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  1. I think it should be noted here that Yeovil’s management and players agreed to walk off too in unison with Haringey.
  2. Can’t get photos to upload, some great anvils towards coastal directions this morning.
  3. Showers today seem to have taken an almost identical track right from before dawn and continuing now. Some really heavy downpours across Dorset towards the Salisbury area. Here in Warminster we’ve had light to moderate rain from the anvil / outflow clouds on 5 occasions now. Only once has a downpour come right over which was between 14.30-15.00 .
  4. Do you know what makes those racists even sadder, there are 2 black players in their own team and the home captain had to go and plead with them to stop! I have the utmost respect for those 2.
  5. I’ve just done some random statto research and came up with this. Tomorrow will be the 7th wet (whether drizzle, showers or heavy rain) Monday afternoon in a row, having counted back in my recordings book there were that many wet Monday afternoons in the previous 18 months (March 2018-August 2019).
  6. 23mm here overnight into mid morning in addition to 21mm Friday into yesterday.
  7. Completely calm here and the front has edged away enough to allow some brightness, 13.2c .
  8. It dropped here too then picked up again. Made me wonder if the front moved through then back again.
  9. Well that was the morning that was! Not so much a Bristol Channel streamer as a large area of heavy rain moved slowly over Westbury. Such was the direction of cloud movement and low sun angle that it was never dull with the sun shining quite a lot and I saw 6 rainbows between 08.00 to 10.00!
  10. A lot of sunshine today and 2 heavy showers this afternoon. Tonight into tomorrow looks a perfect recipe for a Bristol Channel streamer. I would rather it not funnel itself over the Mendips then Westbury in the morning.
  11. We’ve been to Sidmouth today. Very unexpected brief heavy showers around the middle of the day, otherwise sunny and windy. Got home to find washing had presumably been ripped off the line by the wind.
  12. Amazing how different it can be at short distance apart. We had some brief sunshine this morning in between heavy showers from a Bristol Channel streamer and persistent heavy rain/drizzle since around 11.00 .
  13. I totally agree Mike. A rare clean convective day. By my reckoning the CB to my north is either north of Swindon or even near Cheltenham according to the radar! The rain near Warminster is from a very large anvil that has been overhead for more than an hour!
  14. Is anyone under that streamer running SE through Devon? It started just after 17.00 and is still going very strong.
  15. A drastic improvement in the last hour! From frequent heavy showers to increasingly sunny/windy. The wind has switched to the WNW and temperature fallen from above 17c to 15c despite mid afternoon sunshine.
  16. Hilarious ; Thursday had forecasts of hardly any showers and we had downpours. Yesterday had forecasts of frequent showers and we had 2. Today was forecast to be dry until the evening and there are heavy showers forming quickly and heading this way!!
  17. Love those rainbows! A really alternating day here, long and warm sunny periods to really heavy downpours and back again.
  18. Absolutely no forecast or app said ongoing showers. They are all wrong now, have been all morning and are likely to continue to be all afternoon! Several streamers off the Bristol Channel making it a really bad day.
  19. Any guesses as to where the ridge of high pressure is? Terrible morning again with frequent heavy showers and drizzle in between!
  20. The pupils at my wife’s school enjoyed it! That’s remarkable when you consider how dry the month has been until the last few days. 34mm here from early afternoon yesterday until 10.00 today.
  21. A friend has reported thunder and lightning near Devizes earlier. I was woken by something of a monsoon around 04.00 and it’s still pouring now. I will not be checking my gauge until I can be bothered to venture out!
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