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  1. 3 very similar days in a row since the heat of Friday. All 3 days with plenty of sunshine, a breeze and a few light showers, including from this threatening cloud just recently.
  2. Large convective raindrops, temperature has dropped more than 5c in less than an hour after peaking at 31.7c, beautiful petrichor smell.
  3. We seem to be getting used to days like today. Sudden bursts of heat which then get swept away in the late afternoon by a weak cold front and subsequent change of wind direction. It happened at least twice last year and this is at least the second this year.
  4. One of those rare days when it feels like the Med. 10 work mornings completed, 9-1 in favour of dry!!
  5. We had family over for my boys birthday. All the women were moaning it was cold! All I cared about was a dry day!!!!
  6. The speed of this mornings storms / showers down South was remarkable. A small cell formed around Wells at 06.45 and an hour later had moved to just South of Oxford! Wells to Oxford is around 100 miles!!!!
  7. Thanks for the explanation. Working outside in Trowbridge from 06.45 the sky looked anything but thundery due to a lot of low cloud but the rain was very convective with brief massive spotted downpours as presumably the CBS and moved over. Only heard one rumble but it was very surprising.
  8. Air feels pretty juicy and steamy now it’s brightened up and downpours are developing across Somerset/Dorset/SW Wiltshire.
  9. To me, looking at the radar, the frontal wave that was predicted to affect the far SE is 100 to 150 miles further NW. That will have a big impact on later developments.
  10. Almost unbelievable! 5 work mornings, 4 dry then only the slightest invizdriz this morning at the edge of a shower!
  11. Mine was also terrible late May and early June. Contrastingly to you it’s now kicked off again this week, probably something to do with grass growing rapidly in warm sunshine after the weekend rain.
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