheese weekends. Yesterday's 3rd consecutive washout Saturday followed by (barring the midday showers last week) today being the 3rd consecutive sunny Sunday! Washing dry on an airer on the patio in 2 hours. By this time next week though the sun won't even shine there.
  14. And here it comes to set up yet another Saturday soaker! Just on the leading edge at the moment.
  15. Last night was the coldest for 7 months, scraping an air frost at -0.1c . The weak front passed over between 08.00-09.00 giving drizzle while the low sun still shone and a pretty rainbow occurred. Edit ; wintry risk at breakfast time!?
  16. Proper stair rod rain in the last hour. Going to be some flooding issues locally tonight with at least an hour more of it to come.
  17. Anvils have been visible to the South of Warminster pretty much all day. A few have moved overhead giving sharp showers as they continue to decay.
  18. That rain around midday was certainly strange, both in how it developed and in the lack of echoes on the radar. Nothing showed over my exact postcode on the Net Weather radar for 12.00, 12.05 or 12.10 yet it rained for over 10 minutes half of which was heavy. From the radar returns that did show it looks like a small trough or convergence zone developed/moved through. To balance my frustration from midday, the sky cleared straight after the rain and it was a lovely afternoon.
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