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  1. Even in the amazing summer there were 3 terrible Sundays!
  2. Blowing a hoolie, raining, 2.6c . I must tally up how many wet weekend days there have been this year. Just this past week we had a wet Saturday followed by 6 dry days and now another wet Saturday!
  3. Amusing contrast in temperatures this morning then, I'll add in a minimum of -2.1c around 08.00 . The coldest day since Beast#2, currently 2.6c and cloudy with bright patches.
  4. I wonder if it’s going to be an invisible frost, how low are the dewpoints? Certainly a very dry feeling SE wind.
  5. Pretty much the exact opposite in Warminster and Westbury! Really pleasant too.
  6. Today was the first dry day for a fortnight! Enough said I think!
  7. Any ideas why this hasn’t been a named storm? If they’re going to do names then surely they must be consistent. The wind was roaring around 04.00-06.30 but has calmed recently to a fresh gusty breeze.
  8. I had a text from a mate in Devizes about lightning and thunder.
  9. So the dry/colder likelihood is now almost non existent and probably average at coolest allied to tomorrow now looking very showery, Sunday still showery then a drier Monday/Tuesday before yet more rain from the West on Wednesday!
  10. We caught the squall line square on around 08.00, localised flooding in and around town and a completely pond like back garden for the first time since the crazy afternoon of Friday 13th July. It's clearing now and cooling off quite quickly although still above 8c.
  11. I’m losing count of how many days have clearing skies at sunset after being dull all day! Beautifully starry right now but due to be dull and drizzly and/or showery by dawn!!!
  12. Absolutely sparkling day and still frosty in the shade, truly hope we get a spell like this rather than just a one day wonder.
  13. I think a cold front has just gone through as it's cooled off from above 12c all morning to 10.2c after a heavy downpour that's ushered in sunshine and a wind direction change too.
  14. If it’s as busy as yesterday you’ll need to use your elbows!!!!
  15. Mid afternoon monsoon underway and almost daytime darkness since just after 14.00 . For the 3rd day in a row it’s going to clear just in time for sunset, the difference today being there was a few hours of sunshine earlier.