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  1. England's remarkable rise in ODI style continues apace today. Hales with 171 has beaten Robin Smith's 167 to score the highest ODI innings for England. He looked set to beat Gayle's fastest ODI 200.
  2. Wow, thank you to Matt Hugo for using this in his Net Weather article today
  3. Wow, thank you to Matt Hugo for using this in his Net Weather article today.
  4. I am at football in Westbury and listening to it. Must be in the outflow from earlier aided by uplift over Salisbury Plain. I wonder how long they can keep forming in that trailing line.
  5. Comparing the lightning strikes, radar and viewing / listening from Westbury one very impressive feature is the amount of lightning in between the main cells, presumably from adjoining anvils. i have really enjoyed it but would love it to have been at night. Wouldn't have known which direction to look!
  6. Stood in Westbury watching a beauty of a storm cluster moving NNE over the West Wiltshire area. Constant angry thunder for over half an hour and lots of IC lightning. This would have been exceptional at night.
  7. It would be fantastic at night time!
  8. 6 drops of rain on the patio earlier and now clearing up as the band forms further North, so it seems we're set for a bright, muggy day.
  9. Very possible given convection from the South is often from mid level cloud which will allow plenty of opportunity for hazy sun/brightness in between the rain and even when it's raining as happened here just yesterday evening and again right now.
  10. LOL If there isn't a storm in my immediate area between now and midday Saturday I will be amazed.
  11. If they are elevated they should survive electrically, best potential for spectacular lightning in that scenario but possibly little rain reaching the ground.
  12. Looks like Tuesday to me with drier, clearer air arriving tomorrow night into Tuesday before it turns hazier on 2 counts during Wednesday due to the usual SE haze and frontal cloud from the W. Wednesday night and Thursday look potentially fascinating.
  13. Absolutely shocking morning, it's been raining (sometimes very heavily) for over 6 hours and shows no sign of letting up any time soon! Yesterday and Friday were considerably better which is ironic as today was widely touted (and still is) as the best of the 3 days! Until Friday the monthly total was 20mm which all fell on the 1st/early on 2nd, I had only 4mm in the gauge yesterday morning but looking out of the window at the gauge it is approaching the 20mm mark in the last 24 hours.
  14. Hi Ian, I read the news re Meteogroup around the same time as your Points West broadcast yesterday evening. Will you still be doing Points West regularly? I sincerely hope so. Thank you.
  15. Impressive 200m heat qualification by my local Olympian Danny Talbot, we all know that, barring a miracle/disqualification/fall, Bolt will win but can Talbot challenge for a final place and medal?