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  1. Pretty good early morning squall line around 06.30-06.40 including a temperature drop from 15.9c to 10.2c!
  2. We have made the most of the bone dry lawn with all manner of games played in the warm sunshine this afternoon. Roll on it becoming a bog again!!!!!!!
  3. Lovely balmy evening for the outdoor cinema at Longleat, still above 17c after 22.00! @offerman if you have seen strange lights last night, this evening and the next few evenings they have laser beams rotating around.
  4. Another amazing difference across our region! Warmest day of the week in Warminster at 21.9c max right now with 75% clear sky and some Stratocumulus.
  5. Two days in a row which have dawned crystal clear then gone dull, fog yesterday and low cloud today. Ultimately the cloud produced an hour of drizzle/light rain followed by a sunny mid afternoon onwards.
  6. The Met Office app is hilarious. For the last 3 days it’s shown mist for first thing this morning. Yesterday evening it changed to fog for this morning. This morning comes complete with mist and now fog. The app has been showing clear sky, says it’s currently clear sky and then sunny from 8.
  7. Unexpectedly brilliant summery day. Early fog then long warm sunny periods with some excellent convection this afternoon.
  8. Because they and indeed nobody has any idea where the front will be. Until 3 days ago a cold front was expected to cross the whole country today. It’s still barely into the far West.
  9. Beautiful day and evening, tomorrow now looks grand too and maybe even Saturday for the most part.
  10. So a front that until a few days ago looked set to move right across the country tomorrow is barely going to get in at all before decaying then possibly reinvigorating Saturday night. A sign for the season(s) ahead? And so much focus right now is on the arrival of Autumn proper at the end of next week. Can’t look beyond T96 really can we!
  11. I thought today would top up our water butts but 2mm has barely touched the sides! A mere sprinkling for the thirsty sunflowers and tomatoes! Warminster and Westbury in a much drier gap compared to all around in the last 24 hours!
  12. Enjoy! Some torrential downpours in this part of the region (not overhead yet but expecting it by school walk time!) and very misty too.
  13. A lovely dry weekend with plenty of (sometimes hazy) sunshine and temperatures nudging above 20c both days. Would love it to stay like this for as long as possible.
  14. Rapid development in the Swindon area on the SW flank of the rain band. Wonder if the cells will electrify as they move quickly North.
  15. Quick development off the South Devon coast. Shows the possibilities that lie ahead today.
  16. Lord alive it’s a proper summer evening! Hazy sunshine, decaying TCu towers, 23c+ after 19.00 and we’re sat outside at this time for the first time in X number of weeks!
  17. A whole August worth of flying ants are clearly enjoying their warm freedom!
  18. About 50/50 blue sky/cloud since around midday. Temperature has responded nicely, just above 20c for the first time since last Saturday!
  19. Whoop, we just had the sunniest hour since breakfast time on Sunday! Temperature leapt up to 17.7c lol.
  20. Probably. I didn’t really post much about how poor it was here as to be honest I needed dry and got as dry as could be hoped. Plus we got genuinely lucky with our week near Poole the 7th-14th.
  21. A few simple stats for August’s woe. Absolute max 22.3c 17 of 31 days DID NOT REACH 20c IN AUGUST!! In the South of England!
  22. If that came off during the first full week of school in September it would be hilarious seeing as the last full week of school in July had the same while in between has been, err, indifferent!
  23. Just think, had this set up been in January-March there would have been snow grains/flurries to keep it interesting. Actually, hang on, the 850s would probably be too high and it would still have been drizzle!
  24. It trolled my area to perfection! Rolled in just after 7am before the sun rose over the nearby hills then rolled away at 19.45!
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