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  1. A 5 minute downpour yesterday afternoon and a surprise spell of quite heavy rain this morning to boost June's total here.
  2. Surely the weather dictates the models!?
  3. Impressive low rainfall stats, unfortunately I'm at 10mm of which 9mm came on Friday 1st in a half hour downpour! Half a mm last Saturday late pm and again this morning.
  4. Stargazer ; Saturday's prospects are improving IMO. It's a pretty slack low pressure, I think it might start overcast then brighten up to sunshine and showers.
  5. Last time we had a strong South Westerly was 2nd May! Very gusty this morning and damp too but very little rain to come from this front. 15.1c at the moment, wonder if the front clearing mid morning will still drop the temperature even though it's mid June.
  6. Just popping in to ask a stat question. BBC Weather stating Stornoway has had 22 consecutive dry days, does anyone know when such a long dry spell last occurred there?
  7. I was anticipating a cooler and cloudier day but not drizzle and below 15c approaching midday! It was beautiful until about 08.00 .
  8. This is the first morning for what seems like ages that it has started sunny!
  9. I saw the radar early this morning with a large storm cluster over the North of France edging into the Channel. All forecasts/apps showed it moving West while decaying. It would seem it headed North and has now developed into a broad area of light/moderate showery rain. Now all previous forecasts for tomorrow are irrelevant and I suppose, while it hasn't been thundery over here, this shows how difficult forecasting is under slack pressure.
  10. Absolutely wonderful, not! Out all day, left washing on the line as no rain/showers expected anywhere near home, it will all be dry. We're 50 miles from home and the radar shows it about to rain there!!!!!!
  11. Tom I admire your enthusiasm but it is nothing like being thundery in Warminster! Thick cloud and 19c maximum until an hour ago and now pleasant/sunny.
  12. I guess we have developed some kind of inversion. This few days looked set to be warm and humid with sunshine and potentially thundery showers!! Instead it's gloomy, occasionally damp and stuck just below 15c.
  13. Stratocumulus burning off as I work in Westbury, fascinating process to watch.
  14. All this talk of it becoming more unsettled is rather subjective. I think the term 'pattern change' is more applicable, if indeed the flow begins to come more from the Atlantic than the Easterly quadrant. It hasn't been 'settled' in this region for just over a fortnight, we have had drizzle/rain/thundery downpours on 11 of the last 15 days!