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  1. 4 consecutive days with no cloud and possibly a 5th to come tomorrow, although more likely to have Stratocumulus if not something more convective. That in itself is extremely rare.
  2. Back in the day we never worried what would happen after it snowed because 6 days in advance we didn't really know it was going to. We just woke up on cold, windy, frosty, sunny mornings and enjoyed winter hoping it would lead to snow!!
  3. This very dry air, breeze and full on sun is great for drying washing!
  4. See a post a few pages back quoting Steve Murr from the MOD thread, it refers to snow showers streaming in from the coast. Also showers will develop inland. Think of days with rain showers when somewhere gets 15mm of rain in a few hours but 5 miles away stays dry.
  5. In 3 words and referring to next weeks potential freezing conditions ; epic 40th birthday! On a serious note ; we should be prepared for massive snow variations across our region.
  6. And we should also be prepared for snow to die out as it heads Westwards, especially inland, as happens the 'normal' way around! However I am excited at the prospect of big snow showers developing in the daytime. There must be a chance of a reverse Bristol Channel streamer or South Coast streamers?
  7. Slight frost this morning but just a precursor it seems! Misty too. Thinking tomorrow mornings weekly shop might need to be a bit more than that, but will other locals be thinking similarly!
  8. Last time we had a great snowy spell late in winter was Feb 09, hot (well cold really lol) on it's heels came Dec 09 then Dec 10! That was 3 great spells in less than 2 years. Just saying.
  9. Ian's Points West forecast was interesting ; a cool down from Wednesday, slightly less cold Sunday then proper cold by Monday with MAX of only 2c shown!
  10. 12.2c, hazy sun, washing outside, windows open to air house, daffodils opening as I type, birdsong, everything is Spring like. Sees chart in MOD thread for 40th birthday next Wednesday, sheesh!!
  11. Yes, glorious misty/frosty and now sunny start. However I can see cloud to the West and showers on the radar!
  12. So I survived my work week and the prediction I made a few weeks ago re wintriness was wrong, but thanks to yesterday's troughs I got wet on 3 out of 5 days!! Now my attention turns to the potential cold weather, which will come hard for nature after today's Spring like feel. I happen to be turning 40 in 12 days, could it be snowman time!?
  13. Thanks Knocker. A few days ago I really thought we were looking forward to a settled period starting today, but no, several troughs brought showers today and fronts will be turning up over the weekend! Drizzle is guaranteed. When will we be front and trough free!!??
  14. I had a very memorable spooky occurrence 10 odd years ago, too much to type out here/now.
  15. Yet another day of cold rain! How many is that this winter! So exciting (sarcasm) to have had 2 days in a row with sleet mixed in during the heaviest bursts!!