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  1. The wind was very gusty this afternoon. We have had a number of warm/hot and windy days from the South this last few months.
  2. Yes it is rather balmy this morning with the Southerly breeze, plenty of Cirrus and hazy sunshine, 16.4c and given continuing hazy sunshine I would be disappointed if we didn't reach 21c.
  3. Summer has returned after a showery/misty start to the day ; warm sunny spells and scattered Cu/TCu, 20.4c .
  4. Today has been the worst day in a long time , not even a hint of brightness although it was clear on the Eastern horizon at 06.30 . Dull and misty throughout with showery heavy rain until about midday and drizzly most of the afternoon. Also the coolest day since 29th June with the max being 16.6c .
  5. Some people must have draught problems if a brief outdoor single figure temperature makes it cold enough indoors for heating! We didn't max above 27c here last week and have had a few nights into single figures this weekend, however the coldest part of the house (hallway near front door/stairs where the thermostat is) hasn't dropped below 21c! Heating will not even be considered until that area drops to 16c and that will be unlikely until November.
  6. I'd like to know how much fell a few miles NE of Winchester. On the current 24 hour accumulation it is into the pink colouring and there was probably some before this time yesterday.
  7. 23.4c and very warm/humid. Noticeably hazy in the atmosphere and some interesting AltCas has been moving over all morning.
  8. I completely agree re Duckett, I really think he should have been in the recent ODI squad after his superb form for Northants and the Lions. While Hameed of Lancashire seems a very fine prospect he seems to be in the Cook mould whereas an aggressive opener would be good.
  9. My view when parking up in Trowbridge a few minutes ago.
  10. Was it a CG? The same site showed one approx. 500m from me at lunchtime and that had stonking shotgun thunder!
  11. They have developed extremely quickly!
  12. Several close CGs in the Warminster area, cannot believe how this is so similar to Saturday 27th August. Right overhead now. Daytime storms are a real rarity but my goodness I wish this had been at night!
  13. What script was this in? Verging on a repeat performance of Saturday 27th August! Both in timing and outcome so far. Near constant thunder just to the West/South and some bright lightning when the flashes are close enough, might get a direct core hit judging by the radar. Yet again, this would have been stunning at night! Err edit, rather close CG and shotgun thunder!
  14. Not strictly true. 18th September 2014 had an intense thundery plume that destabilised near midnight producing fantastic electrical storms from the South coast and moving North a long way inland.
  15. They are coming from mid to high level cloud, hardly anything reaching the ground as it's evaporating.