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  1. Thoroughly miserable. Only 12.2c and so dull. The atmosphere is so damp/cool that some water on tables etc from yesterday’s rain still hasn’t dried out! I had at least expected the sun to burn through to some extent!
  2. How do people’s homes lose warmth so quickly!? Heating on after it’s been about 25c most days recently until yesterday (which itself was early 20s) !?!?!? Yes a very cool, dull and wet midsummer day but indoors here (detached house) it’s still above 21c.
  3. An hour ago it was 21.1c, since then under full cloud cover (from 18.15-19.15) the temperature has risen to 23.4c!!!
  4. The fog then low cloud has burned off in 15 minutes. Now warming up very quickly.
  5. It’s the first situation this year where storms are likely to explode as the plume approaches then makes landfall along the South coast. Await the ‘nothing is happening/bust’ posts then realisation of how these things develop very rapidly.
  6. Daytime for structure viewing yes, but nighttime for lightning viewing trumps that for me.
  7. I’ll tell you what has irked me this past week. Buttler, Woakes, Bairstow and Sam Curran all playing 20/20 for their counties! They should have been playing the tests!
  8. 24th June 2005 was epic in Wiltshire! Numerous storms formed quickly along a very slow moving cold front from around 05.00-12.00!
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