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  1. Wow! Tumbleweed! 24 hours on and as predicted more invizdriz, however the sun did put in a few brief appearances yesterday.
  2. I’m with Mapantz in this, last week although so wet at times had plenty of sunshine too. I got washing dried in a few hours twice whereas this week it hasn’t dried at all. Monday started glorious but ended up with persistent light rain and hazy sun. Tuesday and yesterday were overcast all day with invizdriz at times. Today actually started quite clear but since 07.00 dullness and invizdriz have returned. So far as I can tell tomorrow will be similar so roll on the cold front to hopefully clear things up during Saturday!
  3. Thankfully we’re now at the time of year when a clearance after 16.00 means several hours of sunshine. Very pleasant now after an overcast day until half an hour ago.
  4. How have we gone from this to this to this in just over an hour!? They maybe in the wrong order but you get the idea. Is there a stationary front developing in situ?
  5. So funny to read posts in the model thread bemoaning winter having been a failure. One remarkable day in this region means they’re wrong!
  6. The lack of wind is this evening and continuing now, it was gusting strongly all day.
  7. It hasn’t stopped drizzling/raining all day, every time I’ve checked the radar and thought a gap was coming it’s filled in. It’s quite fascinating to rewind the radar and watch what’s happened. A total of 4mm in 15 hours since first light when I emptied the gauge. Oh, nearly forgot, not a breath of wind which means it’s oddly quiet, for now.
  8. Extremely windy so far today, plenty of sunshine and, in the last hour, frequent hail showers to add further fun! Temperature is dropping too.
  9. Lol at Bee Tucker on her Points West forecast ; “it’s been a bit breezy today” . Just a bit!!!!!
  10. If that comes to fruition we do seem to be in a repeating pattern of unsettled/wet first halves of months and much more settled second halves.
  11. 24mm overnight and a further 6mm today. We haven’t even had a half hour long dry spell, drizzle and sharp/heavy showers keep forming to the SSW and move quickly overhead.
  12. Anyone getting anything wintry this evening? Net Weather radar showing snow on some high ground. Temperature has dropped quickly to 3.0c this evening after a recent downpour.
  13. I don’t think we’re in for a damaging amount of rain anywhere in the SW. Even today it’s racing through so not even half an inch in my location from the last 18 hours. Then it looks showery the next few days but plenty of sun/wind too. Look out for the cultured left foot of Torquay’s Jake Andrews, he’s from my home town Westbury and on loan from Bristol City.
  14. Warmest so far here too at 18.5c max. Wonder how long until we get that high again!
  15. Yesterday we reached 17.2c after 0.8c minimum. This morning it has snuck a point lower to 0.7c but I wonder if we can sneak a little higher later.
  16. But that’s the impressive nature of the diurnal contrast between 08.00 and 13.00-16.00 . Those people may have gone out that early. For instance we went out at about 08.00 in coats, hats and gloves etc then this afternoon we went out in shorts etc!
  17. Setting up for a large diurnal range today, frosty at 0.8c currently with clear sky so promise of a fully sunny day.
  18. Fantastic max of 16.2c! We had fog until mid morning then sunshine which turned hazy by 16.00 .
  19. Lol it took until 15.30 for the cloud to dissipate, just in time for a brief max of 12.9c and it’s now dropping despite ongoing sunshine!
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