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  1. 20mm and both water butts full ready for the next dry spell.
  2. The first measurable rain for 19 days since 20.00, so in all honesty it is overdue and much needed. Looks from the current radar that this area will only get a few mm this evening so it will be dependent on how the fronts move/pivot overnight into the morning as to whether we'll get a decent amount this week because Thursday/Friday look half decent despite LOW pressure.
  3. I think the slow moving/waving front had 3 bites at this area today, each time it seemed to clear South then return North ; bright early then drizzly showers, sunny spells late morning then drizzly showers again, more pleasant sunny spells until mid/late afternoon when the front pepped up giving further drizzle/light rain while a few miles away had pretty heavy showers before it has again cleared to an extent this evening although extensively dull too. I'm guessing the latter pepping up was no coincidence given it was alongside what had been the sunniest/warmest/most humid part of the day. Today was the first with any rain for a fortnight.
  4. The house has freshened up well today, despite trying everything we couldn't get our baby's room below 28c at his bedtime but he has coped well. His room is at 23c now and the lounge at a respectable 24c while outside is a full 10.6c lower than 24 hours ago! Still it's a very pleasant typically British (rather than Mediterreanean) summer day.~ I am loving the fresh Westerly breeze but I'm sure the other half will moan she's cold lol.
  5. That must be the cold front as it's exactly what happened here last Thursday morning. As per Jtay's above post there are some interesting mid to high level clouds, virga and varying altocumulus types, but on the whole still clear, sunny and hot although with a lovely SE breeze.
  6. 32.7c here, me and my 10 month old boy are melting! Steve B ; someone in model thread was bemoaning the lack of an official station in North Somerset due to a model predicting the highest temps there, your unofficial reading is the highest so far that I have seen!
  7. Several weeks ago when it turned unsettled there were model predictions of weeks of bad conditions with people writing off the rest of June. Look how wrong those were!! I can see a similar evolution again with perhaps a few active fronts / lows then a gradual backtrack by models towards better conditions again as the continental conditions gain strength. Granted this would probably favour the East/South more than further North/West but a nationwide long term unsettled period isn't likely.
  8. 31.8c tops today and still 27.3c approaching 21.00! I would expect it to nudge higher tomorrow given a likely higher minimum (this morning's was 17.5) and continued unbroken sunshine but quite frustrating to sense the 2nd week in a row with a very weak/inactive cold front - especially this time given 5 days of high heat!
  9. In reply to MPR from yesterday, 1st July 2015 actually didn't get higher than 33.0c so my memory was wrong. 31.8c tops yesterday and currently 31.3c and rising. Time to be creative to provide shade in the garden.
  10. Yes very encouraging mid level instability this morning with plenty of virga and altcas.
  11. Much hazier this morning and quite disturbed looking mid level sky with virga and altcas.
  12. I'd say today has the potential to be the hottest day since 1st July 2015. We had 33.1c in July last year but it is already 24.2c before 09.00 with 7 odd hours until the hottest part of the day.
  13. Max of 28.6c in Warminster at around 16.30 .
  14. We have heard rustling in the hedge all day and seen a female blackbird going in and out. This evening we have watched this beautiful fledgling find his wings!
  15. Wonderful summer view 2 minutes walk from my wife's school near Salisbury. Not hot, not humid, just sunny, pleasantly warm and with a gentle breeze.