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  1. Sat enjoying a very warm, clear evening in the garden I decide to have a glance through the apps, I know this one is prone to inaccuracy and only picks one weather type per day, but blimey (!!) this could be the last evening out here for a while!!
  2. So far as I can remember the damage in Cornwall was caused by torrential afternoon storms which remained and continually developed over the same location (Coverack) for several hours. Nothing of a tornadic nature had any mention.
  3. Today has been bookended by very gloomy conditions, this morning due to residual frontal cloud and this evening due to showers * . In between summer made a very warm return with the max being 24.3c . * anyone have any idea why a shower streamer has formed from roughly Thornbury - Bath - Frome?
  4. Mike and Steve, thinking along similar lines here although it was pretty wet from midday to 4pm yesterday. Thank goodness it's been a generally good summer until Friday because this looks set to be the 3rd woeful day in a row.
  5. Somehow all areas of red on the radar managed to completely dodge my postcode, whether to the West or East, still got 20mm though.
  6. Sure there is rotation, rain now blowing on the back windows a few minutes after blowing on the front windows.
  7. I truly hope Ben and Tom Dewey are watching this. The energy transference through these cells is amazing. Pink cores decaying then reforming and with them the direction of stunning lightning changes from S to E to W. Some remarkable long rolls of thunder travelling through the sky and also seeing anvil crawlers from the cells Glastonbury way. Properly reignited over Warminster as of 03.30 with the heaviest rain so far.
  8. It's happened within 15 minutes, pink core reignited further West so it could pass overhead again.
  9. What makes energy transfer around a storm cell? Just when it seemed a pink core was on a direct path it died out only to be replaced by a pink core a little further East. Getting rogue overhead flashes from the decaying core which was far more active on approach. Wouldn't bet against the energy transferring back again.
  10. Storm nearing here with plenty of sheet lightning and a few anvil crawlers. Have also seen pulse type flashes from the top of the storm further West. Ben from Mere, I hope you're watching as a pink core is heading straight for Mere on the 02.25 radar.
  11. Very distant lightning to the Southern quadrant of the sky. Sporadic rain falling and stars shining. Any ideas why lots of the activity has died as storms make landfall?
  12. Is that going to form into an MCS? Nothing visible from here just yet, I can view S/Sw/W but not SE.
  13. For whatever reason the storm has lost thundery activity as it's making landfall, shame as the anvil is clearly visible in the dusk light. However a rapidly developed line behind it which looks more like a trough/front. Let's hope it doesn't decay too, could be a midnight feast for the eyes.
  14. Ben, cracking storm has rapidly formed in the Channel. I reckon it will head roughly Yeovil to Bristol but should be at the right time to view lightning as it passes, possibly moreso for you than me. Also another smaller cell East of it so perhaps, PERHAPS, more will develop in between in the next hour or so.
  15. Very interesting cloud formations left over from where there was a line of storms linking the 2 main cells, radar tells me we're right under the anvil edge of the storm over Hampshire, if it was dark lightning may well have been visible to the SE. Just got to hope something else forms later on.