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  1. Ben, are you still in Mere? We had immense electrical storms on the night of Tuesday 23rd July.
  2. Nothing wrong with Mings telling his teammate to do his job properly. Everything wrong with the reaction of El Ghazi.
  3. Not until this morning when forecasters realised the cold front would have something about it other than cloud. Showers/drizzle this evening after a dull and humid day.
  4. Warner got nearly a third of those in 1 innings!
  5. Thank you. I knew they had the 100 coverage. Hopefully that will mean more cricket gets shown rather than waffle replacing ad breaks. I also hope they have it on in the early evening!
  6. Where will highlights be shown next summer then?
  7. Also he’s scored more boundaries (85 and counting) in this series than Warner has runs (84) !
  8. Warner scored a lot of runs in the World Cup. Finch played tests during the banning period of Warner, Smith and Bancroft but wasn’t much use.
  9. I have just read that since he came back into the test team at the start of the 2018 series Buttler is the second top test run scorer for England behind Root and has the second most 50+ scores too. He gets some unnecessary criticism and, like today, has often ended up shepherding the tail.
  10. Just nudged up to 22.0c with plenty of sunshine since 10.00 after the day started under gloom and invizdriz. It’s the first day above 20c since 30th August.
  11. The 27 opening partnership was the highest of the series by either team!!!
  12. The ironic thing is that as a programme Fireman Sam in its modern series’ is very inclusive and has 2 strong female firefighters, a black nurse, a disabled girl and several other lead females both adult and child!
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