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  1. This has been the most thundery period of the year in Wiltshire. We had a few spectacular electrical storms at the end of plumes in May and July, then a few great lunchtime storms on showery days in August . However a slack, cool, largely Northerly flow has produced thunderstorms in Wiltshire on Friday evening, Saturday evening and this evening!
  2. 3 evenings out of the last 4 with thunderstorms in Wiltshire! From a slack largely Northerly flow!
  3. I wasn't expecting convection like this today. Lovely anvil development on this CB.
  4. Completely misty/overcast all day then it suddenly cleared in the last half hour! Temperature now above 13c for the first time in 24 hours along with clear sky/sunshine.
  5. 18mm in my gauge from the evening downpour and that has paved the way for a very misty and progressively foggy morning, 7.2c at the moment. We're at the time of year I get frustrated by, so much potential for warm sunshine but often outdone by cloud build up like yesterday or fog like today!
  6. They would have been from Longleat. Their Sky Safari event has been happening for the last 3 days. Proper monsoon rain this evening, almost a repeat of yesterday only no close thundery activity, however there was heavy hail earlier.
  7. Some serious downpours in West Wiltshire this evening . We had hail half an hour ago and now very heavy rain. Thunder was heard to the North a while ago.
  8. Met Office loses BBC contract

    Holly did Points West yesterday daytime.
  9. Great photos, it's over here now and producing plenty of lightning and thunder. I think it may be back building too so could be more to come.
  10. Was not expecting this today, pretty much on a par with last Saturday evening's storm with several close strikes but plenty of high based thunder too. Hope Ben from Mere is ready as it looks set to go that way.
  11. This would be a great wintry shower set up in November to April! Maxima have been stuck in the 17s the last 3 afternoons, this week last year there were a few minima above 18c!
  12. There must be some flash flooding issues in the Bristol region, very intense rainfall all evening according to the radar.
  13. It simply cannot be dry for even 4 or 5 hours can it. Several moderate to heavy showers in the last 3 hours and extensive cloud in between them making a mockery of hoping to get washing done and dried in what should be the warmest part of the day!
  14. Several subtle changes in wind direction have made this a day of 3 distinct parts ; dawn until around midday had a WNW wind with frequent heavy (even torrential) showers and squally gusts, the wind then shifted slightly more NNW which allowed for a mostly sunny 4 to 5 hours as we hardly ever get showers from that direction before it reverted back to the WNW a few hours ago which has led to more heavy showers into this evening.
  15. This is becoming a very different September than we have been used to in recent years.