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  1. The absolute definition of a day of 2 halves. Heavy, briefly torrential rain and gusty winds until late morning which gave 14mm and a mostly sunny, breezy afternoon. Very yoyoing temperatures, 16.8c at 06.00 then rapidly down to 12.4c around 11.00 and an eventual maximum of 20.1c this afternoon!
  2. Hi Knocker, how much impact do you think these fronts/waves may have on the SW?
  3. Two virtually carbon copy days with large amount of Stratocumulus and occasional very warm sunshine along with a gusty wind, 23.3c max yesterday and 23.8c tops today. Probably very similar again tomorrow.
  4. I'd forgotten how quickly air masses can change in Atlantic driven conditions! From chilly, clear and sunny this morning to dull, muggy and drizzly now.
  5. Ian forecast it on Points West yesterday evening. This is the first dodgy work morning of the holidays which seeing as it's the 12th one is remarkable lol!
  6. Andy Bown

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    The best summer for donkeys years and the first washout day at Lords for 17 years!!
  7. I think the plume (if it is one!!) is destabilising much further West than any forecast has shown. The current radar looks like one we often see in mid to late evening.
  8. We were just sat outside enjoying the warmth, stars appearing and bats flitting around and commenting how this summer seems to be something of a blur. Endless days of hot sunshine with just the odd few days to a week blip. Let's not forget these conditions started with a Thursday in April then with the incredible early May bank holiday weekend.
  9. We've been to Kingston Lacy today, love it there and a perfect summer day too! Noticeable temperature difference between there and home, presumably due to what I assume was a sea breeze.
  10. 3 consecutive days in the 28s and probably 3 more to come, thankfully today was far less humid than yesterday with virtually unbroken blue sky.
  11. Back edge of the extremely weak cold front perfectly timed for sunset.
  12. So that would lessen record maxima breaking chances given the hottest air not being during the daytime!? Opportunity for a minima record though.
  13. When I checked the radar at 05.30 there had been lightning scattered across the region but nothing organised closer than the London area.