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  1. Lol it took until 15.30 for the cloud to dissipate, just in time for a brief max of 12.9c and it’s now dropping despite ongoing sunshine!
  2. Andy Bown

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Record breaking ODI run chase by England yesterday. Tons for Roy and Root too.
  3. In between you two conditions and temperature wise with sunshine, low cloud and 11.6c!
  4. Well it happened. I parked up to start my outdoor work literally as it started raining for the first time in 9 days! Couldn’t have been more (im)perfectly timed! Thankfully the heaviest missed and it only lasted half an hour!
  5. My prediction made about 10 days ago looks like coming true. Rain/showers forecast perfectly for the start of my half term outdoor work tomorrow morning!
  6. Ian’s just said on Points West there are signs that this largely dry weather will continue in March and April. Whether that is cool dry or warm dry wasn’t mentioned.
  7. Did we really have 10 inches of snow 2 weeks ago!?
  8. Our fog burned off equally as fast but only within the last hour. Will be interesting to see if the temperature rebounds quickly because it’s gone 11.30 and still below 7c.
  9. Absolutely beautiful morning working outside in Westbury. Hazy sun rising into a milky sky and a SSW breeze picking up, temperature about 8c. Now is it too much to ask for similar on Monday to Friday mornings next week!?
  10. Andy Bown

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    He should probably have been called up 10 plus years ago. Then again post Pietersen. Then again once James Taylor retired. Then most certainly after his brilliant season last year.
  11. A definite day of 2 halves today ; dull, wet and windy this morning then mostly sunny with a cold wind this afternoon.
  12. Yet another Saturday with rain/showers! There wasn’t any last week though after the snow dumping! This week last year was half term and it was a very changeable week which wasn’t good for my outdoor work. Of course this coming week looks bone dry after tomorrow and with half term being the following week I expect the dry spell to end in time for Monday 18th!
  13. Strange to think that this time a week ago not a flake had fallen but since then there was a major snowfall which has now all gone!
  14. Lol we won’t get snow from anything this coming weekend. Until last March there hadn’t been widespread snow in the areas you mention for over 5 years. Just so happens there’s now been 3 events in 11 months but we could go X number of years again.