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  1. 4 almost identical days in a row of warm sector conditions, the only variances being how much blustery rain/drizzle and how many brighter spells. Quite often the brightest periods have coincided with the 'heaviest' rain.
  2. Absolutely spot on warm sector conditions for the Warminster area throughout today so far ; muggy and breezy with low cloud/mist/drizzle competing with bright sunny spells. 12.8c and rising under sunshine, an earlier sunny half hour boosted it to 13.6c but in between it was grim for an hour or so.
  3. Yes beautiful today, that's 3 out of 5 days! Much more sunshine than forecasts predicted and likely to be a pretty sunset in a few hours time given the Altocumulus and Cirrus.
  4. Hints of thundery activity in the morning, looking like being some heavy cells embedded in the front.
  5. I don't get the negativity about Root being captain, there really aren't any other stand out candidates and what's all this about his batting suffering? To cite current examples ; Kohli, Smith and Williamson have all improved their batting averages as captains and, while I'm not suggesting Root will too (he already averages 52!) , there should be no reason for it to suffer either. One thing's for sure, he's a very brave man to take it on at the same time as becoming a father.
  6. Neither rain nor sunshine in Wiltshire, just a sheet of grey and a gentle cool breeze. Thank goodness we had yesterday's sun fest!! 6.6c .
  7. From winter to spring in less than 24 hours. Unbroken sunshine all day and a max of 11.7c . Extremely gusty SE wind and rapid drying of washing, more of this please!
  8. Flurrying again in the last half an hour, that's 4 consecutive days so even though ultimately disappointing it is very notable as that hasn't happened since March 2013.
  9. Managed a bone chilling -0.2c on Friday evening's few hours of clear sky!!!
  10. It's just like when fronts cross from the Atlantic towards the East, they die out during their progress leaving less rain to the East.
  11. Ideally we want a few hours of clear sky to allow the temperature to drop and cool the ground like happened last evening/night. Unfortunately though no hard frost to lower the ground temperature enough to subsequently sustain snow cover. Not sure when it last snowed throughout the day, so a very rare occurrence indeed today even though it ultimately may as well have rained! However my 6 month old enjoyed being out in it, happily moving his hands towards the flakes! I caught a few perfect hexagonal flakes on my jumper but they melted too quickly before we could get pictures.
  12. Meanwhile in Warminster it's been flurrying/snizzling all day and nothing on radar over here most of the time ! We often have drizzle that doesn't show up so today is the snow equivalent!
  13. Second morning this winter we have woken to an already melting 1cm covering. Both occasions have fallen on ground that hasn't been cold enough to sustain the cover.
  14. My life! We have a decent dusting on all surfaces! Can even see it 'glowing' on the rooftops in the streetlight! Winter 2016/2017 you are amazing!!!! 2 settling snow events with a sum total of 1.5cm ish!!
  15. All of a quiver! Lol. A few hours of clear sky allows the temperature to drop, frost to form and a recent flurry to settle on my frosty car. Could go and count the settled flakes lol !!