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  1. Sunny and warming quickly now at 18.1c , an hour ago it was still foggy/cloudy and below 12c!
  2. Low cloud/mist likely tomorrow morning then thundery showers Saturday pm.
  3. It is always windy in Warminster on the hottest days from the SE with the wind blowing off Salisbury Plain.
  4. We do seem to have jumped straight into summer. Still above 17c after 21.30 when we haven't reached 17c as a maximum this year before today!
  5. Had a big one buzz into the kitchen while I was cooking tea. Gave it the benefit of a whack with my recipe book! Points West forecast was speaking of a thundery breakdown Saturday night into Sunday.
  6. Warmest day for about 7 months. Time to open doors/windows for hours rather than minutes. Time to properly enjoy the garden. Wessex Water turn up doing loud, dusty work next door!!!!
  7. The rain being this Far East is surprising me too, but I expected the wind as the low and high do battle. Thankfully the high will win from tomorrow until (hopefully) the end of the weekend at least.
  8. So amusing in a sarcastic way! 7 mornings out of 9 I got rained or drizzled on in my 2 week Easter holiday work window. Now the 5 weekday mornings this week are going to be beautiful!! 13.1c, sunny spells in between all manner of cloud types, breezy too.
  9. Not sure why they have developed but some heavy showers have cropped up NORTH OF THE M4!
  10. Perhaps we should all hire a plane and get above the gloom! Points West forecast promises low cloud/ fog will burn off to a pleasant afternoon tomorrow.
  12. Yes we have! No sun since last Saturday afternoon! No double figure temperature since Monday.
  13. Heavy drizzle in Trowbridge. Not on the radar!! Will it ever stop!? This is my 8th workday this Easter holidays and the 6th I have got wet!!!!!! Did last Thursday and Friday actually happen!?
  14. Send the sun north please, it's utterly dreary and only 8.6c .