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  1. Why? Enjoy your holiday in warm sun while we, according to some, 'enjoy' 7c and cold rain / showers with the odd frost if the sky clears at night / early morning. It would be much more interesting a month down the line.
  2. Quite an interesting morning with alternating fog, mist and low cloud. It looks clear above so hopefully another beautiful day to come.
  3. Ah how wonderful. Sat in the garden in the sun with my boy happily playing despite him being poorly. It's been sunny all day except for half an hour of low cloud mid to late morning.
  4. The 6th gloomy damp/wet morning in a row! Roll on tomorrow! Although thankfully it was quite sunny yesterday afternoon.
  5. I had forgotten how frustrating fog can be. 15 minutes ago it had lifted to hazy sun so I put washing out. It's now returned!
  6. Rather annoyed to see a forecast of another wet day tomorrow! To think until Friday evening all forecasts had this front clearing through by this morning leaving several lovely days, however now it's looking like still being here tomorrow evening!
  7. Yes some 12c lower here than this time yesterday, from way above average to way below via the best part of an inch of rain.
  8. Not a million miles away we've had 22mm today!
  9. We had a glorious 4 to 5 hours with temperatures above 21c and a gale blowing but now back to showers/drizzle forming to the SSW and moving over.
  10. Yet another wet weekend day and tomorrow, which had looked lovely, now looks terrible too! Not sure why a constant stream of showers keeps forming near the South coast and moving inland but they sure are looking like botching up the chances of a warm, fine afternoon.
  11. Kicking myself for not doing washing last night and putting it out. We had no rain, a temperature that stayed around 16c and there's no dewy dampness either. Instead it's just gone out and rain looks like arriving mid morning rather than this afternoon as forecast yesterday evening!
  12. A very impressive 22.2c max today! Even more impressive is it's still 17.9c approaching 21.00!
  13. Andy Bown

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    It was the choice of the host cricket board, will be the same in the West Indies too. Not much cricket anyway due to rain, I fear the whole series will be rain affected.
  14. Interesting possibilities tomorrow night! I will be on the lookout for AltCas during the day. Ian Fergusson mentioned the low chance of thundery activity on Points West.
  15. Their proximity will mean the difference between 'beach/barbecue' chances next Saturday or a muggy washout.