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  1. Funny you should say that Lyn. While it was absolutely pelting down earlier I commented to my wife that I expect we’ll double the monthly total this evening. I will have a check on it bit later.
  2. I was thinking the same while cutting back some shrubs in the sun this afternoon. Speaking of sun, you must have recorded a lot this month?
  3. A touch of frost on the cars this morning for the first time since mid May but it’s set to be a stunning day!
  4. Plenty of sunshine today, just a few brief showers after 8mm overnight. September now at 19mm, the other 11mm came in about an hour on the afternoon of Sunday 6th. Edit ; it was the coolest day since 11th May.
  5. Some beautiful days lately and a 50/50 changeover day yesterday. First school run that hasn’t been a dry certainty and yep rain looks due to start at spot on 8.30!!!
  6. I’m not quite sure when the predicted change is forecast to take place!!!!!!!!!
  7. We seem to have had a number of days like today this year. Hot air in place, sunny until early afternoon, maximum temperature in early afternoon so potential max not realised, mid level cloud arrives from the South by 15.00 which then brings sharp showers late afternoon/early evening.
  8. Absolutely wonderful few days of unbroken sunshine. Today was the warmest day since 12th August’s heat.
  9. I wish the sky was like that here. At least you have hints of brightness. It’s very dull and has been (unforecast, unmodelled) drizzling for the last 20 minutes!
  10. Another warm front with rain diving further SE and earlier than modelled & forecasted!
  11. I certainly didn’t anticipate over half an inch of rain today! 14mm in little over an hour after 16.00!
  12. Looks like a 5th consecutive dry day is not going to happen. The warm front rain seems to be diving SE earlier than modelled yesterday.
  13. Such a contrasting month with the run of maxes in recent days being lower than the run of minimums earlier in the month. 3 dry days in a row though!
  14. Nothing interesting overhead here, a few heavy showers and there were some stunning clouds while we heard regular thunder to the W and SW earlier.
  15. Well what a thoroughly odd day! Glorious sunshine then cloudy this morning, heavy rain then thunderstorms this afternoon, a rapid clearance with low cloud racing out of the storm, sunny for a few hours then dull and misty until 19.00 since when there’s been bright sun and now clear sky again! Also and not least it’s been the coolest August day since I began recording temperatures in 2005, just 14.7c maximum!
  16. Fantastic clearance with anvils moving slowly to the East and now warm sunshine ! Scudding low fractal stratocumulus racing East to West out of the storm into the clear sky and the very edge of the anvil is overhead and it’s still drizzling.
  17. This is fun! Several bright flashes witnessed from the open back door with my boy!
  18. Couldn’t make it up, mid afternoon on 27th August it’s only 14.1c yet there’s thundery weather. Have heard several long rumbles but not seen any lightning. Edit, I have now!
  19. The showers have been intensifying quickly and dying just as quickly since about 15.00 . Sometimes 5 minute updates aren’t enough! Maybe the speed of movement is confusing the radar too.
  20. So which idiot ordered this line of rain today then? Not even sunshine and showers more a streamer that has kept changing direction for hours on end but decides to turn up here at the worst possible time!
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