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  1. Very similar in these parts. I've lost count of the number of weak fronts giving a few minutes of measly drizzle this month, another ongoing right now. Quite feasible that Sunday, last day of the month, will more than double the monthly total.
  2. 2 out of 4 required, looking very likely Friday and Saturday but you may even do tomorrow first unless the next weak front holds more water.
  3. Christmas card scene, white grass and robin on the chair lol !
  4. Mother Nature sure has a sense of humour. Exactly 12 months on from a rapid cool down with cold sunny mornings and active wintry showery afternoons a repeat performance looks likely tomorrow and Wednesday! If last year is anything to go by we will see temperatures drop from about 14c to 3c in a matter of minutes during showers. I just hope we get the brilliant settling soft hail and snow again as well as spectacular CBs. In the meantime another very weak front hasn't given measurable rainfall, although there were a few short sharp showers.
  5. You are right Knocker, it gradually broke up as it moved overhead . I have seen it happen before but the mind wasn't sharp enough at 6am with a teething baby in tow!
  6. Remarkable sky right now, this line of cloud/fog (not sure) stretches right from SW to NE and it is completely clear this side then completely grey beyond it!
  7. Similar here but despite that at 17.1c max it was the warmest day since the summery Sunday nearly a fortnight ago.
  8. Interesting! Sharp showers with large raindrops from high based convection moving North to South!
  9. Also the rain forecasts from various weak fronts have been way off the mark.
  10. Why must we mess with nature? A former colleague of my wife now teaches in Dubai, they have had wetter weather than normal after cloud seeding to promote apparently required rainfall!
  11. Yes a very wet (!!!) evening in Warminster with showers depositing a massive 1mm in the gauge, doubling the monthly total! All it's really done is dampen the dust onto the clean car lol.
  12. April's rain total now stands at a staggering 1mm after overnight drizzle! We may get some showers tomorrow/Monday but then another long dry spell, so how low could it end up as a final total in a fortnight.
  13. We did smaller wash loads yesterday as today seemed set to be dull/damp all day while tomorrow looked fine to do washing again (having a baby necessitates washing dark and light stuff every other day at least lol) and I will not use the tumble dryer except from mid November to late January. So far it's arguably been better than yesterday as there's no fresh wind and it's warmer with the same amount of sunny spells!
  14. Yes, early June 2002, it was the wettest French Open tennis period (until last years deluge) and the amusement of everyone at Euro Disney being issued with bright yellow Disney ponchos. On the plus side it was thundery too lol.