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  1. Pretty much dry from now on, maybe a slight shower.
  2. That looks like a plane contrail. Stratocumulus, warm brightness, humid, calm, 19.7c, ants in the lounge and baby still inside the wife!
  3. It really is dry air, very much like being on the continent, no humidity to make it uncomfortable yet although that may change once the wind drops and cloud moves in by sunset. Thought it was going to touch 33c but it's begun to drop off again after hitting 32.9c lol . There have been some very notable gusts of wind too, probably 40mph a few times!
  4. 31.1c and a hairdryer like ESE wind blowing off Salisbury Plain.
  5. I really wasn't expecting the pea souper which I drove through from Warminster to Trowbridge before 07.00! However virtually cloudless sky and hot sunshine now, the highest temperature since July 1st last year, currently 29.1c .
  6. Highest temperature of the year at 26.0c maximum achieved early afternoon during the sunniest period of the day. Low cloud returned on and off thereafter and is serving to provide a warm/muggy late evening, 20.3c now.
  7. Well those charts wasn't even right 12 hours ago for now so at 5 days range take the biggest pinch of salt you can manage!!
  8. Is anybody else fed up of inaccurate forecasts so close to the day? Last Thursday evening had Friday as widespread heavy showers all morning then a fine pm, the day itself was bone dry and almost completely sunny over the whole region. Yesterday evening had a dry day today for all areas South of Bristol yet there is rain right down to the South coast! Right now it has turned vile here.
  9. A tropical style downpour shortly before 13.00 dropped the temperature to below 13c! That's quite an achievement in mid July! 6mm of rain in less than 10 minutes which took the July total to just 8.5mm so another dry spell ongoing.
  10. I can't remember which day it was perhaps around 4 weeks ago, but today is a carbon copy with a train of downpours on a convergence zone moving right through the Salisbury area while the South Coast is glorious as are areas to the North, like here, where it's been lovely with warm sunny periods since mid morning.
  11. Not a squall line, a convergence zone stretching all the way from East Anglia to Cornwall, very impressive.
  12. Rather cloudy and blowy at Swanage although the cloud did break around mid afternoon after a light shower. Fascinating sky to the N/E, I am thinking this was some kind of asperatus or undulatus??
  13. Thank you. We're going to Swanage for the day, the wife's choice for (probably) our last Saturday before our household becomes 3 people instead of 2!! Properly beautiful summer evening, one of the few that have been pleasant enough to sit out past the sunshine exiting the garden.
  14. Mapantz, how does the Poole/Swanage area do in warm sector conditions like we'll be in tomorrow? Does it generally brighten up after a damp/dull start?
  15. Much more summer feeling this morning with no wind and higher humidity. Sunny spells between all manner of cloud types, 17.8c and very pleasant in the garden.