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  1. Good evening all On recommendation of MAPANTZ I ended up purchasing a sainlogic ft0300 I have managed to link to wunderground and weathercloud wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IFAKEN5 but my pressure readings are relative pressure but it looks like all my local weather stations are absolute pressure I can change between rel and abs on my display unit but it still uploads relative pressure readings. I want to know if anyone else has had this issue or found a way around it? On another note, is there a simple way of linking my station to the metoffice wow website? I don't know if there is a way that I could link my wunderground data to the metoffice site? Sorry for the long winded post, first time owner of a wifi weather station
  2. Dull and dreary start to the day here. Excited 5 year old just finished unwrapping presents (started 6am) No sign of a frost here near Fakenham, fairly breezy and looks like its about to rain. Hopefully santa will give me some money to replace my broken weather station! Merry Christmas everyone, heres a photo I grabbed last night on the phone
  3. Good Evening, please can I have your thoughts on the following weather stations that can both upload data to wunderground etc. I don't have the funds to get the Rolls Royce of stations, I just need something that gives me the basics. On the face of it both look very similar. YOUSHIKO YC9387 ( T ) OFFICIAL UK VERSION WIFI INTERNET WUNDERGROUND & WEATHERCLOUD , PROFESSIONAL 5-IN-1 WEATHER STATION ( PREMIUM QUALITY ) YOUSHIKO.CO.UK Latest 2020 UK Version , Youshiko YC9387 ( T ) many features, weather... Bresser Wi-Fi Weather Station with App & High/Low Alerts | Weather Shop ® UK WWW.WEATHERSHOP.CO.UK The new Bresser 7002580 5-in-1 colour weather station combines a unique compact design with... What are you opinions? I'm replacing a £60 station bought from chlas olsen a few years ago, plastic holding sensors snapped due to uv damage.
  4. Something resembling sleet falling from the sky. This is the most wintry weather I have seen for a while!
  5. New record for my cheapo chlas Olsen weather station, gust of 65.2mph in the back garden. Minimal damage so far and glad I booked the day off work tomorrow (accident repair centre) as there will be claim after claim for vehicle damage. We are lucky to have some power but must be restricted as there isn't enough voltage to run the heating or anything that needs a few hundred watts. Was the perfect excuse for an afternoon in the Jolly Sailors in Brancaster. Roast, woodburner and good beer!
  6. Is there another radar worth viewing on any other sites? One of the problems of living near the East coast is that the radar coverage doesn't seem to go far beyond the coastline. It would be good to see what's actually happening further out in the North Sea to try and work out if we are likely to get any showers heading our way. Showers just appear to come from nowhere, the coverage to the North and East of Norfolk is quite poor
  7. I have to say it's been picturesque all day, the freezing fog coated everything. Hasn't been above freezing all day, if we don't get the snow at least we had a day to remember for other reasons. Our time will come.
  8. When is the next chance of snow for us snow starved in the North of this region? We've had nothing so far and it's rather depressing. My little boy keeps asking when can we build a snowman daddy? I have attached our highlight from the BBC weather app for this evening......a Dark Cloud Symbol ? ..
  9. From my untrained eye it looks like the yellow weather warning for snow will be completely pointless for Norfolk especially. Last night was a let down too. Bring on some proper wintry weather rather than the damp squib we've had so far!
  10. Radar seems to show the front decaying in the Norfolk area. I am yet to see a flake of sleet or snow in the Fakenham area
  11. I'm sure your time will come, I was at work near Beetley earlier and there have been cars damaged by hail around Stanfield/Brisley area. I think our most decent chance now and for the rest of Norfolk will be coming up from the channel. For anyone reading living in Norfolk with hail damage to their car, search for Paul Gotts Dent Devils, may be cheaper than an insurance claim and might make the difference between your car being repaired or written off.
  12. wind has got up here in Great Ryburgh, we had a 2 vehicles at work damaged by hailstones. Is the main course yet to come? What we have had so far has been quite significant. I worry as my other half is at a concert outside in the open watching James Arthur, always worrying in these conditions.
  13. Drifting badly on the exposed roads in this area, about 4-5cm here in Great Ryburgh but the snow is blowing off the fields. Local police advising people to keep off the roads. Rather unexpected to be honest
  14. Fakenham to Dereham road drifted but just about passable thanks to the help of the local farmer with his plough. My father managed to get from Burnham Market to Kings lynn through Stanhoe and via A148 at four winds. Most roads running North to South are not worth driving down. I won't be surprised if the drifting continues well into tomorrow afternoon
  15. After trying 3 different routes from Great Ryburgh to Dereham I have given up. Any road running North to South is suffering large snow drifts around this area. Many roads not passable. Might as well stay at home in the warm, rather than being stuck in a car
  16. Someone must know if the radar is broken in the North East of the region. I am getting showers moving over me from East to West but they are coming from the zone with no radar returns
  17. I have to say the best thing about today was having 3 generations of our family together spending rare time in the snow. My father pulling my little boy in his first proper snowfall.
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