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  1. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I did really well this morning! Put the tv on at 6am just as they were walking off for tea, session times had changed due to rain. Put it back on at 6.45 and Vince was run out on the second ball I saw. My boy had cartoons on for a while as I did jobs then I managed to see Root out live a few minutes after putting it on again!!!
  2. Kelvin Helmholtz clouds, you'll have to research for further info. Beautiful photos!
  3. I know this app changes as frequently as the weather (lol) but check out tonight's forecast! Met Office app shows heavy rain for the same time.
  4. What a glorious day to waste at Cribbs!!!!!!! Do any of the Bristol area people know where the smoke plume to the North of the city comes from? It was billowing straight up this morning and convecting into cumulus! Easily viewable driving West on the M4 then M5 and spoiling a lovely view!
  5. Yesterday is best resigned to the forgettable weather drawer! However a stunning start today with pretty pattern frost and a colourful sunrise enjoyed from the breakfast table, hazy sun and 2.9c now after 1.1c minimum.
  6. Apologies for the lack of reports from Warminster this week, illness struck last weekend and we've all suffered! Thankfully it's a glorious day to feel better on, off for a walk to the park later.
  7. The Cold Front pepped up as it moved over between 08.00 - 09.00 so it rained quite heavily for a while along with blustery winds. However by 09.30 we had clear sky, sunshine and a dropping temperature. A lovely day from then on and washing was quick to dry too.
  8. Clear, sunny and frosty in Westbury where I am out working, rather slippery on some surfaces though!
  9. Meanwhile ahead of the front it's been a sunshine and showers morning, breezy and 11.9c .
  10. Wonderful day from start to finish, introduced my boy to his first early morning frosty walk too! Reading between the lines of Ian's Points West forecast there seems potential for quite a squall line tomorrow with winds rapidly switching from SW to NW followed by a quick cool down too.
  11. Stunning day, mostly sunny, scattered Cumulus, distant TCu, fresh NW wind, 9.7c after a slight frost first thing.
  12. 21mm in my gauge and now a lovely day although cooler than first thing at 10.2c .
  13. We were woken by torrential rain at about 05.30 and it's still raining now, not ventured out to my gauge yet, 12.3c .
  14. Could do with some sun here or the dreaded tumble dryer usage will begin! It's brightened twice (about 08.30 and 12.30) then gone gloomy again.