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  1. I think you'll find they just managed it thanks to Ben Stokes! He had a massive impact in 3 of the 4 innings.
  2. It's far too early to be able to forecast, however the basics are if the weather is coming from the East or North it will be mostly dry/cold and potentially wintry. If it's from the West it will be a mixture of chilly/showery and mild/wet. If it's from the South or South West it will be mild/balmy and frequently wet. The latter is what we had for virtually all of December last year with max temps of 13c-15c and min temps remaining in double figures.
  3. I saw a fantastic long, bright meteor at about 06.30 this morning as I was leaving home.
  4. Is he bog standard? I haven't seen anything but listening to TMS the seem very impressed. 258-7 is a vast improvement on 21-3 and 106-5 though!
  5. Forecasts suggest thundery possibilities spreading NE early tomorrow and again tomorrow afternoon. I have just emptied 4mm from my gauge which fell in pre-dawn heavy showers on the last 2 mornings. October now at 18mm. Besides those showers it has been a lovely week.
  6. Just parked up in Trowbridge only to be greeted by monsoon like rain. This was most certainly not forecast by any tv or model prediction that I saw last night.
  7. A heavy shower woke me at 05.30 in Warminster but it's a lovely, bright chilly morning working in Trowbridge .
  8. A very surprising heavy downpour in Trowbridge at around 10.00! Otherwise cloudy and bright today.
  9. I thought they were fallstreak holes. Here they are as seen to the South from Trowbridge and a little later from Westbury. What causes them to form? Pretty spectacular sight.
  10. I'm assuming a trough has moved South overnight bringing the light rain/showers that have not only dampened the ground but introduced pleasingly clearer air, totally blue sky as sunrise beckons and temperature dropping at 8.6c .
  11. Truly wonderful blue sky throughout today, maximum sunshine and a very gusty SE wind. 17.6c tops and really pleasant. With the forecast of more cloud tomorrow and shower risk into Friday (as well as colder wind) I can't help feeling there won't be another day like today until the Spring.
  12. The breeze actually feels reasonably balmy tonight, perhaps something of a fohn effect off Salisbury Plain? It was quite therapeutic hanging washing out under starry skies.
  13. Fantastic day ; a cold and patchily frosty/misty start accompanied by a colourful sunrise due to scattered Cirrus. Virtually unbroken sunshine with scattered small Cumulus this afternoon and the maximum was 17.7c recently. The minimum at home was 4.9c which was the lowest since 4th May.
  14. Not hard seeing as it's the 1st!! LOL. Fantastic sky watching afternoon with CBs aplenty and rapidly forming downpours amidst plenty of sunshine.
  15. In the last few days banner ads for Santander have appeared on the Extra Radar page on my mobile. They enlarge without me clicking them then take over the whole screen. This morning I have had it occur 3 times with them then returning to a banner, only there are 3 banners! I appreciate that ads are necessary but please remove these dominating ones. I need to use the radar for work purposes without complications when rain is around. I do not need Santander!